Naruto shippuden episode 129 ending a relationship

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naruto shippuden episode 129 ending a relationship

I have checked all 3 OST's but it's not in there:(I also want to know the name of a song (Maybe you know it) It's the one when itachi is talking. Answered Mar 25, · Author has answers and k answer views his way & SASUKE with getting rid of naruto, his last true friend so that no relationship can hinder him and obstruct him in seeing his plans come forth. Why does Sasuke turn good in the ending of Naruto Shippuden? Starting from chapter 1. Sasuke Uchiha is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime franchise created by He was also inspired by his relationship with his twin brother, Seishi . sessions of the sixth season of the anime's second part (Naruto: Shippuden), Sasuke is introduced in the third chapter of Naruto's manga as a young ninja.

Sometimes the animation quality was below par and pacing can be painfully slow at times. But please bear with me here. I'm going to tell you why it has been the best experience an anime gave me in my entire life and dig into what made the series popular and also its flaws.

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While it's not bad, it's certainly no Berserk. But what it is, is beautiful probably not the word that can be often used to describe a shounen animebut it really is. It's unpredictable, it's thrilling, it plays with your emotions, it's funny, it's tragic, it's sometimes downright frustrating but it is, more than anything, wondrous and fun. This is series gets more mature themes and darker tones as the series progresses.

Let's start with the filler. The amount of filler in this show is staggering. The issues that lies within the filler episodes is that they are not allowed to make any significant changes to the story or specifically its characters. This being a mainly character driven plot, this becomes a huge issue because any significant event in fillers could affect the characters so they can't move ahead the plotline at all.

This is worsened by the below par writing for these filler episode as they are not written by the original author Masashi Kishimoto himself. However, there are exceptions for this. Some of the filler episodes can be genuinely enjoyable but those are few and far between. The fact that filler can't move the plot along fuels the second big flaw.

Aside from what I've said above, even some of the non-filler episodes are very slow paced. This is mainly only an issue at the start of the series. If you're into characters chilling down and wasting a lot of time, this may sit well with you.

But even then some of these episodes might be below par for your taste. Once the series kicks it into high gear around 70th episode, it mostly manages to keep that pace up.

Now that we got the flaws out of the way, let's talk positives. The main strength of the series is its characters, who drive the plot which we will discuss in detail later. After the first 70 episodes, things begin to get lot more interesting really fast.

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The world of shinobi gets expanded exponentially, and if you're a fan of deep lore in stories, this will fit right in your wheel house because it begins to explore the roots of the world and its history very deeply. One thing that this series does very well is explaining its concepts to the viewer. The techniques that characters use and how the things in shinobi world works are explained in detail.

Also, the concept of Chakra and what a versatile power system it is compared to other shounen series really stands out. The amount of themes explored in the series are vast. It explores all the basic themes of a typical shounen and as it goes on it delves into themes such as the nature of humans, self sacrifice, discrimination, manipulation, roots of war and peace, difference of perceptions, the line between good and evil, and alienation.

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It manages to deal with all these themes without abandoning the shounen type feel or becoming it pretentious. Something that the author, Kishimoto, really excels at is setting up events. For example, during the early episodes of Naruto the prequel to this showhe started setting up major events that happened in the last of Shippuden. In the beginning, we look over these little details and minor events and have no idea that they are going to have such an impact later in the series, and when it all comes together in the end, you feel so satisfied.

Most of the times these events and twists will take you by surprise and maybe you'll have fun trying to figure out them before they happen as Kishimoto drops clues for you to pick up throughout the entire series. The last arc of the series has been very controversial as the constant change of antagonists has irritated some of the viewers. But in all honesty, all of the antagonists that were presented had different motives that drove them to do what they do and distinctively different from each other which made them very enjoyable.

That being said, the final part of the war arc was really disappointing as the final villain of the series is the worst character that the series had to offer. Being a battle shounen ,of course there are going to be battles, and this is one area that the series really shines.

To put it blatantly, Naruto has the best combat scenes I've ever witnessed in an anime. I have to mention that this style of combat is heavily inspired by Hunter x Hunter. Kishimoto does a fantastic job putting emotions into its battle scenes which are backed up by gorgeous animations at times, we'll get to that later and a mesmerizing soundtrack, and with these combined it really sets up fantastic visual storytelling through combat.

