Wind waker hd hero mode ending a relationship

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wind waker hd hero mode ending a relationship

In The Wind Waker HD, Hero Mode is available upon the creation of a new save file. Hearts do not appear in Hero Mode. There will be minor beginning spoilers for Wind Waker. But in the end, I decided to go with Link's sister, Aryll, from my favorite Link and Aryll's brother and sister relationship is my favorite in any game. Aryll had a purple dress with skulls does that mean that someone beated wind waker in hero mode?. TIMELINE 1: Link goes back in time, leaving Hyrule without a hero -> Wind Waker . TIMELINE 2: Link returns to Hyrule as a child -> Majora's.

Notably, the game also makes use of visual effects that are usually very difficult to code within cel-shading graphical engines, such as heat haze, light mapping, motion blur and real-time cloth simulation.

The HD version further enhanced the graphics. Taking Ocarina of Time into account, Ganondorf had a lot in the time in between games. The man was a Card-Carrying Villain before. Since then, he's clearly thought a lot about his life and seems to regret a lot of his choices. He also Took a Level in Badass —Ganondorf has never been more deadly at swordplay than in this game; though, the only other time Link has fought Ganondorf with swords, in Twilight Princess, Link was in his late teens, so the size difference might have something to do with it.

The Helmaroc Kingthe one responsible for kidnapping Aryll. Hitting a flying Mothula enough times will cause it to lose its wings and drop to the ground.

Master swordsman and skilled sorcerer; holder of the Triforce of Power. Greets our hero with a sucker punch. Even Tetra gets one. Comically Missing the Point: Maggie, who reads the words "I want to eat you for dinner" and comes to the conclusion that the love of her life is proposing to her.

The game starts with Link going through his village's rite-of-passage on his twelfth birthday, the day he's officially considered an adult. He's done a lot of growing up by the end, when he's defeated and killed Ganondorf, and set off to start a new kingdom with Tetra and her pirates.

A part of the art style. Characters and important objects are rendered with cel shading and vibrant colors, while islands, buildings and such have more detail, duller colors, and realistic shading. The first Zelda game to reference its past to such a degree—mostly using musical cues. The Seven Sages appear in stained glass in the Master Sword's pedestal room. The last few notes in the Ballad of Gales are reused from the ending to the Minuet of Forest.

The Outset Island theme contains a nod to the Kokiri Forest theme. Dragon Roost Cavern has the same background sounds as Dodongo's Cavern.

The music in Forest Haven contains elements of the Kokiri Forest theme, and the inner sections of the Haven mix in Saria's Song as well. The Koroks mention that in the Forbidden Woods they still have houses that they used long ago when they took a different form. Sure enough, in that dungeon Link comes across tree-carved structures that look like Kokiri houses. Saria's house holds the Boss Key. C-stick motions for the Wind's Requiem are exactly the same as the C-button directions for Epona's Song.

Fitting, as both songs allow you to have access to a more reliable, faster transportation method. The Song of Passing is the Sun's Song and serves the same purpose.

His figurine description lampshades this. The sounds from the exit portal that emerges after defeating a boss, are sampled from the sounds of the theme of the last remaining hours in Majora's Mask.

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Link takes no damage despite standing next to, or even dangling himself directly over, a pool of lava. And he will lose only one half a heart if he falls in the stuff. Early in the game, Link gains access to the King of Red Lions, a skiff that serves as the primary mode of transport on the game's overworld.

The boat is painted red, and the stylized figurehead is capable of speech—in fact, the boat is a sentient being. Though subverted at first in that it starts powerless and much weaker than normal due to Ganondorf's machinations with the sages. Link restores it to its former glory.

Could Say It, But The "Nice Girls who never spread rumors," even if you pay them rupees. The Parry Attack, when Link dodges out of the way of an enemy's attack and slices them from behind or above. This never happens in the game. Admittedly, the distance between them probably means they were just trying to showcase as many big characters as possible, but none of them are even on screen at the same time.

What with all the bright, vivid colors and cartoony visuals, it can be easy to forget that you're sailing above the desolated, flooded ruins of what was once Hyrule, and all the seemingly thriving islanders are the descendants of the few who managed to scramble up the mountains in time to avoid drowning.

