My relationship with football

my relationship with football

One of the hardest facts to swallow. Football is just a game. The final score ( especially a loss) should not affect my emotions or my relationship. For the first time, some girl is calling FOOTBALL shit, in front of me and so I won't To support my above statement, the games of these sports are very frequent. Blog: As Euro kicks off in France, we look at how devotion to football can impact upon relationships between couples.

In other words, we fake it. For example, I once knew a girl who styled herself along lines she thought her new boyfriend was drawing for the sake of making herself into his perfect woman. He indicated his love for fishing, so she bought a rod and tackle.

He hated old movies, so she never brought up her collection. He was into public displays of affection, she said she was too. The whole way, she told herself, and her friends, she was compromising because it was the mature thing to do.

My Relationship With Football

She justified all the adjustments as self-improvements. She said he was "bringing out" the best in her; aspects of her personality otherwise concealed. Perhaps there was some truth in what she said, at the time. But as time wore on, and she continued to change while he stayed the same, something happened. Something perhaps not entirely unexpected in the eyes of us onlookers.

Toxic fumes upsetting the love canary. He never asked her to make those adjustments. She made them, and made out like they were her own - how could she now expect thanks and reciprocity? Yet she did, as many of us do. So keen are we to be loved, to be wanted and accepted, that we'll do almost anything it takes to attract and sustain the attention of someone we've set our sights on. Problem being, we're too busy looking at them, and what we think they'll like the look of to see what's really going to make us happy.

my relationship with football

We're blind to who we are. Is football ruining your relationship? Perhaps there really is something wrong with the amount of time your partner devotes to football, or whatever their key passion may be. Perhaps they're spending their energy and attention on this pursuit because it allows them to put aside their worries about your romantic ambition.

Perhaps 'football' is their escape from your shared reality. If that's the case, I suggest you do something about it. But perhaps it's not football that's ruining it. Perhaps you faked it at the first and now you're resentful of the lie. The joy and the pride that I felt then convinced me I was on the right path. The goals we scored and the shots we struck when our school girls passed through the ground goaded us into believing that we were the future of Indian football. The thought of making football one's occupation thrilled me.

my relationship with football

In my journey of realizing that dream, I forayed into a new world. I got placed in the Madurai sports hostel. Carrying a trunk box, I entered the hostel to join Class 8. Trunk boxes like mine that came from Madurai, Melur, Salem, Dindigul, Erode, Coimbatore, Nagercoil, and Kanyakumari would be placed by the walls next to the occupied cots. I couldn't grasp for a long time that the sizes of these boxes, their type, colors, quality and the quality of the contents inside belied the person's caste and class.

Each trunk box had a story. Opening and listening to them may help you open your own trunk box.

my relationship with football

It was their lone trump card to escape the grinding poverty haunting their homes and their only way to a better future. Free stay, free food, free sportswear, free education - all of this along with the opportunity to learn football and clinch a government job somehow. This was the only window to somehow set foot in the world of middle-class confort.

So, hours and hours of training and running happened both in the mornings and the evenings. At our actual classes, we'd all be fast asleep.

My history with football is a tale of love, loss and longing

Most of us had by then understood the futility of school education. The opportunity to play at least in the sub-junior category was the only ambition we harboured. Most of the trainers did a mechanical job. Breaking from the norm, came a new trainer, out of the blue I forget his name today and created in us a true love for football.

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We were quite angry with him in the beginning. However, we slowly realized that he had improved our game exponentially. We went to many places and started winning matches.

my relationship with football

Suddenly, one day, he was transferred. And we had no choice but to go back to square one. It was only much later when I realized that this is how all systems work and how those who work sincerely earn the wrath of the system. Socialist economism We used to play for two hours every morning and evening, and the one thing that haunted us throughout was hunger.

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Since we weren't communists to find fault with free food, we found a way to fight amongst us to increase the quantity of the food. It was quite simple. We gambled with the eggs we got every day and the once-in-a-week beef serving. In all other respects, the hostel flourished like any government hostel on 'developmental' aspects such as a lack of sanitary facilities, filthy bathrooms, thuggish seniors acting like typical jail wardens, violent attacks and sexual confusion.

In those days, we waited eagerly for that one mutton biriyani that we would get once in a blue moon.

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And since it used to be cooked and served by the warden himself, we would look at him like he were an angel on earth. Since we were too naive to understand the 'boundless love' that was the driving force behind that free biriyani, or the free television or free laptops offered by elected governments, we consumed the biriyani rather selfishly.

Seeing the conditions in which those little children lived, I realized that our 'mercy homes' were far better than theirs. I don't know whether they continued their sports journey. I used to believe that Jayaprakash, in particular, would become a great footballer one day.

my relationship with football