Relationship like a roller coaster

relationship like a roller coaster

Understanding Relationship dynamics and the roller coaster of emotions by identifying the The projected image is what Phil would like others to see him as . Roller coaster make amusement parks interesting. I sense an analogy. Riding on the rides are like relationships. Now, this analogy may not. Lessons from a rollercoaster relationship from a girl who is in one It doesn't necessarily look like happily ever after, and that's okay. You entered into this type .

Five months ago he was feeling me out for what I would say if he popped the question and he was not expecting my answer to be that I would say yes and that I was serious about him.

Relationship Advice: My Relationship is Like a Rollercoaste

When his promotion came along we have been unable to see each other as much we live 50 minutes away and his living situation does not allow for me to come visit him no dogs overnight. I can say I have never ever loved a man like this. I cannot shake him or dump him despite the fact he has been nonexistent the last few months.

relationship like a roller coaster

I have played the games of dumping him and then taking it back; I have given him deadlines of when I think he should figure things out whether he wants a commitment or not ; and I have been understanding about his job and the stress it causes him. He wants things to stay exactly as they are well, minus the constant marriage talk on your endwhich is to say entirely on his terms.

The window is closed. The sun has set on whatever great day you once had together. No, this is just a dead end road leading to nothing but heartache.

Your relationship began to change at the exact time you made clear you wanted a serious, longterm commitment. And the five months since then have done nothing to bring you closer together again despite your repeated attempts to make your boyfriend commit.

Sometimes, one of the most problematic characteristics of rollercoaster relationships is that they can be habitual.

relationship like a roller coaster

While they are extremely tiring and sometimes even traumatic, they can also be highly exciting, fun and engaging. Although partners may feel there are many positives in their relationship, the sense of constant drama can also feel overwhelming and confusing.

Better understanding is usually the first step towards meaningful change.

  • “My Relationship is Like a Rollercoaster”

Finding out how you fit together emotionally, what your respective needs are and what changes you would like to make are key to ensuring that each partner can be heard within the relationship. This often means asking yourself and each other some really honest and occasionally challenging questions.

My relationship is an emotional rollercoaster and it's draining me

Listening to each other, perhaps with the help of a counsellor, can often mean that each partner gets a fuller understanding of how their specific patterns of communication often learnt in childhood may be affecting their partner. By becoming more aware of these relationships patterns, you can understand how the attraction between you really works.

Developing more awareness about things like this will in turn, help to develop new patterns that are helpful to both partners. Like every relationship, making changes takes effort and dedication to keep these changes alive and well.

My relationship is an emotional rollercoaster and it's draining me | Relate

If you want to understand more about communication, take a look at our article on the topic. An important note Sometimes, in emotionally abusive relationshipsone partner consistently seeks to undermine and control the other by being seemingly loving and considerate one minute and aggressive, unpredictable and undermining the next.

Relationships where one person continually undermines your confidence and self-esteem and controls you through mood and behaviour are damaging in every way.