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To be very firm, when the King of Swords comes up in a tarot reading the emphasis is using your head and not your He still gets to continue his art, but gets paid more. King of Swords as Feelings King of Swords and the Queen of Wands. When you have received the Queen of Swords in your reading, you are seen as She is keen and quick witted and often representative of someone who has put then you must pay attention for opportunities that will present themselves that. Queen of Swords minor arcana tarot card meaning & reversed card meaning in the context of love, relationships, money, career, health & spirituality all free!.

This queen is directing her energy and could represent a male or female office manager. This queen is managing people and helping people with their direction. While the queen of pentacles indicates a long lasting partner, the queen of wands can be a fling or someone who you exchange your passions with.

She is also someone is taking responsabilities on her shoulders to help people. The queen of wands tarot card has the most masculine characteristics of all queens.

She gets what she wants through action. This queen can indicate lusty feelings but can also indicate passionate feelings. Unpredictable feelings and the need for control could be the case when the queen of wands tarot card shows up in a tarot reading.

On the other hand the person who represents the queen of wands might be doing too much for you. She might be taking on your responsabilities. She will use her mind to analyse the pros and cons of each man she meets and will make her decisions after she has spent time conversing and observing mannerisms and actions. When her partner does get to know her he will realise that underneath all her sterile exterior lies a wicked but sometimes quirky sense of humour. However, when it comes to romance she is not as emotional as the Queen of Cups.

She does seek love but can sometimes prefer a meeting of the minds rather than a meeting of the bodies. She is affectionate in her own way, but not in a slushy manner and certainly not in public. She prefers a no-nonsense type of relationship based on mutual interests and intellectual equality.

The Queen of Swords is generally a professional or academic and is drawn to like-wise partners. Barristers, professors, surgeons, scientists, writers, editors, politicians, psychiatrists etc would all be suitable. She needs a man whose intelligence and knowledge fascinates and inspires her; a man who is highly qualified and knows what he is talking about. A man she can learn much from and who will provide a constant stream of intellectual stimulation and in-depth conversation.

Nights out together at the opera or theatre followed by dinner in a first class restaurant would be appealing to this Queen. You will also find her and her partner attending book launches and exhibitions. The Queen of Swords would be generally quite cautious when it comes to relationships remember the tassel on her left wrist reminding her of hurts in the past. She has learnt painful lessons in love and will not be too eager to repeat them again.

She is wary and does not like to share her space unless she is really sure. She values her freedom and independence and will not be in too great a hurry to give them up. Her privacy is very important to her, so too is peace and quiet. She likes to be alone when she wants to be alone and not talk if she does not want to talk. Therefore she will be reluctant to move in with her partner. No matter how loving and wonderful her partner may be, if she feels he is not suitable or makes too many demands of her she can clinically and brutally sever the relationship even if it causes her pain.

Compromise may not be an option for her. She prefers honesty and openness in relationships. She prefers to deal with issues there and then is she feels the relationship is not working out rather than beat around the bush for weeks. This Queen would be well suited to a relationship that took her partner away on business for weeks if not months at a time.

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Her partner may never get as close as he would like to this Queen of Swords in his life for she will always maintain a certain cool and safe distance from total commitment. We must never forget that this Queen is quite happy to be alone and can easily replace friends and lovers with books. She does not need company to keep boredom at bay. The Queen of Swords as we know enjoys her freedom and because of this can sometimes represent a woman who is single, desires to be single or misses being single in a relationship reading.

At times the Queen of Swords can represent barrenness or infertility in relationships but more so when she is reversed. The Queen of Swords is very well suited to careers in the legal profession, teaching, law, medicine, publishing, counselling or business management.

Anything really that uses her mind. With her element being Air, she can literally take to the air and successfully become a pilot or stewardess. Extremely professional and ethical she stands by her principles. She champions fairness and equality in the workplace work place and will fight discrimination wherever she finds it.

She works hard, is very driven and will give her all in her career. As a boss her staff or work colleagues may see her as fair but strict and formal. She can be clinical and a bit of a perfectionist but does get the job done. She is competent and efficient. When there is a crisis or approaching deadline, this Queen does not lose her cool. Instead she knows how to delegate in order to achieve a positive result. Any problems are dealt with in a logical and calm manner.

She develops strategies to improve quality, efficiency and standards in the workplace. As the boss she is open-minded and welcomes the input of her staff during brainstorming sessions and will listen intently to any new ideas or concepts they may come up with.

She drives her staff as much as she drives herself and if you work for this Queen she will keep you occupied all the time. She can sniff out idleness or slacking through closed doors so if you have plans for surfing the net while pretending to read incoming emails she will be on to you in a flash.