Wind Waker merely repeats bubbles of people's faces over and over as the credits play. Damn You, Muscle Memory! Anyone who has played Twilight Princess HD and used the third-person targeting reticle will suffer a few problems using the bow in Wind Waker HD, which only has the much less reliable first-person targeting system and the exact same controls.

The battle music for Gohma, Kalle Demos, Jalhalla, and Molgera receive one each in Ganon's Tower during the black-and-white rematches with them. During the cursed night leading up to obtaining Nayru's Pearl, the normally grandiose and adventurous sailing theme suddenly becomes dark and ominous, even incorporating notes of Ganondorf's theme in the background.

He gets a sword through his head, is either encased in or becomes solid rock, and then has an ocean wash over him after he removed his Triforce of Power, the source of his immortality, to complete the Triforce. The two games that follow in the timeline don't directly feature him. The Wind Waker is a radical one on post-apocalyptic After the End stories. Its bright and upbeat style of art and music shows how life goes on.

Centuries later, an old civilization will be forgotten and un-mourned, and a Reset Button on everything can be both a good and bad thing. The game's backstory can be seen as a deconstruction of The Chosen One trope that the series and others runs on.

Inspired by the legend of the Hero of Timethe people of Hyrule count on a hero spontaneously appearing to save them whenever evil arises. Because of this, when Ganon returns, the people of Hyrule are completely helpless and the gods must flood Hyrule to prevent Ganon from taking over. This theme carries through into the main story itself, where this time, Link is explicitly stated to have no connection to any past heroes though Skyward Sword would later retcon this so that he and the other Links are reincarnations of Skyward Sword's Link.

His actions are done mostly by his own initiative, and it's only towards the end of his journey, after he's proven his worth on his own, that he gets the Triforce of Courage and is officially appointed as a hero. The story is a deconstruction of the Zelda series as a whole. The Wind Waker was developed in the shadow of Ocarina of Time, and it's aware of its predecessor's legacy.

Ganondorf fails because he continues the same mistakes he made in the past, and he knows this, but there is a kind of futility in his actions. While everyone in the world waited for the Hero of Time to return, Link was the one to finally step up and become the hero on his own. The ultimate message is about moving forward, not looking back. One particular area in Windfall Island until a certain point deconstructs the longstanding Zelda tradition of destroying every pot you come across.

Each of those pots have nothing in them, and you actually have to pay 10 rupees per broken pot before you can leave. If the player sequence breaks and completes the Triforce of Courage before finishing the Wind Temple possible if one retrieves the Hookshot from the temple, then leaves to collect the Triforce before finishing the dungeonthe King of Red Lions will admonish Link to head to Hyrule rather than collect the Triforce after leaving the Temple.

This is especially crazy because the Forest Water turns into regular water 20 minutes after it leaves the Forest Haven, meaning that it would likely expire during the time it would take most players to go through the dungeon and get to the boss. This trick wasn't even discovered until14 years after the game's initial release.

Even though it is usually impossible to hit any boss in the game with a Light Arrowwhich are obtained in the final dungeon, through a glitch in the original and a Sequence Break in the remaster, it is possible to use them. Shooting the ghostly Jalhalla with one will instantly solidify it to make it vulnerable, which you would otherwise do by reflecting light onto it.

He likes that you could beat him so much that he gives you the power of Cyclone travel. The Boss Rush towards the end of the game and Hyrule in temporal stasis. The Helmaroc King, after which the game shifts gears to Link having to become the new hero in order to stop Ganon once and for all. A lot of the game's sidequests also only become available after this fight.

The return to the Forsaken Fortress. You've collected the pearls, proven yourself worthy in the Tower of the Gods and you've got the Master Sword. Finishing the dungeon means that Link gets to finally save his sister, which has been his primary motivation throughout the entire game, and you get to kill the bird who kidnapped her in the first place.

After you beat the Helmaroc King, you head right up to Ganondorf's lookout for the final battle only to learn that the Master Sword is powerless and that drawing the Master Sword broke the seal limiting Ganondorf's power.

