Sopranos house arrest ending relationship

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sopranos house arrest ending relationship

As with any intimate relationship, the connection that exists between viewer . the FBI's hot to bug Tony's house and has been casing the comings and .. It's not hyperbole to say that the series finale of The Sopranos was one. "House Arrest" (season 2, episode 11) and Livia to leave that relationship heading into the finale (and, I believe, the first significant scene the. The ending scenes where Hesch and Christopher plays cards, Paulie's and feeling or is this something another Sopranos fan understands?.

The uncle with the farm where all the bodies are buried. Tony Soprano refers to him as an uncle but they are not actually related. At the party, Tony Soprano talks about their childhood and how they were distinguished from each other: Tony Soprano mentioned that Phil has also passed away. Tony calls Christopher his nephew. He even says that they are blood. Neither of these 2 things are true: Explained in the DeAngelis family tree: Explained in the Blundetto family tree: Tony Soprano is also first cousins to Tony B through both their mothers.

In other words, both Christopher and Tony Soprano are first cousins to Tony B, but not to each other. During Christopher Moltisanti 's intervention, when Tony hears Christopher accidentally suffocated Adrianna's dog, he is furious, saying, "I oughta suffocate you, you little prick!

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When his horse is killed in a fire — possibly set by Ralph Cifaretto — Tony is deeply upset and saddened and kills Cifaretto, yelling: What did she ever do to you? When informed by Carmela that a black bear has been foraging in his home's backyard while they were separated, during Season 5, he reacts with interest, rather than fear. In the series finale, Tony finds a stray cat at his safehouse during the war with New York and takes a liking to it.

He brings it back to Satriale's, where it stares at the deceased Chris Moltisanti's photo much to Paulie's dismay. Tony is seen many times over the course of the show engaging in both freshwater and saltwater angling. His son Anthony Jr. During the second season he presents his son with a Fenwick rod and a Penn International reel, both extremely high quality products.

In the sixth season, while in Florida with Paulie, he rents a sport fishing boat. He is sometimes haunted by visions of Pussy Bonpensiero incarnated in the form of a fish — presumably a reference to the disposal of his body in the ocean.

A Big Mouth Billy Bass novelty singing fish, brought into the Bada Bing by Georgie and another later presented to him as a Christmas present by his daughter Meadow, recall his nightmare and disturb him greatly.

Throughout the series, Tony is shown to be a frequent cigar smoker, as well as an occasional cigarette smoker. He can be seen smoking a cigar during important events, such as shortly before being told of his mother 's death and when disposing of Ralph Cifaretto's corpse.

He is also a gun enthusiast and is shown to have an arsenal in his home. Tony enjoys sports, particularly baseballfootballbasketballgolfand horse racing. He has taken A. Some objects and posters in A.

sopranos house arrest ending relationship

A large portion of his income is derived from illegal sports betting. Tony is an amateur yachtsman and has owned two motor yachts over the course of the show: Stugots and Stugots II. The name comes from the Southern Italian phrase stu cazz meaning "This dick",[ citation needed ] or in paraphrase, "Fuck it". Throughout seasons 4 and 5, Tony is seen watching Vietnam War documentaries. Kennedy and owns one of his captain sailor hats, which he won at an auction. He is often shown watching programs on the History Channel about great leaders such as George S.

PattonErwin Rommeland Winston Churchill. Tony is often seen watching classic mob films. For example, he is shown watching The Public Enemy throughout the episode " Proshai, Livushka ", which addresses his mother's death. He also shares a love for The Godfather series wondering what went wrong in the third installment. Vehicles[ edit ] Like most of the mobsters in the series, Tony is shown to be partial to Cadillac and Lincoln vehicles.

When discussing with Dr. Melfi a bizarre dream in which his penis falls off, he mentions that he went to the guy who used to "work on my Lincoln, when I drove Lincolns". Tony has this Escalade until the end of the series. Extramarital affairs[ edit ] Throughout the series Tony is shown to be a serial adulterer. He typically has mistresses whom he consistently sees for long periods of time, though he also has a number of brief one-night stands with strippers from the Bada Bing.

His wife Carmela is tacitly aware of his infidelity and usually views it as a form of masturbation, though sometimes the bottled-up tensions explode in domestic arguments. At the end of Season 4, Irina telephones Carmela in a jealous rage at Tony's cheating on her with her cousin Svetlanawhich causes Carmela to finally snap. Carmela throws Tony out of the house and begins divorce proceedings.

Tony has a strong preference for women of European, particularly Italian descent, with dark hair and eyes and exotic features. He favors dark features but also has a few brief flings with blonde American European women, including a stewardess from Icelandic Airways and a medical assistant.


Irina Peltsin — a young Russian woman whom he sees consistently throughout the first two seasons. She is a severe alcoholic and frequently calls Tony's house when drunk, and when Carmela hints that she knows that he is seeing her, he breaks off the relationship. Tony dates her throughout Season 3 after meeting her at Dr. Melfi repeatedly expresses her disapproval of their relationship, knowing it will likely turn out a disaster. He eventually stops seeing her when she begins stalking him and calling his house, while exhibiting manipulative behaviours reminding him of his own mother which is foreshadowed very early on when she teases him by saying "poor you", jokingly at first.

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He also understands through Dr. Melfi's hints that Gloria is trying to use him as a means to commit suicide akin to the suicide by cop phenomenon. Tony asks Patsy Parisi to threaten her Parisi tells her that, if she tries again to harass Tony, the last face she'll see will be his, not Tony's, and that "it won't be cinematic".

