Star wars the old republic bounty hunter chapter 1 ending relationship

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Star Wars - Rated: M - English - Hurt/Comfort/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, - Reviews: 3 Relationships between the Halcyon Clan and their allies are strained. Departs from established game canon following the end of the class stories. Contains spoilers for the SWTOR bounty hunter class story on Taris. It's like all those people who claim that the game isn't “Star Wars”-y This is my personal Worst to Best Class Storylines for Star Wars: The Old Republic. By the end of Chapter Three, your Consular has done more to better if you like the concept of a bounty hunter or mandalorians. #1: Imperial Agent. So, my Chiss Bounty Hunter just finished her last quest with the Empire (main Star Wars™: The Old Republic, a story-driven MMORPG from BioWare and LucasArts. 1, 3, 5, and 6 are the most important parts of the Resol'nare to her. For some reason, I felt that Neutral ending is more canon for a BH.

I agree with this as well. My problem with the BH story was the story not the character. Spoiler Chapter 1 was great, you are bounty hunter in a contest for bounty hunters Chapter 2 you are still bounty hunting, but now you are hunting high priority targets Chapter 3 and beyond For all intents and purposes you become an imperial trooper.

Because the Empire saved your life, you are forever beholden to them. And I feel the same way about the smuggler story for the same reasons. Chapter Two is a horrific abomination of sheer pointlessness and Chapter Three does very little to improve on that already low bar.

On top of that, these two very bland chapters then go out of the way to try to paint your character as the instigator for the renewed war. Not just that the war has begun while you were fighting like some other class stories. Granted, it might just be an excuse but damn is that being thrown under the narrative bus.

The shame of the whole thing is that the prologue and first chapter are actually really solid and I would actually recommend playing through them.

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But once you get to level 30 and start Chapter Two the whole story takes a hard nose dive and never truly recovers. What you actually get is more akin to Indiana Jones in space. In fact, it rarely even tries to. Not alone at least. No, the real reason this one got marked down so much was quite simply that it spends so much time painting your character like a complete and utter idiot.

You walk in traps, blindly trust those who clearly are trying to kill you, and routinely must be saved by a third party to avoid certain death. None of these are a result of your choices or actions either. These just happen to you regardless. Then somehow you get a seat on the Dark Council out of all of this. Talk about fricking failing upwards.

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Honestly, the Consular is almost the antithesis of the the Trooper. The best stuff comes after Chapter One. The downside is that those first 30 levels? They can be nightmare of tedious repetition. The same tasks over and over with only slight changes. Chapter One at least has the mystery element to it, but you can only really appreciate the mystery once you reach the end and can see all the threads connecting things.

But if you can do that, then you are in for an amazing story about galactic diplomacy, building alliances, and commanding your own personal army to do battle against an enemy that could literally be anyone. By the end of Chapter Three, your Consular has done more to preserve the Republic than any other class. The Keeper informs the Agent that he must assist in identifying and eliminating dissident faction on Dromund Kaas.

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The Agent persuades Samara into helping gain access to her father Theovor Mindak. The Agent confronts Theovor, ultimately accessing his computer and retrieving new intelligence on the dissidents. As a result of Watcher Two processing the new intelligence the Agent learns that the dissidents are planning to blow up the power system under Kaas City. They intend to overload long forgotten conduits at the Dark Temple causing a chain reaction into the city. Darth Jadus insists that the Agent alone thwart instead of a full assault due to the sanctity of the Dark Temple.

The Agent is successful in stopping the terrorists at the Dark Temple, but upon returning to Imperial Headquarters learns that a secondary target, the Imperial dreadnaught Dominatorwas destroyed killing Darth Jadus who was aboard. The Agent is directed to quickly act to prevent a group of dissidents from fleeing by using a mouse droid to infiltrate and sabotage their ship.

After returning from this final mission on Dromund Kaas, the Agent watches, alongside the support team at headquarters, a pirate broadcast by The Eaglethe apparent leader of the dissidents. Imperial Intelligence is unable to jam the signal and the broadcast is seen throughout the Empire. The Eagle takes credit for the attack on the Dominator and promises more attacks as long as the Empire continues to be ruled by Sith leaders who continue infighting that the dissidents feel is keeping the Empire from obtaining the rise to glory and strength it was promised.

Star wars the old republic bounty hunter chapter 1 ending relationship

The Agent is promoted to cipher Nine and asked to lead the search to eliminate the Eagle and his organization. The Keeper explains that along with the promotion, the Agent is given a large amount of freedom to conduct the investigation, including a new Starship and ability to recruit team members.

Watcher Two will continue to be their liaison back to Imperial Intelligence. Along the way, the Eagle's plan of using weapons of mass destruction known only as the "The Eradicators". Further investigation reveals that these are biological orbital strike weapons that fire randomly if not issued commands. After taking down the terrorists' main financier on Alderaan with the help of Vector Hyllusthe Agent rushes back to Hutta, where spies have sighted the Eagle.

Before the fight he mentions a "Patron", a traitor amongst the Empire's ranks, that has masterminded the entire plan. After the fight, Cipher Nine is praised and is informed of a Imperial Cruiser in deep space.

The Land of Odd

He attempts to recruit the agent to execute his plan of firing the other eradicators, but the agent has the other half of the command codes, ones acquired from the Eagle's base. This leads to a complicated decision. You can give him to codes to distract him, while you cripple the ship so the Dark Council can capture him, or not give him the codes and fight him, but Jadus will escape.

It is your decision that will effect the Galaxy forever. Cipher Nine joins the special forces group under the cover of an Imperial defector, and is given the codename Legate. After proving your loyalty to another operative called Hunter, you meet Ardun Kothe, who triggers a codephrase to subvert the agent's free will in case their true loyalties remain with the Empire.