The Light Arrows have this effect immediately, on nearly every enemy they touch. Medli gets caught mere seconds after entering the volcano, while is being carried off by a huge bird at the start of the game, then dropped into a tree. Later, Tetra gets the same treatment when it's revealed she's Princess Zelda. The opening scene in the game details how Ganondorf returned after Ocarina of Timeand Link wasn't there to save the day, and all of Hyrule was lost and flooded by the gods.

The Helmaroc King fits this, doing most of Ganondorf's dirty work and quickly making it personal by kidnapping Link's sister. Then again, he gets taken down halfway through the game, so Phantom Ganon might fit better although he doesn't have any characterization.

Lots of it, given the theme of the game. In particular, Ganondorf sheds his typical armor for a kimono-like outfit with enormous sleeves that flap dramatically in the wind. Ganondorf, who uses two sharp blades during the final battle. The game was originally meant to have two more dungeons, but they were ultimately left out due to time constraints.

Shigeru Miyamoto stated that he usually doesn't keep deadlines, because this is what happens when he does. There is an item in-game that can't be accessed without hacking. It has no in-game visual, and on the menus it simply shows up as kanji translating to "Water Boots". Equipping it and pressing said button makes Link hop as if he was slipping on the Iron Boots, earning it the nickname of "Link Shuffle". While making the original version, the development team created huge, high resolution texture assets which had to be pared down to run on the GameCube.

With the HD remaster, they were able to finally use them when creating the enhanced graphics. If you manage to damage either a Darknut, a Miniblin, or a Bokoblin with a bomb, they will run away from you as long as you carry a bomb. The All-Purpose Bait is not only useful for feeding pigs, rats and fishmen; it can also be used to draw enemies nearer. This includes Puppet Ganon's snake form. Normally, you can't go behind Zunari's stall during the day, because he blocks you and shoos you away.

He isn't there at night. If you go in at night and play the Song of Passing, it'll cut to daytime, at which point Zunari is confused as to how you got in and moves you out. When you slash the King of Red Lions with your sword, he flinches.

If you slash him when you are taking Tetra to see the king in Hyrule, the boat doesn't do a thing, as his spirit is not currently inhabiting the boat. He also doesn't talk or move. In the original release, the Octorok figurine's description stated that they were the winner of the "Perfect Attendance Award," for appearing in every Zelda game to date. The HD remaster removes this, because they did not appear in Twilight Princess.

It was instead given the "Series: You can use the grappling hook on Zelda in the final fight to literally steal her heart. The Light Arrows, which you get just before the final bosses, and are required to defeat them although you don't even get to use them yourself for the very last.

They can actually oneshot anything in the game that isn't a boss with a pretty neat, unique death animation to bootincluding Darknuts you don't even need to aim for their weak point. End of an Age: The age of Hyrule, Ganondorf, and the wars of the Triforce has been ending since Ganon's attack on Hyrule and the subsequent Great Flood, but the events of the game shut the book on them, seemingly forever, as the magic preserving them is destroyed and they are left to erode to nothing beneath the crushing waves.

The Enemy Weapons Are Better: Link can pick up and wield enemy weapons such as machetes and Darknut swords, which inflict more damage than his Hero's Sword. However, Link cannot take the weapons to different areas.

Once the player finds the Master Sword and brings it to full power, they will have no reason to ever pick up enemy weapons again except when they have to use Phantom Ganon's sword to break down the last barrier in Ganon's Tower.

wind waker hd hero mode ending a relationship

Thankfully, the two are useful and are required to solve several puzzles, and do not have a health meter of their own and thus cannot die. However, they can get captured by Floor Masters. Medli allows you to fly, and is essential before you get the mirror shield! Everything's Even Worse with Sharks: Gyorgs, which appear as enemies while sailing.

They'll ram your boat to knock you out and begin taking huge chomps at you. They don't seem to bother you if you just keep moving, though. And they'll ram your boat while you're trying to get back into it, knocking you back into the water again, putting them somewhere in-between Goddamned Bats and Demonic Spiders.