It turns out that it throws her over the edge as she commits suicide soon afterwards, hanging herself. This greatly upsets Tony, who blames it on himself as well as Dr. Tony dates her throughout Season 4. They share a love of horses, and she visits Pie-O-My at the stable with Tony.

sopranos house arrest ending relationship

She accidentally sets her robe on fire in Season 5 while cooking eggs for Tony. Shortly thereafter he decides to get back together with Carmela, and he breaks up with Valentina while she is in the hospital recovering from second degree burns to her head, face, and arm. Tony offers to take care of any cost related to her treatment, but their relationship ends on bad terms.

During her childhood, Svetlana developed an osteosarcoma in her leg which was amputated soon afterwards. Tony comments that she looks like the actress Greta Garbo. She was first hired as Livia Soprano's nurse since Janice had left town. Svetlana resurfaces as Uncle Junior's nurse after he suffers a fall at the courthouse.

Irina soon finds out about this and informs Carmela about the affair, prompting Carmela's violent confrontation of Tony and their ultimate separation. Svetlana later tells Tony that Branca told Irina about their affair after an argument over Svetlana's withholding Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax and other taxes from her paycheck. Tony admires Svetlana for her toughness of spirit and her refusal to allow her disability and misfortune to get in the way of her ambitions.

Arguably, Svetlana is the most psychologically balanced of all Tony's extramarital affairs. Julianna Skiff — a real estate developer of Jewish descent. She meets Tony in Season 6 when offering to buy a building that he owns, to be converted into a Jamba Juice. They later begin an affair, along with a business relationship, but never consummate their relationship sexually; Tony backs off and decides to be faithful to Carmela, who stuck with him after the shooting and seems re-devoted to him.

Julianna eventually dates Christopher Moltisanti and the two begin a very destructive, co-dependent drug habit; she is last seen attending Christopher's funeral service, where she mentions that they had split up.

Therapy[ edit ] Tony has suffered from panic attacks that sometimes cause him to lose consciousness since his childhood. He has his first on-screen panic attack while cooking sausages at his son's birthday party—this occurs in a flashback in the pilot episode. Tony loses consciousness and causes a small explosion when he drops a bottle of lighter fluid onto the coals. Tony describes the experience of the panic attack as feeling like he had "ginger ale in his skull".

This prompts him to seek help for the attacks. After extensive testing that includes an MRI scan and blood work, no physical cause can be found, so Dr. Cusamano refers Tony to psychiatrist Dr. Tony's therapy allows a discussion of his thoughts and feelings away from both aspects of his life—this forum for reaching into the character's thoughts has been described as a Greek chorusand as a key for viewers to understand the character. He resents being in therapy, and refuses to accept the diagnosis of panic attacks given him by the neurologists who had investigated his illness.

Tony begins to open up once Dr. Melfi explains the doctor-patient confidentiality rules.

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He tells her about the stress of his business life—he has a feeling that he has come in at the end of something, and describes a reverence for the glorified "old days" of the Mafia. Tony leaves out the violence associated with his criminal career. Melfi a story about ducks landing in his pool. He describes his mother Livia, a cold, mean-spirited woman with whom he has an openly hostile relationship. By the end of the first session Tony has admitted that he feels depressed, but storms out when Dr.

Melfi presses him further about the relationship between his symptoms and the ducks. When the family visits Green Grove, a Nursing Home where Tony is trying to place his mother, Livia's derisive outburst prompts a second panic attack.

Melfi prescribes Prozac as an anti-depressanttelling him that no one needs to suffer from depression with the wonders of modern pharmacology. Tony fails to attend their next scheduled session. At their next session, Tony is still reluctant to face his own psychological weaknesses.

Tony is quick to credit the medication for his improved mood, but Dr. Melfi tells him it cannot be that, as it takes six weeks to work—she credits their therapy sessions. Tony describes a dream where a bird steals his penis. Melfi extrapolates that Tony has projected his love for his family onto the family of ducks living in his pool. This brings him to tears, to his consternation. She tells him that their flight from the pool sparked his panic attack through the overwhelming fear of somehow losing his own family.

Tony is in a similar, albeit self-imposed, situation when he tries to curtail his interactions with his crew. Cultural references[ edit ] One of the nurses in the hospital laughs at the U. Marshal sent to fix an electronic bracelet to Junior's ankle when he mentions his last name is McLuhan. How should I know? At a meeting of Carmela's book club in her living room, her friends discuss the memoir Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt. McCourt's follow-up memoir, 'Tislies on a nearby table.

Tony sarcastically rebuts Junior's nostalgic view of s gangsters working together to settle their differences amicably, mentioning his memories of the picture of Albert Anastasia "lying there all amicable, on the barber shop floor".

He's referring to the assassination of the Mafia boss in the barber shop of the Park Sheraton Hotel. During a therapy session with Dr. Melfi, Tony, frustrated with his recent lack of progress, angrily mentions he's "ready for the George Sanders long walk", which refers to the suicide of the actor George Sanders in The television programme Uncle Junior and Catherine Romano are watching when he falls asleep is Diagnosis: Murder starring Dick Van Dyke. In the final scene of the episode which aired in MarchTony references New Jersey Nets player Jayson Williamshowever Williams had not played a game for the Nets since April 1,