Quotes employer employee relationship examples

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quotes employer employee relationship examples

It also helps us preserve and strengthen relationships as we learn and do Top 10 Things Employers Should Never Say to Their Employees. Employee relations involves all aspects of an employee's relationship with an employer. Human resources personnel, managers and. The following are quotes, sayings or quotations about employment, work and employee-employer relationship. cooperation is still the main.

quotes employer employee relationship examples

With stakeholders everywhere, the relationship is laden with moral responsibilities. Though the pressures of self-interest are very powerful and compelling, both workers and bosses should guide their choices by basic ethical principles including honest, candor, respect and caring. Employers have a moral obligation to look out for the welfare of employees.

The Role of Trust in an Employee-Manager Relationship

It is not a question only of fair pay and good working conditions, there should be a real and enduring concern for the well-being of employees. While the welfare of the company and other co-workers must remain the dominant consideration an ethical employer is willing to make decisions and implement policies in a manner that demonstrates a genuine concern, even when there are associated costs which impact profitability.

quotes employer employee relationship examples

A particularly difficult context that tests an employers morality concerns the termination of single employees or large groups. Layoffs, plant closings, and other dramatic events of this nature have dramatic psychological and financial impact on the entire workforce and on the reputation of the company.

Kill-the-messenger behavior at any management level is improper, as is any active or passive encouragement of dishonest reporting. Employees should feel free to raise ethical or other issues without fear of retaliation. An attendance policy defines absence and tardiness and outlines the consequences for unexcused time away from work.

quotes employer employee relationship examples

Disciplinary Action When an employee engages in undesirable behavior, employers must act to correct that behavior. Disciplinary action is designed to prevent or improve poor performance or deal with inappropriate behavior.

quotes employer employee relationship examples

Employers typically implement discipline gradually based on the type and frequency of a policy violation. For example, a manager may give a worker a verbal warning for coming in late without a valid excuse. The next time the worker has an unexcused tardiness, the manager may give the worker a written warning.

After the next instance, the employer might issue a final written warning before terminating the employee.

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One of the characteristics of a managerial team that can develop trust with employees is credibility. The staff comes to rely on management for accurate information regarding important topics such as pay, delegation of job duties and promotions.

Accurate and timely information helps to develop credibility for the managers in the eyes of the employees. Misinformation destroys that credibility, and the bond of trust can be broken. When employees no longer trust management, it can create a situation of elevated employee turnover. Loyalty A strong sense of trust in an employee-manager relationship encourages loyalty from both sides. When a manager asks an employee to go beyond her job duties to get an important project done, the employee trusts that she can do the job and agrees to put forth the extra effort.

To reciprocate, a manager may allow an employee an extended leave of absence to take care of a personal issue, trusting that the employee will maintain contact with the manager and eventually return to her job duties.

quotes employer employee relationship examples

This heightened sense of loyalty on both sides, bolstered by a mutual trust, can improve company productivity and maintain employee retention.