They're no longer much of an annoyance in Wind Waker HD, as they and almost every other sea creature can no longer knock you out of your boat.

Everything's Squishier with Cephalopods: In addition to the usual Octoroks now more squid-like, and they come in two varieties nowthere are now enormous, multi-eyed Big Octos that are near-impossible to kill. And if you don't kill them in time, they'll take you to a random island far away.

Sea Octoroks are this as well if you attempt to kill them which you may be forced to do if they're surrounding something like a treasure you want to get to. They come in huge groups and they spit bombs at you, and while you may find that they only take one hit to kill, good luck aiming your boomerang that quickly before another one blasts you out of your boat.

And if you do, it seems that they don't stop coming. Evil Tower of Ominousness: Forsaken Fortress Tower, and Ganon's Tower. How Daphnes manages to intercept the power of the Triforce that Ganondorf just assembled.

He who touches it will have whatever he desires granted That is what you said, is it not, Ganondorf? Trading it in gets you a compliment from Beedle. Unfortunately, you can't take enemy weapons through doors. After Link reaches the top of the Forsaken Fortress, Ganondorf does this while introducing himself.

wind waker hd hero mode ending a relationship

Incidentally, Link had already seen Ganondorf during his first trip to the Forsaken Fortress, but he got a better view this time, and it initially leaves him somewhat frightened. The King of Hyrule does this as well, but is has no effect on Link or Tetra, considering they've never seen him nor do they know much about Hyrule.

To the surprise of many for such a happy looking game, Ganondorf gets one of the most brutal deaths in the entire series, when Link stabs him through the forehead with the Master Sword. Averted harder than in any previous Zelda. Cannons that shoot bombs seem to be the weapon of choice in the Great Sea. Ocarina of Timejust under a new name. The common Kargorocs as well.

A rather infamous one close to the end of the game, with Link having to pay Tingle to decipher treasure charts, sail to various parts of the sea, and pull up pieces of the Triforce of Courage. Thankfully made much less tedious in the HD remaster.

You'd think that a Zelda game being set in an ocean world would naturally include one. Ganondorf states that fish that is, not fish monsters don't even exist in the Great Sea, because of Hyrule down there. The King of Red Lions, for seemingly inexplicable reasons, knows exactly how the Pirate's Charm works and uses it almost as if he were the one to give it to Link instead of Tetra. This is because, as Tetra's ancestor and the King of Hyrule, he made it himself. The notes he makes you play after getting the Wind Waker is Zelda's Lullaby, hinting at his connection with the royal family.

If you take a look inside Tetra's room when you have the chance to, you'll see that she has several pictures on her walls that foreshadow her identity as Princess Zelda. This is also foreshadowed by the painting of Zelda and her attendants in Hyrule Castle. Also, Tetra's name in the Italian version of the game is "Dazel," which is simply an anagram of "Zelda". One of the reasons Link can give for not letting Mila off the hook when he catches her trying to steal from her boss is because he's an "ally of justice!

In most parts of the world, you can view the camera at any angle, but some parts do have limited view. Ganondorf, of all characters, has one. His monologue about how growing up in the desert made him a bad person: Ganondorf led a harsh life in the desert, saw the lush and prosperous land of Hyrule, and saw that the people had no idea how good they had it. That made him ''angry. The Beamos enemies aim them at Link when he's in their vision range, and also a wall-mounted Moblin statue in the Forsaken Fortress, for some reason.

Averted with the game's enemies. If they attack, they'll take out their comrades as well if they happen to be in the way. This helps in many situations with strong enemies e. Darknuts clustered together where you can bait them into whaling on their own. So much time has passed since the Great Flood that nobody remembers most of the legends of ancient Hyrule.

Most humorously, the Triforce has been forgotten, and replaced in the popular consciousness by the "Triumph Forks. In the original Japanese version, it's apparently a bucket and hose Tarai to Hosu. Deciding he no longer needed Cia, Ganondorf revealed himself and attempted to seize the completed Triforce from Cia, but she managed to return the Triforce of Wisdom and Triforce of Courage back to their original owners to keep them out of Ganondorf's grasp, Zelda and Link.