A warning will be given, but only once. She needs staff that are conscientious and can work on their own initiative. This Queen likes to be in charge and is a force to be reckoned with. She will not see herself as inferior to her male colleagues and has no problem meeting them eye to eye or fighting for their job if necessary. She is the power dressed professional woman who can be quite intimidating to more mere mortals. However, if any of her staff come to her with a problem she will be there for them and offer sound and logical advice.

She is also drawn towards politics where she can use her brilliant mind with its abundance of ideas. She will tirelessly debate over subjects of equality and fairness and develop strategies to make the country a more law-abiding and efficient place. Law is another area she has great interest in and can take her career right to the top becoming Supreme Judge or District Attorney should she choose.

She is honest and thorough. As a lawyer or barrister, she can analyse the facts and expose hidden motives and agendas with her penetrating mind and sharp observational skills. She can hold her own in a courtroom and will take down the opposition with her razor-sharp questioning skills. We have seen this Queen portrayed in so many movies as the clinical and cool lawyer fighting tooth and nail for her innocent client.

Tarot Cards – List of Short Meanings

She will not give up until justice has prevailed and the law of the land has been upheld. She can also approach the law in a more scientific way becoming a forensics expert where attention to minute detail is a must.

Likewise a career as a detective or investigator would appeal to her enquiring and search-light mind. The Queen of Swords is intelligent and has an excellent manner of communication. As a mother she can be critical and hold unrealistic high expectations for her offspring.

Her house will be one of order, control and discipline. She will carry through on any threat of punishment without flinching should her children disobey or break the rules. She will certainly love her children and view any form of punishment or discipline as necessary for their own good.

Her children will love her too but will have a healthy fear and respect for her. Any visits will be by arrangement only with a drop off and pick up time agreed in advance. No crumbs on the floor, no licking your plate, no jumping on the beds and only an hour of television a day will be permitted.

Education is especially important to this Queen, so homework and study will be a priority and carefully monitored. She will certainly love to hear what her children have to say and will encourage them to speak their mind and to form their own opinions. Meal times will be quite formal occasions but much will be discussed at the table.

She will make sure her children are well accomplished with classes in piano, violin and elocution for example. They will be expected to work hard first and play will come second. She will expect them to aim for a career as a professional but will not necessarily force them to follow in her footsteps.

This Queen reversed becomes dysfunctional down to her toes. She can be a pessimist, negative, cold-hearted and severe. She becomes cruel and unyielding in her ways and attitudes.

She is a fearful character and terrifying opponent. Negative and sour she is a product of her past or upbringing. When we see one with such potential and intelligence, if it has not been nurtured and fed carefully, all those wonderful abilities go unused.

This can lead to bitterness and the desire to punish all. She may still have a brilliant mind but uses it negatively to stir up trouble whenever she feels like it. She can be dishonest, lie, cheat and break the law. It can also indicate that a bluntly honest mature woman may have a lot to say about your relationship. This could be a mature female friend, mother or mother-in-law giving their opinion. Again, they will not mince their words but they may provide constructive criticism that you would do well to take on board.

If you are single, the Queen of Swords can indicate that you will meet someone who embodies the qualities outlined in the above section or you are displaying some of those characteristics yourself in your love life. This card can represent a person who has had some hard knocks in life but has come through them stronger and wiser. It can represent being divorced or a single mother so you may meet someone in those circumstances or be in them yourself as you enter the dating world.

It can also indicate that you love single life, are fiercely protective of your independence and need a partner who can understand your need for freedom and compliment your life. This card indicates that you would like to meet someone who can enrich your life but you are self-sufficient enough not to need one. This is a great position to be in when dating as you can afford to be selective. This woman is sophisticated, honest, wise and professional. You would do well to follow her example. This Minor Arcana card is a good communication card so you should find you are able to get your point across when it appears.

Your colleagues will respect you for your honesty and integrity when it appears in your Tarot spread. In a financial Tarot spread, again the Queen of Swords can indicate that an older sophisticated woman may give you some solid financial advice so pay attention.

She will not stir you into trouble. It can also indicate that your gift of the gab may lead to you getting some good financial opportunities. You may have suppressed sadness or grief. This card in a health context, tells you that you need to find a way to release these emotions and events as the stress of suppressing them may be manifesting in physical or psychological symptoms or ill health.

A professional counsellor may be able to help you release them. Reiki would also benefit you to help let go of the negative energy and find your balance. This is a motherhood card and as such, a good omen if you are trying to conceive.

Sometimes you need to trust your gut even if your head is telling you otherwise. It can also indicate that past personal struggles have given you wisdom, strength and compassion that allow you to understand and empathise with others and defend those who cannot defend themselves.