Nobuna no yabou ending relationship

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nobuna no yabou ending relationship

Explore Remylio Yohanes's board "Oda Nobuna No Yabou" on Pinterest. Oda Nobuna no Yabou ED Single - Hikari Ambition, Manga, Anime, Cartoon Movies mine with a story of two very different world's and the relations between them. Welcome to the Oda Nobuna no Yabou Wiki, a Wiki dedicated to everything about Oda Nobuna no Yabō that anyone can edit. We are currently editing After all twelve episodes, I appreciate Oda Nobuna no Yabou for giving . Nobuna and Saru's relationship” He he he, in the very end, even the.

She suffers from poor health and is very frail and delicate as a result. Her health slowly begins to decline during the Asai-Asakura war and worsens right before the Battle of Harima. Because of this, Yoshiharu fears that she will eventually succumb to the fate of her real life counterpart.

He is protective of his master against those who threaten her.

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As a Kitsune, he is a powerful and intelligent spirit. He foretells that Yoshiharu will have "women trouble" which comes true many times throughout the story.

He overhears Yoshiharu's meeting with Hanbei, Kanbei, and Goemon in which he informs them of Nobuna and Shikanosuke's real life fates. Zenki sacrifices himself as he was already to weak to reform if he was destroyed to allow Yoshiharu rescue Kanbei. Before returning to the afterlife, he calls Yoshiharu his friend, as he made him feel like a living person for the first time in many centuries. His spirit spoke to Yoshiharu before finally disappearing.

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This relationship was arranged as a joke to fulfill Nobuna's promise to Yoshiharu to give him the most beautiful girl in the land". Nobuna also uses Nene to keep Yoshiharu in check and to keep him from flirting with other women. She is almost identical to Himiko, but their personalities are opposites.

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Like Himiko, she also has certain psychic powers; in her case she can force anyone to answer any question she asks truthfully by touching the forehead of said person. She is also a Ninja and apparently dislikes battles on land. She also has an army of female pirates who are willing to do almost anything for her. She is apparently on an age where her subordinates worry about her single marital status.

She believes she has a way to return Yoshiharu to his own time. Kanbei believes in Nobuna's goal of taking control of Japan and that she can achieve it. She also believes that Yoshiharu is a hindrance to this goal. Eventually, she comes to realise that she is not as capable a strategist as she believed herself to be, easily getting herself and Yoshiharu caught in a trap set by the enemy.

After Yoshiharu informs to her, Goemon and Hanbei about the Incident at Hannon-ji, she begins to understand the truth about why Nobuna's plans were doomed and comes to admire Yoshiharu's resolve, noticing that he's got too much on his plate as it is, she decides to avoid telling him about Hanbei's illness and resolves to do something about that herself instead.

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She becomes so strong in this resolve that she ignores all warnings and goes to meet with Ukita Naoie in the hopes of bringing him to their side to relieve Hanbei's stress, as their plan involved forcing him to surrender anyway.

She's rescued by Yoshiharu and after she and Hanbei begin to recover from their respective conditions, they become nearly as close as sisters.

Due to her suggestive talk and behavior toward suffering and pain, Yoshiharu suspects she is a masochist. She has a very estranged relationship with her daughter, which worsens even more when she thinks Nobuna killed Nagamasa Asai. She once was a hostage of the Oda clan, but came to admire Nobuna and became her sworn-sister.

She dislikes Yoshiharu for his closeness towards Nobuna. Ujisato proposes that the only way they can defeat so many enemies is for Nobuna to become a living god, like Kenshin, to ensure the devotion of their followers. She believes that Yoshiharu's purpose has been fulfilled and must leave Nobuna's side to ensure she can realize her dream, despite the objections of both.

Before leaving she gives Nobuna the Yasakani no Magatama and mentions that she will eventually need the divine power of the three relics. Although Nobuna and Yoshiharu believe she's too innocent about her intentions, Kazumasu suspects she has a hidden motive. Known as the Viper of Mino, he is a politically ambitious man.

Originally, he wanted to start a war with Nobuna, but after hearing her dreams and Yoshiharu's explanation of what he will be known in the future, he allies with Oda faction by making Nobuna his heir. Although he was supposed to die by the hand of his son, Yoshitatsu, Yoshiharu convinced him to flee thus saving his life. Later in the light novels, he begins to suffer from an unknown illness presumably Cancer. He succumbs to his illness during Nobuna's battle against Shingen Takeda causing the former great grief.

Matsudaira Tokugawa Clan[ edit ] Voiced by: She was merely a gentle and soft minor vassal of the Imagawa until the Battle of Okehazama. After the Imagawa were defeated at Okehazama, she gained independence and formed an alliance with Nobuna. Edit Nobuna quite clearly values Inuchiyo like a younger sister and was unwilling to execute her despite Nobukatsu's insistence that she must do so.