Cia than manages to reseal Ganondorf briefly due to him lacking his the final piece of his soul, while retaining the Triforce of Power for herself. She tries desperately to regain the other pieces, though the allied Forces of Hyrule along with Lana, manage to defeat Cia's forces. Cia is eventually defeated and dies, with Lana taking possession of the Triforce of Power, becoming its first bearer to lack an evil heart.

Together with the other Triforce bearers, Lana uses its power to help restore Hyrule to normal. However Ganondorf is able to completely revive as Link had removed the Master Sword in order to defeat Cia and her forces, weakening the seal on the last fragment of Ganondorf's soul.

Ganondorf revives Ghirahim and Zant and rebuilds his dark army to reclaim his Triforce of Power along with the remaining Triforce pieces.

Ganondorf attacks Lana in the valley of Seers to reclaim his Triforce of Power, though Zelda sends Impa to assist her in retreating from Ganondorf's army.

While in possession of the Triforce of Power, Lana gains the ability to split her soul which she uses to flee from Ganondorf though ultimately he manages to reclaim the Triforce of Power from her and once again sets his sights on obtaining the complete Triforce. It is later revealed that Princess Hilda was working with Yuga to steal Hyrule's Triforce in order to restore her kingdom.

When Yuga-Ganon is defeated by Link, Hilda orders Yuga to give her the Triforce of Power, but Yuga reveals he has no intention of saving Lorule as he reveals he desired the Triforce to become a God and planned to remake Lorule in his image. He then transforms Hilda into a painting in order to claim the Triforce of Wisdom. Yuga-Ganon is then transformed by possessing two pieces of the Triforce and attacks Link to obtain his Triforce of Courage.

However even with the combined might of Power and Wisdom, he is defeated by Link. Triforce of Wisdom[ edit ] The Triforce of Wisdom holds the essence of Nayruthe Goddess of Wisdom, who is recognized for creating the physical laws of the realm of Hyrule. It is usually associated with Princess Zeldaand in most games, she possesses it. When activated, the lower left triangle in the Triforce mark on Zelda's hand glows, representing the Triforce of Wisdom.

Though Zelda is known to possess innate mystical powers, the essence of Nayru, wielded by Zelda using the Triforce of Wisdom, enhances these abilities. In various incarnations, Zelda has demonstrated telepathy, precognition, and mystic energy projection, among other abilities.

Seemingly by means of the Triforce's power, Zelda demonstrated shapeshifting abilities in Ocarina of Time. To hide herself from Ganondorf, Zelda assumes the guise of a young Sheikah man who calls himself Sheikthe last remaining Sheikah other than Impa.

In Twilight Princess, Zelda used the power of the Triforce of Wisdom to detect the dark magic trapping Link in his wolf form, and it may have granted her the power to remain in her true form in the Twilight. The Triforce of Wisdom may have been used to save Midna's life and transfer Zelda's light or soul into Midna to give her the ability to survive the light of Hyrule. Zelda, after being revived, states to Midna, "Our souls were one, however briefly.

When the two pieces are reunited, Tetra's true identity is revealed to be Zelda. While in possession of both the Triforce of Wisdom and Triforce of Power, Yuga-Ganon is granted a more powerful form capable of levitation. However even with the power of two Triforce pieces, he is still defeated by the combined might of Link's Triforce of Courage and Master Sword.

In Hyrule Warriors, the Triforce of Wisdom is in the possession of the game's incarnation of Zelda, who transforms into Sheik to hide from Cia's forces. However, she is unaware that Cia possesses Ganondorf's Triforce of Power and when Sheik joins Link in confronting Cia, the presence of all three Triforce bearers causes each of their Triforce marks to glow due to being in close proximity to each other.

This allows Cia to steal both of their Triforce pieces and uses the complete Triforce to summon different eras where the pieces of Ganondorf's soul are sealed. However Cia is later forced to return the Triforce of Wisdom and Triforce of Courage to their original bearers when Ganondorf manages to partially revive himself to keep them from falling into the King of Evil's hands.