Kishimoto does an excellent job at setting up the events leading up to the fight to make it feel all the more personal and these battles often comes down to which character outwits the other rather than who can punch harder. This makes characters like Shikamaru Nara who have very little ability make a huge impact in the series. Variety of the fighting styles is massive, ranging from intimate hand to hand style combats, tactical combats, long range jutsu battles, and most often a mix of all of these!

You will see friends become foes, foes become friends, unlikely alliances formed and broken, that precious character you loved die, revenge plots, plot twists, character growth, politics, romance, and the world itself change. There are some flaws but it's a full package and Kishimoto always seemed to have the ending and everything planned out from the very beginning.

Each character in Naruto is very distinctive from each other. Each has a core motive that drives them, a unique personality, and a specialty in different skill sets. Photo Studio of Memories Appeared after episode: Lee shows pictures of the main characters in their youth. He gets overexcited when young Sakura is shown and shows a picture of himself last.

Lee interviews Might Guybut gets carried away by how youthful the interview went. Konoha Clan Record, Chapter 1 Appeared after episode: Data on People in Konoha, Jiraiya Appeared after episode: However, when Naruto brings up Jiraiya's bad qualities, the interview leads to Naruto demanding Jiraiya pay him back for all the money he stole from him in Tanzaku Town.

He also fails to peep on her, earning a bucket thrown to his face. After having a horrible envisioning of it being similar to Gaara's Sand Coffin, Temari deems it a bad idea. Konoha Fashion Communication Appeared after episode: Kakashi describes ninja clothes, by modelling and showing that the clothes are not just used for good fashion sense, that they are also good when in close combat.

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Guy comes up with his "fashionable" green jumpsuit, to which Kakashi notes that nobody wants it, much to Guy's disappointment. A Conversation Among Akatsuki Appeared after episode: Deidara and Kisame discuss Itachi and his traits.

Deidara is easily impressed and comments that Itachi must be popular with women, causing Kisame to sulk because of his blue skin colouring makes him "weird". Konoha Clan Record, Chapter 2 Appeared after episode: Neji and Lee talk about the Uchiha clan.

naruto shippuden episode 129 ending a relationship

However, the short turns grim when Orochimaru's plots and the Akatsuki's motives are brought up, prompting Lee to decide they need to train more.

To Neji's annoyance, Lee picks him up and begins running.

naruto shippuden episode 129 ending a relationship

Naruto takes Chiyo to the dango shop in Konoha and states that even the Akatsuki visits this shop. Chiyo then plays dead to scare Naruto. Data on People in Konoha, Kakashi Appeared after episode: Tenten interviews Kakashi about his techniques, but ignores him and mispronounces half of them, leaving the interview unresolved. Kakashi explains the teacher and student relationships his students share with their mentors as he compares his student-teacher relationship with his mentor, the Fourth Hokage.

However, upon realising that he no longer has actual pupils, a lonely Kakashi asks the audience if they wish to train with him. Sakura explains medical ninjutsu and how handy it really is when in battle. She also describes the ultimate S-rank medical ninjutsu developed by her own master, the Fifth Hokageand its side-effects. Neji and Tenten explain the Akimichi clanthe Nara clanand the Yamanaka clantheir special techniques and how they work together and live up to their surnames.

Orochimaru and Akatsuki Appeared after episode: Deidara and Sasori discuss Orochimaru 's reason for defecting from the Akatsuki before getting into another debate over their different views of art. Kunoichi Diaries Appeared after episode: SakuraKakashiand Naruto are going to make a report on a kunoichi. Naruto announces he will reveal his newest perverted ninjutsu. Kakashi is surprisingly enticed by this.

Angered, Sakura sets the distance record for punching Naruto away. Rivals in Love Appeared after episode: Naruto and Lee talk about Sakura and how much cooler she has got since the last season, but end up arguing who loves her more. Lee ends up pulling out a trump card by reminding Naruto about kissing Sasuke by accident, causing Naruto to end the short in embarrassment.