She is shown to actually play with Inuchiyo by feeding her, which Yoshiharu thinks means she thinks of Inuchiyo like a dog, although he himself later played similar games with Inuchiyo so it has more to do with her own personality.

Saitou Dousan has enough faith in Nobuna to continue on his dream of conquering the country that he adopted her as his stepdaughter and also sent his biological daughter to her as a form of alliance.

Nobuna cared enough about him to be conflicted over the chances of his death occurring, when his son rebelled against him and her own inability to actually help him, adding Yoshiharu's life into the equation was what finally swayed her into saving him.

Edit Katsuie is basically an admirer of Nobuna, which has occasionally been hinted to border on romantic feelings. She ultimately does anything in her power, rather ineffectually, to keep Nobuna safe from the clutches of "saru" and inadvertently either causes friction between them or fails miserably, most of the time even if she does cause some friction it actually makes their relationship that much stronger when they make up later.

Katsuie may herself be developing feelings for Yoshiharu, in which case she is suffering a severe and total denial, and it is no longer fully clear just how much she hates him, if she really does deep down under her outbursts.

Nobuna also has no problem swindling Katsuie, once giving her a dirt quality tea set and claiming it to be worth all of Mino, and Katsuie has absolutely no problem believing it. Edit Initially she and her younger brother got along very well, but as Nobukatsu's retainers encouraged him to rebel he eventually became more of a problem for Nobuna, enough for her to consider executing him if he kept openly instigating full out rebellions against her.

After Katsuie stopped the rebellions and Yoshiharu prevented her from executing her brother, the two have made up, with Nobukatsu becoming wholly loyal to his sister and Yoshiharu, who he seems to look up to and feels indebted to for saving him. Ultimately however she can be a bit cruel towards him, once placing him at the front lines of an army when they knew it was a trap, granted she did this because it was the logical choice and was indeed worried he might get hurt, and later forcing him to dress up as a girl to marry Nagamasa, lucky for the both of them Nagamasa turned out to be a girl dressed as a man.

She also tended to look his way whenever planning a mission so dangerous it was considered suicidal by her more necessary retainers. All in all, Nobuna seems to very much love teasing her brother, if you can count putting him in life threatening situations as teasing, but she very much cares for him. Edit Nagahide is stated to be like an older sister to Nobuna, and she is both aware of Nobuna's feelings for Yoshiharu from day one and highly supportive of their relationship from then on.

nobuna no yabou ending relationship

One can infer that Nagahide cares more about Nobuna's happiness than the opinions of the nobles, but also that as a strategist she must conform to their views.

She is honest and impartial towards Nobuna's strategies and very fair, rarely praising or criticizing them more than necessary. Later on in the series Nagahide considers rushing in to save Yoshiharu during the retreat at Kanegasaki herself, despite knowing the odds are that she would die, all to bring Nobuna out of her nightmares.

She is probably the only woman Nobuna doesn't think will try to steal Yoshiharu from her she might very well be right tooand Nagahide displays no personal interest towards him, rather she goes to lengths to attempt to bring Yoshiharu and Nobuna together, which usually doesn't work. Edit After hearing Nobuna's dream during her meeting with Dousan, Juubei came to admire, perhaps even obsess over her and wanted to become her right hand, a thing which she initially hated Yoshiharu for taking from her in her absence.

When Mitsuhide tried to falsely accusing Yoshiharu of touching her Nobuna didn't believe it wholly without proof and arranged a competition between them alongside her goal to gain money to place Imagawa Yoshimoto as Shogun. However Juubei won this challenge unfairly due to Tsuda Sougyu's interference and proceeded to brag about it. Nobuna was nearly forced to send Yoshiharu away based on her own terms, but was pre-empted by him leaving. Juubei however was only happy to get rid of him and become close to Nobuna in his stead, which infuriated Nobuna and put a standing strain on their initially decent relationship.

Later, as Mitsuhide develops feelings towards Yoshiharu and they become increasingly more obvious, their situation ends up mixing itself around, now, rather than Juubei fighting Yoshiharu to stand at Nobuna's side, she is equally obsessed with becoming Yoshiharu's bride and is now competing with Nobuna herself to that effect.

Mitsuhide is immensely sharp at this, realising their feelings quickly after they became and item and interfering with them whenever they're alone.

nobuna no yabou ending relationship

The two of them however get along extremely well when Yoshiharu does anything to incur their wrath, even teaming up to burn and entire temple to the ground specifically because he was in there with a harem.