Zelda is shown to be able to maintain her Sheik disguise even after the Triforce of Wisdom is taken from her. Triforce of Courage[ edit ] The Triforce of Courage contains the divine essence of Farorethe Goddess of Courage, who is renowned for creating all life that inhabits the Hyrulean realm.

It is usually associated specifically with Link. The Triforce of Courage is typically portrayed as the bottom-right piece of the Triforce. It is unclear what specific benefits the Triforce of Courage affords its user, but the holder of the Triforce of Courage is imbued with Farore's essence, and afforded attributes analogous to those of the Goddess of Courage herself. Link seems to have an affinity for Farore's color, green. The Triforce of Courage also seems to afford its wielder an unknown degree of protection from certain forms of magic, and transformation.

In Twilight Princesswhen Link entered the Twilight-afflicted regions of Hyrule, the Triforce of Courage prevented him from becoming a lost soul like the other denizens of Hyrule, and instead transformed him into a divine wolf.

Although the Triforce is seen in Twilight Princess, it is never explicitly mentioned by name. According to the website, it is also believed that Link has the ability to master any weapon he wields due to the Triforce of Courage. In Ocarina of Time, Link unknowingly obtains the Triforce of Courage while trapped in the sacred realm, after Ganondorf fails to claim the complete Triforce, splitting it into its three components.

In Twilight Princessit is implicitly indicated that Link carried the Triforce of Courage throughout his entire life, as he bears the crest on his hand at all times.

The Triforce of Courage can be seen on a small banner above the entrance of Link's home in Ordon Village. In the cinematic introduction of The Wind Waker, it is stated that when the Hero left Hyrule the Triforce of Courage was broken into eight pieces and scattered across the land, to be recovered one day by another hero deserving of its power. After he acquires all eight pieces and prepares to face Ganon, the reassembled Triforce of Courage absorbs into his hand.

He is then declared the Hero of Winds. Though in addition to the Triforce of Courage, Link also possessed the Master Sword which blade may or may not have been upgraded using Master Ore and Zelda's Bow of Light which fires arrows imbued with a portion of the Triforce's power. It is also implied that Lorule's Triforce has a Triforce of Courage as well. Upon seeing Link's glowing Triforce mark, his innate strength, and skills she becomes convinced that Link is the current incarnation of the Hero, later giving him the Hero's Tunic to wear.

Link possesses the Triforce of Courage early in the game, though it is later stolen by Cia along with Sheik's Triforce of Wisdom.

However, when Ganondorf partially revives himself, Cia returns the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom to their original bearers. However, during the forces of Hyrule's assault on Cia's stronghold in the Temple of Souls, Link becomes overconfident due to possessing both the Triforce of Courage and the mighty Master Sword, allowing Cia to tap into the darkness within the Hero's soul, allowing her to spawn Dark Links to fight Link and the Forces of Hyrule.

To make matters worse, Ganondorf arrives to reclaim the Triforce of Power, though fortunately the bond between Link and his allies manages to awaken the Master Sword's true power allowing them to defeat the Dark Links and Ganondorf. Together with his allies Link manages to defeat Cia. Afterwards the Triforce is split between them with Link retaking possession of the Triforce of Courage while Zelda and Lana carry the other two thirds.

However, due to Link's removal of the Master Sword the seal on the final piece of Ganondorf's soul is broken allowing the King of Evil to revive himself. With the aid of Ghirahim and Zant, Ganondorf reclaims the Triforce of Power from Lana and eventually manages to claim the other pieces from Link and Zelda, though he is ultimately defeated by Link, Zelda, Lana, and their allies. The assembled Triforce[ edit ] Very rarely, when assembled, the Triforce allows the owner to make and be granted as many wishes as they want, which usually last until they die or the wish is fulfilled.

As shown in A Link to the Past, there are certain items, such as the Moon Pearl, which can resist the effects of the Triforce; in that game, the Moon Pearl prevents Link from being transformed into a rabbit while in the Sacred Realm. However, his imbalanced heart changes the wish, and instead of Hyrule he rules a Sacred Realm which has become a dark version of Hyrule, where, among other things, all inhabitants are beasts.

