Scorpio taurus relationship 2013

Taurus and Scorpio - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

scorpio taurus relationship 2013

Love match compatibility between Taurus and Scorpio zodiac signs. Read about the Taurus love relationship with Scorpio zodiac sign. This is a clash of the titans that can easily attract each other into a pretty blown out romance. Taurus is the center of spring and Scorpio is the. The Aries' many outside interests plays on the Scorpio's jealous emotional nature , the Taurus better watch out, the sting of the scorpion is considered deadly.

But women often must sacrifice their bodies in order for new creatures to come into the world. This is partly how Scorpio wanders about the world, but I see more of the masculine in having to give up of life itself in order to have a relationship before even having to sacrifice its body.

So Taurus fosters life, Scorpio sacrifices so that life can come. They have incredibly different lenses. It can be like watching someone who is striving to take on the world who has second-child syndrome in the shadow of Aries Taurus needs to remember that Scorpio is complicated. Scorpio has more symbols than any of the other signs.

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility: The Sorcerer and the Lover

Scorpio has the biggest range when it comes to emotions. It starts off as a sniveling, cold-hearted snake. It bites at the ankle, like the serpent in the Garden of Eden. It starts off in this low, despicable kind of state. Scorpio doesn't deny any emotions, whether jealously, anger, self-righteousness -- if it denies these emotions and can't look itself in the mirror, then it won't progress to higher, more fluid emotions like love.

But Scorpio is also afraid of love. You see, the next stage of the Scorpio is the scorpion. The scorpion is a little bit more refined, scorpions can actually make love for hours on end, but then they may eat each other or attack each other. They are familial creatures, even though they may harm each other. But the real last stage of Scorpio is the real beast that's hiding under the mask, whether Scorpio realizes this or not.

This makes it difficult for Scorpio because this last stage is hard to harness, it is difficult to master and stay in it -- and that's because it is the phoenix. The phoenix, as I was saying about sacrifice, lives to love and give entirely of itself to eventually burn out and fizzle and turn back into a snake.

It will have to work its way back through lessons to get back to its real self again. It is terrifying for Scorpio to progress emotionally because of the cost and sacrifice this demands. But as a snake, without progressing, the Scorpio will only eat its tail -- causing itself to be emotionally congested and confused. And only when the Scorpio is ready will it stop trying to eat itself.

When Scorpio allows itself to be relieved of its emotional congestion, then and only then can it be its full self. Otherwise, Scorpio may have mental blocks that prevent it from having healthy relationships, really fully knowing their mind, and knowing one of the most important keys in life -- their potential.

Taurus protects the garden, it orders the garden, nourishes it, and keeps it refined. Scorpio offers Taurus sexual initiation, it offers Taurus to eat forbidden fruit, which comes with consequences.

You can see why these two would be at odds with each other. Taurus wants to be the good worker, but Scorpio says there is more to life. Scorpio may mislead Taurus, and Taurus may even see these requests as sin, which only offends Scorpio. It doesn't mean that Scorpio is fair game about anything and is some hardcore addict -- they are just deeply trying to understand the world and find someone who deeply wants to understand it with them.

They are need into BS. This kind of mentality can get the Scorpio in trouble. Taurus needs to help the Scorpio see boundaries. Water elements have a tendency to want to do two things: The problem with these two innate qualities is that they can cause the partner to feel like they don't see their own individual definition anymore.

Sometimes when you don't have boundaries, you stop having responsibilities, practical judgment, or even stop listening to the voice of your partner because you are so lost in the flow, that you can't see distinction. These are problems that often follow a Scorpio soul who can feel like their mind is really foggy or muddy.

They would be right, because what they are needing from the world is some kind of filter to help them navigate through their immense emotional range. A Taurus can offer a filter for them. Water running into earth does slow it down.

Scorpio and Taurus Compatibility: The Sorcerer and the Lover ⋆ Astromatcha

The practicality that is given by Taurus will help a Scorpio to see more clearly in a sense -- though their water nature could just make things muddy. Taurus helps give boundaries and context where Scorpio needs it, and that's if Scorpio accepts it. Scorpio could turn itself into tsunami or hurricane in order to strike against the earth. Water elements have a really strong desire to flow and go places even when they are told those places are forbidden.

Keep in mind, water is the universal solvent. Without water, we would obviously be dead. We can thank our nature for allowing water to flow on this planet, even if sometimes water makes its way into places it doesn't belong or need to be. There is a time for water and there is a time for red wine. Taurus needs to take ownership of their own choices. Just like Adam blaming the serpent, yes the serpent tempted Adam, but he did not twist his arm to make him eat of the forbidden fruit.

Scorpio Woman – Taurus Man | Simply Sun Signs

He made an offer Adam couldn't refuse, but Adam willfully did take of the forbidden fruit. He wasn't threatened to do so, he wasn't going to die nor any of his family for eating fruit. Taurus needs to be careful about how they blame others and to take responsibility for their own choices and the consequences that follow.

Scorpio needs to also own up to when they flirt without considering what doors they are opening. Often Scorpio needs to work on being more picky, decisive, and empathetic and doing those three things altogether in balance. Scorpio can have a tough time balancing all those things. It can be stubborn, but then get a hardened heart because Scorpio feels so much. Then Scorpio can be too soft, and then not stubborn enough.

The Scorpio needs to know what it really wants. Taurus is someone who generally knows exactly what they want, and will persevere after it relentlessly. This is why Taurus is the bull. It's on target, it knows how to charge after its goals, and it can have difficulty realigning its thoughts because it is so focused that it gets tunnel vision. Both of these are stubborn creatures that without 3 very important things could easily pull themselves apart simply because that becomes the easiest choice to make.

What these two need to focus on in their relationship is: With those three elements well disciplined, really at the core of the mind, and the center of the relationship -- those keys are what will make the relationship flourish. Without those ingredients, the two of you may turn into beasts ready to impale each other at a Colosseum. All you need is: Tips for the Relationship 1. Scorpio and Taurus must keep in mind that they have different perspectives.

Consider all the zodiacs in a circle -- if Taurus is looking to Aquarius, it looks to the right. Their relationship is a connection of deepest emotions and sexuality that no other couple in the zodiac is privileged to have.

scorpio taurus relationship 2013

Any sort of sexual frustration could lead to a pretty dark approach to their sex life. Scorpio has this depressive need to die naked and sweaty in the arms of a loved one, while Taurus has the need to be loved this much. It may even sound romantic, but carries with it all unsolved emotional issues as baggage into their sexual encounters.

On the contrary, they will both find it fantastic, because they will fill it with all sorts of emotions, good or bad. In the end, emotion will be the only thing that is left and sex will be a way to connect rather than a means to personal satisfaction.

This can become an obsession and even an addiction, but who would give up on the opportunity of such deep intimacy? As signs of fixed quality, when they click, it is impossible to separate them, and no one would want to when you consider the possible vengeance of Scorpio.

They represent the basic contact between sexual planets Venus and Mars, while being from the physical and emotional realms as an Earth and a Water sign.

scorpio taurus relationship 2013

They are the signification of a deeply intimate relationship and a very rich sex life, for as long as Scorpio is tender enough and Taurus ready to experiment. There is a fine line between two possibilities in a relationship of Taurus and Scorpio. The first possibility would be the one in which Taurus partner is really closed up, unreachable and too quiet.

This could wake the suspicious nature of Scorpio and their obsessive interrogations will damage their mutual trust even more then they lacked it in the first place.