Saenai heroine no sodatekata ending a relationship

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saenai heroine no sodatekata ending a relationship

Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata. > . The title said "Saenai Kanojo" . it is good chance this will have a no resolution ending, relationship-wise. Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata's volume 13, the final volume of the light “So what excuse did you tell your parents in the end?” I don't want to be in that kind of relationship, the way I am in the losing position right now. And so ends Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata or, How to Train a Hopeless but there's no mistaking that they have the strongest relationship.

Just to quote something from the LN Spoiler: Seeing that it's getting dark, Tomoya half-jokingly asks Megumi to come over to his place and continue their discussion. Unexpectedly, she immediately agrees and the two find themselves in Tomoya's room having a love consultation session for him.

saenai heroine no sodatekata ending a relationship

Megumi seems to have gotten Tomoya to admit that Eriri is his first love. She asks him if he's going to confess to Utaha, who graduates the next day. Tomoya says Megumi's questions are getting too much for him and asserts that he admires Utaha I still believe that Utaha is his real love.

This story won't end with a predictable love interest. Given the events of th 7th volume and how it is presented I see next to no chance of Tomoya ending up with Utaha.

saenai heroine no sodatekata ending a relationship

Quite frankly I don't think she deserves it either after that kick in the gut, and the same goes for Eriri For god's sake, who said Utaha didn't deserve is a fool Anybody who read the LN knows Utaha always want to be side by side Tomoya but as long as she is beside him, they can't grow up because Tomoya treats her so nice that he never pushes her to deadline.

Her choice is the best for him, although she will hold that sorrow to end of life tnguyen said: Stealing Tomoya's first kiss and calling him Rinri-kun again, Utaha says that he shall be known as Furinri-kun immoral-kun from now on.

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Utaha tells him that she had already parted ways with him like that and said those terrible things to him, yet Tomoya still chases after her. Eriri and Utaha arrive separately at his house, with Eriri subtly motivating Tomoya and Utaha encouraging him to give up and that being a creator has its cons.

saenai heroine no sodatekata ending a relationship

Later on, he calls Megumi again and allows her to have fun on her vacation. She then asks him about how she was appealing to him, and he responds there is no room for improvement for her.

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He then tries continuing with his project, but is unable to make any progress and he contemplates giving up. Suddenly, Megumi arrives, dressed in the same attire she wore when they first met and exhibiting a new personality, and asks if this was what he envisioned of his heroine.

When Tomoya is puzzled by her change in personality, she tells him that Eriri and Utaha helped her before encouraging him to continue on with the project. Eriri and Utaha watch the scenario unfold and admit that they will be involved in the project even if Tomoya is unable to finish by the deadline. Meanwhile, hoping to learn more about Utaha's new book ahead of the rest of the public, Tomoya has a job interview with her and gets a job as a part-time editor, much to her displeasure.

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It is then revealed that Utaha's series gained its popularity due to Tomoya featuring it on his well-known blog site. He spends much of the day writing an interview article, after which Utaha offers her assistance on his project proposal, surprising him.

Later on, Eriri decides to join in on the project as well. During a meeting between Tomoya, Eriri, and Utaha in the AV room, Tomoya announces the production schedule and declares the release date to be during the Winter Comiket. However, because of the funding necessitated to further the project, Tomoya is forced to work a number of odd jobs.

While working one of these jobs, he is shocked to see Megumi with another boy. Though it turns out the boy is just her visiting cousin, Keiichi, he chastises her for straying from the heroine formula and tells her not to see Keiichi for the time being.

When Megumi tells him that she plans to go shopping with Keiichi, Tomoya asks her out, and she accepts. When Megumi leaves to practice her expressions, Tomoya and Eriri talk about how emotionless she is and the challenge it presents for the game.

Tomoya then asks Eriri on dating advice, as he and Megumi planned to go shopping the following weekend.

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At first, she gives it to him, but realizes his intentions and becomes enraged. Utaha overhears the conversation and is further inspired to write the game's plot. The next day, she finishes, and while Tomoya is impressed by the final result, he asks for a better conclusion, which upsets Eriri, as she wants to finish development as soon as possible. Tomoya and Megumi then go shopping at the mall, with Tomoya becoming increasingly uncomfortable about interacting with what he views as regular people.

Upon reaching the last store, Tomoya realizes Megumi is buying glasses for him as thanks for accompanying her.

She becomes impressed with his knowledge of her books and eventually is enamored with him. In the present day, Tomoya misses their scheduled meeting, which upsets Utaha. She then recalls an incident six months ago, during which she gave Tomoya an advanced copy of her final manuscript before its release, only for him to turn the responsibility down because she was only doing it to hear his feedback and not those of other fans.

Later on, as a rainstorm approaches, she is surprised to see Tomoya running up to her in the rain. While allowing Tomoya to take a hot bath in a hotel room, Utaha is shocked after realizing her manager ordered the room for the both of them for the night.

After taking a shower herself, Utaha has a conversation with Tomoya, who asks her for help in improving the game's plot. At first, she is upset by this, but changes her mind after he suggests keeping both storylines as game routes. After spending the entire night working out the plot, Utaha leaves the room, but not before acknowledging Tomoya as a creator.

The day before, Megumi and Eriri meet up at the mall after Tomoya leaves so that Eriri could draw a quick sketch. Eriri is pleased with her drawing, having unexpectedly upset Megumi when she reminded her that Tomoya abruptly ended their date to chase after Utaha.

There, she comes up with an idea how to push her creativity to the limits and the two engage in a role-play scenario.

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Thanks to their efforts, Eriri's work nears completion. At the school gate, Tomoya realizes Megumi changed her hairstyle, and he presses her for an explanation. Additionally, she reveals to Tomoya that everything she has now is thanks to him.

Iori is looking for an illustrator, so he announces a challenge to Tomoya, in which both must prove whether they are the most qualified person to use Eriri as their group's illustrator.

Afterwards, Megumi and Tomoya play video games, during which he praises her, saying that she has become a fine otaku.