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sophia pou relationship trust

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We are also aware of the advances made in palliative care over more recent times, as well as the fact that not everyone may have had access to the best palliative care.

When assessing such stories, an important question is how such deaths would be handled in the light of modern-day palliative care. The rise in abuse of our elders3, as well as documented evidence of greater social isolation and loneliness amongst people over 65 years4, highlights a significant cultural shift in our society in recent times — the devaluing of age. Those working in the aged care sector note that many disabled and elderly people express the view that they have become, or the fear that they will become, an unwelcome burden on family and society.

Legalising euthanasia or assisted suicide will only exacerbate this situation.

It is not an overstatement to describe this as a form of institutionalised abuse of our elders. For the sick and disabled, the realities of power inequity — between and within families, between patients and medical professionals, between recipients of care and caregivers — come into play for people who, in other contexts and conditions, would not ordinarily be classified as vulnerable.

Laws do not provide effective protection for vulnerable groups; rather, they work by providing recourse to justice after the event.

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We have good laws to prevent the exploitation or abuse of workers, of children, of women, of tenants, of elders, yet we know there are many instances where these laws fail to prevent such exploitation. The key difference between an EAS regime and other laws is that there is no satisfactory recourse to justice after a person has died. While we live in a society that highly values choice, there are numerous examples of limiting choice for the sake of the common good, and more specifically in the interests of protecting the most vulnerable.

The so-called safeguards in the End of Life Choice Bill do not and cannot protect against the risks of coercion that we have described. Need for equitable access to Palliative Care The multi-disciplinary teams providing palliative care report that, when properly funded palliative care is available, palliative care teams are well able to provide peaceful and dignified deaths in even the most difficult cases.

We readily acknowledge that not all people in New Zealand currently experience a good death. The ethical and caring response to this situation is to prioritise the availability of quality palliative care for all New Zealanders.

In the Palliative Care Council of New Zealand noted that the main failing in palliative care is the lack of access and insufficient funding, as well as poor understanding as to what palliative services can do. This constitutes an unacceptable risk, in particular the risk that people will choose EAS out of desperation.

It is incorrect and unwise to assume that EAS belongs within medicine. As well as being incompatible with the profession of medicine, the active involvement of the medical profession in EAS is unnecessary. Were the New Zealand Parliament ever to legalise EAS, it could be implemented without health professionals being directly involved. A precedent for this already exists in Switzerland. The proposed End of Life Choice Bill places a doctor in the position of being both life takers as well as life savers.

Overseas Jurisdictions The numbers of deaths from EAS continue to increase in both the Netherlands and Belgium, illustrating the fact that, once legalised, EAS takes on its own momentum. Euthanasia is carried out without explicit consent8 and the proportion of patients referred for psychiatric assessment is much lower than would be expected given evidence of the prevalence of depression and other mental illnesses in patients suffering terminal illness.

In addition, there are increasing numbers of cases of euthanasia approved where there has been a diagnosis of psychiatric disorder or dementia. The proportion of people referred for psychiatric assessment in Oregon averaged 22 percent over the first five years after legalisation, compared with the average of 3.

A former Medical Director for assisted suicide advocacy group Compassion and Choices has stated that: When respondents are given information about the more complex issues concerning EAS, many poll respondents change their minds.

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Legalising EAS will send a strong social message to all disabled people, including those whose disabilities are primarily a function of the debilities associated with age: The current law may not be perfect, but it provides a clear bright line. Moving the bright line of prohibition would create far more problems than it would ever solve. Legalising EAS will send a strong social message to all disabled people, including those whose disabilities are age related: This means it is incumbent on proponents of change to provide indisputable evidence that any regulatory system would be sufficiently safe.

For reasons of space, the references have not been included. She has worked in private practice in Ireland, Jersey and Kuwait and has worked with The Legal since She recently returned to the West Midlands after a two-year stint in Qatar. Internationally, Angela edited the India chapter for Asia Pacific for two consecutive years and has covered markets such as Switzerland, Pakistan, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Qatar and Romania.

Angela has also contributed a number of news and feature articles to Legal Business and has vast experience in writing for a number of legal, lifestyle and news publications. He has eight years of experience working for a market research agency in Glasgow and has worked on a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative research projects across many sectors.

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In his spare time Christopher enjoys making music, cooking, eating, and writing. He also has an LLB law degree. Chris is married with three sons, and lives and works in southern Hampshire. Chris is also a keen runner, cyclist and amateur triathlete. She published her research in a number of academic journals and edited volumes, and she worked as a coordinator for various publication projects.

Costanza has a keen interest in language, history, culture and politics of the former Soviet countries and Central and Eastern Europe. During her university years she already gained some editorial experience through various internships in publishing and is now able to apply her language skills which cover besides English and German also some French and Spanish.

sophia pou relationship trust

In her free time, she enjoys the leisure opportunities London has to offer as well as long walks with her Beagle. She is a fluent Russian speaker and in her spare time volunteers for the Tanzania Development Trust. Anna enjoys cooking, rock climbing, and taking long walks with her dog. She also worked as search executive for an international recruitment agency specialising in telecommunications and IT, which involved conducting interviews on a daily basis and presenting candidates to clients.

With her additional background in literature and journalism, Janine has now re-entered the publishing industry after doing an internship during her degree course and will be working on the construction and real estate sections for The Legal Deutschland.

sophia pou relationship trust

He has built a portfolio as a freelance copywriter and contributor for various media, entertainment and events companies, and worked with Sky to help cover the election. William has also worked as a music studio assistant and hospitality manager, and in the past has enjoyed playing bass guitar for various bands and artists.

William also loves cooking, hiking and coffee, and is rarely seen without a good more often than not sci-fi book in his hands.

sophia pou relationship trust