At the end of the game, Link defeats Ganon and takes the Triforce from its resting place. The spirit of the Triforce explains its powers, and Link then wishes for the acts of Ganon to be reversed such as the corruption of the Sacred Realm and the death of Link's uncle. Though he reaches the Triforce in the Sacred Realm, his heart is imbalanced and the Triforce splits, leaving him with the Triforce of Power and forcing him to gather the other two carriers who are "chosen by destiny", Link and Princess Zelda, and take the other pieces from them.

Though he succeeds in bringing them to him, they are able to fight him off and, along with the Sages, seal him within the Sacred Realm.

At the end of the game, he succeeds in bringing Princess Zelda and the new Link to his castle, and unites the pieces into the completed Triforce; however, before he can touch it and make his wish to rule Hyrule, King Daphnes of Hyrule touches it and wishes for Hyrule to be completely destroyed, and for Zelda and Link to be given a prosperous future. In Hyrule Warriors, it is revealed that the Guardian of Time is an overseer that watches over the Triforce, observing the various eras and battles over the Triforce.

Over time, the Guardian of Time fell in love with the soul of the Hero, Link who appeared when ever Hyrule was in need of a hero to defend it and the Triforce from the forces of evil.

Sensing the darkness in the Guardian of Time's soul a fragment of Ganondorf's possesses the Guardian, removing the light from her soul transforming her into the Dark Sorceress, Cia who then uses the Triforce of Power to summon monsters from throughout history and uses her magic to take control of Dark Wizard, Wizzro and the Dragon Knight, Volga to be her generals. Manipulated by Ganondorf, Cia's love for the Hero Link was transformed into an obsession to obtain both the Triforce and ultimately Link's heart and soul for herself, though Ganondorf intended on betraying her and taking the Triforce for himself.

However the light portion of the Guardian's soul that Ganondorf had expelled became Cia's good twin, the White Sorceress Lana who like Cia was in love with Link, though unlike Cia, Lana accepted Link's destiny as the Hero of Hyrule and opposes Cia's plans.

Cia eventually manages to obtain the complete Triforce by stealing the Triforce of Wisdom from Zelda while she is disguised Sheik and Triforce of Courage from Link, then uses its power to summon the different eras where the pieces of Ganondorf's soul are sealed in order to increase her power and strengthen her army. It is later revealed to Cia that she was being manipulated by Ganondorf who is able to partially resurrect himself.

Having no further use for her, Ganondorf tries to seize the complete Triforce from her, only for Cia to send Triforce of Wisdom and Triforce of Courage back to their original bearers in order to keep Ganondorf from obtaining the complete Triforce. She then manages to briefly reseal Ganondorf and claim his Triforce of Power for herself, though is weakened by the loss of the other two pieces of the Triforce.

Cia is eventually defeated and Lana claims her Triforce of Power from her dying evil twin. The current Triforce Bearers Lana, Zelda, and Link use the complete Triforce to restore Hyrule and return the various eras back to normal.

The three Triforce pieces are then separated among them, with Lana holding the Triforce of Power. However Ganondorf manages to fully revive himself and then reclaims his Triforce of Power from Lana and sets his sights on seize the other two Triforce pieces. Eventually Ganondorf manages to steal the remaining pieces of the Triforce from Link and Zelda. Ganondorf then uses the power of the complete Triforce to strengthen his army and take over Hyrule Castle, transforming it once again into Ganon's Tower.

Eventually Beast Ganon is defeated and the heroes use the Triforce to seal Ganon away once more. This is because Lorule is crumbling away since its Triforce was destroyed by Hilda's ancestors to end the various conflicts that arose in Lorule over its Triforce, unaware of the Triforce's role as the foundation of their world.

In Lorule's Sacred Realm, Hilda's servant Yuga found a crack on a stone slate which led to the pair discovering the existence of Hyrule and its Triforce.

Using the descendants of the Seven Sages, Hilda's partner-in-crime Yuga resurrects Ganon to fuse with him, as the only means of obtaining his Triforce of Power.