Zack aerith relationship test

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zack aerith relationship test

Zack asking Aerith out on a date as repayment for waking him up. He learns Hollander used the late Gillian Hewley as a test subject for Project G, mentor and friend, Zack finds comfort in the arms of Aerith, strengthening their relationship. Nojima used a clerith scene to "build" romance between Zack and Aerith. This alone suggests that Cloud and Aerith's relationship was better. Aeris just became attached with Clod becasue he is like Zack. .. she happens to be dead V_V (and that would be a LOOONNNNGGGGG distance relationship).

I would list the examples but, again, it's something that's up to interpretation so there's no point. But I can see where you're coming from if players don't have her in their party, but honestly, that's their fault not something to blame on the relationship.

It's up to the player to look at the entire content of the game instead of focusing on their favorite characters. The game's "normal" outcome is to have her present in your party so that you, the player, can see all the scenes that Toriyama "dedicated all his efforts" to just to ensure that Aerith was as "appealing and irreplaceable" to the player by the time of her death.

zack aerith relationship test

The way he did that was by making Cloud, the player's character, fall in love with her so that by the time she dies her death is ripping gamer's hearts out. And I think they succeeded since the reaction from the gaming world was denial and outrage, leading to one of the most memorable scenes in gaming history.

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That's sort of why the commercials that Nomura helped make said Cloud and Aerith were a "story of a love". Zack and Aerith fans that played Crisis Core say their love story was told better, but what's funny is that Nojima admitted that he didn't want to waste time "building" their relationship so in order to convince us they fell in love he repeated Cloud and Aerith's Church meet cute.

Nojima used a clerith scene to "build" romance between Zack and Aerith. This alone suggests that Cloud and Aerith's relationship was better told and portrayed or else Nojima wouldn't have used their scene in order to convince us of Zack and Aerith.

Kaitai Shinsho" Dismantled in English. That game is sort of like a journal for inner monologues of each character at specific moments in the game. One that's particularly telling is the dialogue Cloud thinks to himself the first time he meets Aerith, where he calls her eyes "impressive", says her smile was a "good purchase"; there's even a later entry where Cloud reacts to Aerith's death by saying that Aerith used to smile like a flower and that he'll never hear her laugh ever again.

zack aerith relationship test

He's distraught and heartbroken and missing her attributes and actions, this is extremely romantic already but what makes it even more unique is that Cloud doesn't do this for anyone else. This sort of behavior is reminiscent of Squall's words to Rinoa when she's in her coma.

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They're very romantic and quite impressive thoughts for Cloud to portray. All that said, I do hope for more scenes, that way people who aren't convinced of their love story yet CAN be convinced, because, it is truly such a beautiful love story that everyone deserves to know and love. Given the whole Aeris dies aspect.

Crisis core also gave the impression that her relationship with Zack was what led to her liking Cloud to start with since he was acting more like him at the time. I guess you didn't see the part where I said: I follow the "normal" plot as Nomura put it.

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The "normal" plot that says the Cloud and Aerith date is the canon choice. They were all older men and accomplished warriors who laid down their lives for the rest of the party. Aerith was chosen due to the fact that her death would have more impact, as she was a young and kind individual who had her whole life ahead of her.

This was due to the fact that it represented several different shifts in terms of direction for the series, which meant that Squaresoft couldn't screw it up.

The exact relationship between Aerith and Sephiroth changed throughout the course of development.

Aerith Gainsborough

At the beginning, they were originally intended to be brother and sister, which likely meant that Sephiroth was meant to be a true descendant of the Cetra. This is the reason why Sephiroth and Aerith have similar hairstyles.

zack aerith relationship test

This was likely still during the point of development before Zack had been created. These relationships were all dropped and the two of them don't interact much before Sephiroth kills her. This is because she fights with a staff and her limit breaks are all based on magical effects.

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Aerith's stats also support this, as her abilities are focused towards improving the power of spells. Aerith doesn't have to be relegated to the role of party healer, though, as the player can steal an awesome weapon for her that you wouldn't normally be able to acquire until later in the game.

When the party reaches the Train Graveyard in Midgar, it is possible to encounter a monster called Eligor.

zack aerith relationship test

It's possible to successfully steal a weapon called the Striking Staff from Eligor, which will give Aerith the highest attack score in the party. She will remain your heaviest hitter until you leave Midgar and gain access to new weapons. The most popular fake secret involves a legitimate way to bring Aerith back to life. While it is impossible to bring Aerith back through a purposely designed manner, you can still see her ghost.

Tifa or Aeris: Who is Cloud's one true love?

After you save Cloud in Mideel, you can return to Midgar and visit the Church in the slums. If you do this, then you can see a brief glimpse of Aerith's ghost tending to the flowers.

zack aerith relationship test

Aerith's ghost is a programming error that is caused due to issues with loading characters into a specific position. You can also see Reno during this scene. This is actually a feasible theory that has several pieces of evidence backing it up.