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relationship services west auckland

We can help pay for counselling and therapy sessions if you need support after a physical injury. Find a counsellor in your area who can support your needs. Counselling and relationship services. Auckland-wide | Auckland Central | Auckland North | Auckland East | Auckland West | Auckland South | Bay of Plenty . In counselling we help you explore your difficulties and concerns, and develop Phobias; Addictions; Family relationship issues; Child and adolescent issues.

Unfortunately, this often happens only after a partner has left. But some abusive partners are unable to change due to long term problems caused by excessive alcohol or drug use. Can a relationship survive an affair? Yes, but it depends on the circumstances. Some affairs are a 'cry for help'. Relationships can survive this, but it's a huge challenge.

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The work is slow and painful, but repair and building trust is possible. Other affairs occur because, for whatever reason, a cheating partner isn't really invested in the primary relationship.

relationship services west auckland

If this is the case, it's better not to be in a relationship with them. Should the person who had the affair confess to every detail? Or will that just cause further hurt? This is a double-edged sword.

relationship services west auckland

The cheated partner will want the information to make sense of their experience because they often feel like they are going crazy, especially if the affair has been denied.

Honesty is also important to rebuild trust. But every detail will have a traumatic impact.

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This is a delicate balance that really needs to be managed in therapy. Does a lack of sex cause an affair? Lack of sex is usually caused by a lack of intimacy which results from a lack of honest, raw communication. So you could say the lack of communication causes an affair. If you are on a low income, or financial pressures make counselling difficult to afford, then talk to the Relationships Aotearoa Administrator.

relationship services west auckland

Couples may also be eligible for free counselling sessions through the Family Court. To find out if you are eligible, talk to us or contact your local Family Court.

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Link to Relationships Aotearoa website www. This information was compiled by the Kiwi Families team. Join 29, families and growing As we build a strong community of like minds: Get the best tips from the best experts Recipes, parties, crafts and activities Special offers, competitions and more You will need a doctors recommendation - contact WINZ for more details.

ACC Funding ACC Accident Compensation Corporation will fund some counselling or psychotherapy, particularly that relating to physical injury, sexual abuse, or sexual assault.

Employer Funding New Zealand law recognises workplace stress as a workplace hazard; consequently many employers have EAP Employee Assistance Programmes that will pay a for some free counselling sessions for both workplace or personal issues. Normally this needs to arranged via your human resources HR department.

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Other free or low-cost services Discounted counselling services Where finances are a serious issue our therapists will do their best to find a way to help you. Where applicable this may include: Advanced students of the Master of Health Science programme provide the psychotherapy. The AUT psychotherapy clinic aims to provide quality psychotherapy at an affordable cost.