Radio 1 relationship deadline day news

Transfer deadline: Who could move - and what do Premier League clubs need? - BBC Sport

radio 1 relationship deadline day news

is also a point of interest for BBC Radio One presenter, Greg James, who has This year the 'Relationship Transfer Deadline Day' came early, falling on In her first year she wrote for Label in both Features and News, her. Time is ticking - BBC Sport takes a look at nine players who could be on the move Transfer deadline day: Nine Premier League transfer rumours BST on Thursday - may see clubs scrambling around for some late deals. their run to the quarter-finals of the World Cup, but his relationship with Chelsea. Cuffing Season explained on Scott Mills' Radio 1 show by Kate from Devon . or tied down in a serious relationship in time for winter fireside cuddles and the started swiping straight after work at 5pm every day and usually had a date For more Devon news, find Devon Live's Facebook page here and.

It always makes for gripping viewing.

radio 1 relationship deadline day news

We've all been hard at work, since the window opened on January 1, bringing viewers the latest transfer news. Sometimes a story can take minutes to break or it can take weeks of calls to check our sources and back up their information. Nothing beats the adrenaline rush of breaking a transfer story.

There's a huge amount of effort, behind the scenes, to make sure everything is presented as accurately as possible. It's quite normal to walk into the studio with only half of my transfer news ready to go. Behind the scenes, our SkyPad producer Zoe Uminski is frantically working on updating the status of a transfer - enquiry, formal bid, bid accepted, personal terms, medical etc.

BBC Radio 1 - Scott Mills Daily, Relationship Transfer Deadline Day 16 Dec 15

In theory, I rehearse every update. In reality, particularly as the deadline approaches, I get very little warning about the next story. That buzz makes it so enjoyable. After a tip-off around 1am, I was given the location of Arshavin's hotel and, in sub-zero temperatures and hazardous driving conditions, we filmed exclusive shots before camping outside the Emirates Stadium long into the night.

radio 1 relationship deadline day news

When Arshavin eventually signed, the next day because of various complications, he did an interview and gave the memorable line, "I am a Gooner". Like the rest of the reporters I'll be up at about 4am on Deadline Day and will head off to meet our crew at the training ground where we expect the biggest stories to take place usually that's Newcastle or Sunderland for me.

We'll spend the day hammering the phones and using our contacts to get news to our viewers quickly and accurately. We'll also be hunting for shots of people arriving for last-minute talks and medicals.

You have to stay in touch with players, agents, chief executives and chairmen all the time - you can't just start on January 1 because a lot of deals are already in place by then.

Transfer deadline day: Nine Premier League transfer rumours

The other thing about the January Deadline Day is that we're usually surrounded by snow and ice - you're almost guaranteed to be hit by a snowball by a supporter - but that's all part of the fun.

I tend to find myself working with Gary Cotterill, who is like a dog with a bone when a story's breaking. The last really long day I did with him was at West Ham when there were loads of stories flying about on who was 'in' and who was 'out'.

Scott Parker was linked with a move. We'd been standing outside the training ground in the freezing cold with nothing going on Getting a shot was pretty difficult; I had to climb up on a grassy knoll, pull my body up with one arm by holding on to a branch and then balance the camera on my head!

  • Cuffing Season explained on Scott Mills' Radio 1 show by Kate from Devon
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  • Transfer deadline: Who could move - and what do Premier League clubs need?

We got a good shot and it ran all day. We'd run out into the road, knock on their windows and try to interview them to find out anything we could.

radio 1 relationship deadline day news

This went on all day and we got some pretty good leads. Just as we were finishing for the day, I got a phone call It's pretty hard work, but I know the people in the office put in weeks of work to get it looking as slick as it does!

Transfer deadline day: Nine Premier League transfer rumours - BBC Sport

Everyone works hard, pulls together and the result is always fantastic. Deadline Day on the radio is just as exciting and passionate though, with regular updates from the Sky Sports News reporters and interviews often through a car window with the movers and shakers.

Danny Mills, Paul Jewell and Micky Gray will provide expert analysis in the studio as we follow every twist and turn and provide the most up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the last-minute deals.

Natalie Sawyer will provide the glamour alongside Jim on the box and my colleague Dave Reed likes to think he performs a similar one on radio - dream on partner! Since the start of the month Dave has been hosting our daily Transfer Interactive hour from 11am and then the day's deals have been rounded up in the Transfer Centre with me at 5pm.

Back in August Dave and I were on air for seven hours; apparently this time we're doing at least eight and it could be longer, as neither of us likes to leave the studio until everything's done and dusted. Thankfully Ben Ransom will be sharing presentation duties allowing the occasional swig to soothe the vocal cords. Hopefully this year we'll have loads of big deals to tell you about, but at the very least we're hoping the guys in the office don't eat all the pizza before we finish like they did in August!

It is always one of the busiest and longest days in our office with lots of tea and energy drinks needed to keep you going right up to the 11pm deadline and beyond as there are always a few late deals that sneak through. Its cultural impact was therefore significant since many Canadians had little or no choice for their information and entertainment other than from these two powerful media outlets.

Even after the introduction of commercial television and radio, the CBC has remained one of the main elements in Canadian popular culture through its obligation to produce Canadian television and radio programming. The CBC has made programs for mass audiences and for smaller audiences interested in drama, performance arts, documentaries, current affairs, entertainment and sport.

The CBC's cultural influence, like that of many public broadcasters, has decreased in recent decades. This is partly due to severe budget cuts by the Canadian federal government, which began in the late s and levelled off in the late s. It is also due to industry-wide fragmentation of television audiences the decline of network television generally, due to the rise in specialty channel viewership, as well as the increase of non-television entertainment options such as video games, the Internet, etc.

Chelsea news: Sarri makes Hazard decision, deadline day deal, Bournemouth team news

Private networks in Canada face the same competition, but their viewership is declining more slowly than CBC Television's. In English-speaking Canada, the decline in CBC viewership can be partly attributed to popularity of private television networks' rebroadcast of American programming with substituted Canadian advertising.

American programs appear to attract higher audiences than do much of the made-in-Canada programming that is a CBC specialty. Viewership on the CBC's French television network has also declined, mostly because of stiff competition from private French-language networks. Audience fragmentation is another issue. However, in contrast to the anglophone audience, French Canadians prefer home-grown television programming, a vibrant Quebec star system is in place, and little American or foreign content airs on French-language networks, public or private.

And the CBC's French-language radio channel is sometimes the top- rated network.

radio 1 relationship deadline day news

In the case of breaking news, including federal electionsCBC Television may obtain the largest number of viewers. For instance, after election nightCBC Television took out full-page newspaper ads claiming that 2.

In both cases, the methodologies were not clear from the ads, such as time periods and whether simulcasts on one or both of the networks' news channels Newsworld for CBC, Newsnet for CTV were counted. Competition from private broadcasters like CTV, Global.