Mofat korea indonesia relationship

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mofat korea indonesia relationship

INTRODUCTION. Since when it is first established, the relations between Indonesia and Republic of Korea has been going stronger and deeper amid. | Assistant to the Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MOFAT) Jun . | Spokesperson and Deputy Minister for Public Relations, Ministry of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Republic of Indonesia Jun. LIST OF COUNTRIES WITH DIPLOMATIC RELATIONS WITH BRUNEI Indonesia. Iran. Iraq. Ireland. Italy. Jamaica. Japan. Jordan Korea. Kosovo. Kyrgyz Republic. Laos. Latvia. Lebanon.

Present[ edit ] Trade between the two countries continued to increase nonetheless. Furthermore, China has attempted to mediate between North Korea and the United States and between North Korea and Japan and also initiated and promoted tripartite talks—among Pyongyang, Seoul, and Washington. Diplomatic ties between Seoul and Taipei were nevertheless severed in Formal diplomatic relations were established between Seoul and Beijing on August 24, and by China had become South Korea's leading trading partner.

Indonesia–South Korea relations

Tariffs on products including medical equipment, transformers, etc. On January 1,tariffs were eliminated on 5, products for 2 years. Also, in 10 years it is estimated that the Chinese tariffs will gradually go down and be eliminated on 5, products.

In OctoberSouth Korea lodged a formal complaint with Beijing accusing Chinese fishing boats of ramming and sinking a South Korean coast guard vessel. No casualties were reported.

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Yet, the two countries still emphasized the long history of their relationship and agreed that a stable and healthy bilateral relationship will benefit both countries. With South Korea's decision in to accept the deployment of THAAD in the country, although China's government shied away from formal sanctions and measures it has urged its citizens through official media to express their displeasure and ill will at South Korea over the move.

The news media has reported of citizen boycotts of Korean products, of Korean goods being removed from supermarket shelves, and tourists and travel companies canceling trips to South Korea. South Korean conglomerate Lotte Group became a particular focus of anger.

In addition to a consumer boycott of Lotte stores in China, municipal authorities suddenly discovered that Lotte stores and factories to be in contravention of fire safety regulations and other local ordinances which has resulted in the closure of 75 out of 99 Lotte supermarkets.

Chinese consumers were no longer attracted to Korean products and Chinese retailers boycotted Korean products. So called 'economic revenge' on Korea was severe and impacted on department stores, duty free, restaurants, and the automobile industry.

However, Korean conglomerates had to survive the revenge since China is the largest market in the world. Hyundai motors, one of the biggest conglomerates in Korea, had to stop the operation of Chinese factories and the economic losses were significant. The vicious cycle has been repeated as the decline of sales volume caused production suspension.

Chinese automobile component manufacturing companies suspended distribution to Hyundai automobile factories that are located in China and it negatively affected the management of Hyundai automobile. THAAD had a tremendous impact on Korean economy in various business sectors and tarnished the brand value of Korean companies because of political reasons.

mofat korea indonesia relationship

UntilUniversitas Indonesia has 28 cooperation with universities in Korea. The subject of cooperation is mostly in Student Exchange Program. Most of the students come from HUFS.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (South Korea)

It shows many young generations in South Korea are interested in Indonesia. Relations in the field of education have advanced even further ever since the establishment of the Korean Studies Program at Universitas Indonesia in The growing interest of the Indonesian society in Korea is evident in the sharp increase in the number of students applying to the Korean Studies program shows that the competition to get into the Korean Studies Program at UI is becoming more intense.

While in UI has received 30 students from Korea participated in student exchange program and study abroad program and 26 of them are from HUFS. Not only Korean students have interest in studying about Indonesia, the mutual feeling comes from Indonesian students.

Most of Indonesian students have special interest about Korea, especially in Korean culture. Due to the Increasing number of cooperation between UI and Korean universities, many Indonesian students who want to participate in Student Exchange Program choose Korea to be their destination. Not only because they have interests in Korean language and cultures, but also because the Korean Government provide many scholarships for Indonesian students through Global Korean Scholarship GKS.

GKS provides scholarship that covers stipend for whole program 1 or 2 semesterairfare, and insurance. Students can earn credits from this program and they can have the credit transferred in UI. Normally UI can send 1 or 2 students to each partner university in Korea. Besides Student Exchange Program, those universities also offer courses in Summer Program with or without scholarships.

Some students who are not able to participate in Student Exchange Program prefer join the short program like summer program, the duration of this program is around two weeks to one month. Given that the courses in the program usually consist of Korean cultures, most of the students who are fond of Korean cultures and would like to experience the traditions from the origin. Some universities also give credits for summer but it depends on each faculty whether they can transfer the credits or not.

Not only based on the MoU and the agreement, which provide scholarship for undergraduate students particularly, some universities also allocate scholarship for graduate students or researchers without any agreement needed. Korean Government Scholarship Program KGSP gives scholarship for students or faculty member who wants to pursue their study to master or doctoral program in various universities in Korea.

The amounts of the scholarship vary due to the length and type of the program.

India–South Korea relations - Wikipedia

Korean students, who come to study in UI, usually have been previously informed by the other Korean student or the international office of their university. Less information about studying in Indonesia and the main destination of Korean students to study in Europe and USA are the main hindrances for incoming mobility program.

The capacity building for the faculty members in Universitas Indonesia is also the main concern for advance internationalization. In addition, they also assisted by providing text books used in teaching the courses. In the early stages of the establishment of this program several major Korean companies operating in Indonesia also supported the program by awarding scholarships to students of the program.

Nevertheless, despite those bright sides, there are several challenges in Indonesia-Korea relations. To start with, trade and investment relations between the two countries need to be reshaped in a more fair ground and mutually beneficial so Indonesia does not merely become a market for Korean products.

In addition, Korean needs to restrain from using its ODA to serve its economic interests in Indonesia. It is important to increase the non-economic activities in the development assistance as social and environmental problems prevail in Indonesia. The defense purchase needs to be followed by cooperation in science and technology such as transfer of technology so Indonesia can help maintain and develop the product in the future.

mofat korea indonesia relationship

Finally, cooperation in academic sector needs to be enhanced more systematically through professor exchange, joint research, collaborative learning and international seminar. The support for people-to-people contacts is expensive and slow but it can develop into soft power that benefits both countries in the future.

As countries located in Asia and have Asian cultures, we will need formation that can create Asian empathy and cooperation as a respond to higher value of cultural, economy, and Asian politics. As we know, Asian culture characters are divers and unique.

mofat korea indonesia relationship

Thus, developed situation that can equally support each culture is practically needed. Through this cooperation, it is expected both countries to advance their potential culture. The education linkage needs to also be further developed. Mirror with UI experiences with various Korean Universities there should be more intensive mobility among them, not just between students but also lecturers, professor and researches.