New relationship promises

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new relationship promises

Being in a new relationship is basically the greatest thing in the whole entire world. You were so worried about your single life, wondering if. A healthy, happy relationship is built on a foundation of trust, loyalty Try new things together, find shared interests and make fun a priority. Keeping promises is incredibly important in a relationship. Hold their hand in public, and introduce them to new friends and coworkers as “my wife” or “my.

I promise to never make you guess at my feelings, even if it means giving up a bit of control. I promise to make a genuine effort with your friends and family, no matter how different we are from one another.

I promise to be open to and inspired by our differences, rather than solely frustrated by them. I promise not to hold onto bitterness or resentment after agreeing to make a compromise for the sake of our relationship.

I promise not to judge you on the choices you have made in the past, even if they still affect your present. I promise to consciously, deliberately choose you when temptation comes my way. I promise to kiss you even you have bad breath sometimes. I promise to respect that you will sometimes have projects or commitments that you have to put ahead of our relationship. I promise to maintain my own set of projects and commitments that allow me to thrive outside of our relationship.

I promise to take an interest in the activities you enjoy, even if they terrify or bore me.

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I promise to constantly think of new ways to make you happy, no matter how long we have been together and how comfortable we become. I promise to let you lean on me during the times when you are not at your best. I promise to laugh at all the horrible dad jokes your dad makes, even if you just roll your eyes.

new relationship promises

I promise to stay late at boring work events with you when you are trying to impress your boss and colleagues. I promise not to resent you during the times when you are personally or professionally thriving and I am not. I promise to be compassionate during the times when I am personally or professionally thriving and you are not.

I promise to pretend to like most of what you cook, unless you try to make something that is genuinely disgusting a regular meal. I promise to accept that you will push me when I am not reaching my own potential. I promise to fight fair with you and to not make a difference of opinion into a personal attack. Like all the time, from morning until noon until midnight.

new relationship promises

You saw friends who saw their boyfriends all the time — sometimes even meeting him for lunch during the long crazy work day, and even meeting him at his subway stop or apartment when he finished work. What were you even thinking?!

new relationship promises

You thought it only made sense to talk about important things like relationship milestones or whether or not you and your BF were on the same page.

It seemed kind of cruel, to be honest, to always freak out whenever you were talking to the person you supposedly were in love with.

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How would that really help your relationship? When you saw your friends being totally showered with gifts on those types of days, you thought it was a little weird. It was just so commercial, right? You thought that when you finally had a new boyfriend, you would be able to handle not getting those showy gifts.

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But here you are, and you really want that stuff. You really, really do. It seemed so gross and super embarrassing. How could people be so comfortable airing their dirty laundry in public?!