Misunderstanding in relationship hindi movie

Bollywood Movies About Husband Wife Relationship

misunderstanding in relationship hindi movie

Here's a list of 33 Bollywood movies that redefined friendship: emerged stronger after a bout of misunderstandings struck a chord with all. Romantic Movie list (hindi English tamil telugu kannada) On the day of his girlfriend's marriage, Gautam gets kidnapped by an unknown. Rajesh Khanna was an Indian actor, film producer and politician who is known for his work in .. Anurodh only because Rajesh Khanna had some misunderstanding with Pancham then, and did not want to work with him. . According to website Bollywood Mantra reporter, the relationship with Tina ended in , when.

Because of the friendship between them they are ready to do anything to make each other happy. She finds a friend in Vijaya who builds her confidence and later in Amsterdam, the coy girl shares a room with three men in a hostel and the friendship she shares with them is liberating for her.

Yaarana The story of a friend who gives away all he has to see his friend become a singing sensation and his friend who in return never forgets his friend. This movie can be described by the song- tere jaisa yaar kahan, kahan aisa yaarana, yaad karegi duniya, tera mera afsaana. Fukrey The simple dreams of four slacker boys and how they help each other to achieve these dreams is the story of this movie.

They are friends because they are all underperformers and help each other to become better. Kai Po Che Three friends who stick together no matter what are separated forever because of communalist forces. The sacrifice however changes Omi forever. There's regret and a realisation that friendship is a bigger force in our lives than religion or politics.

Iqbal An aspiring cricketer and his sister dream of making him play cricket despite financial hurdles. He is deaf and mute but talented and becomes a cricketer because of the hard work his sister puts in. Their friendship is heart rending. Gunday Story of two refugees from Bangladesh who strive to build a life for themselves in India, together. They face several hardships but stick together until the end when they choose to die together, instead of living behind bars.

misunderstanding in relationship hindi movie

Rockford The story of how teenage kids help their PT Teacher out of a trap for him. Their friendship is innocent and selfless. The movie has brought tears to our eyes often. They make the big changes in his life a little more bearable. He stayed on till the end. The inevitable happened after the show.

All hell broke loose as audiences realised he was there. I became Rajesh Khanna's bodyguard and security officer as I took him through the crowd. His shirt was torn, but he was enjoying himself thoroughly.

He giggled and chuckled like a child.

33 Bollywood Movies About Friendship You Must Watch Again With Your Gang

He did three movies with Jeetendra: Dharam Kanta[95] Nishaan and Maqsad. Ram AvtarKhanna played the character of a corrupt politician. Viewers praised his role in the film. According to The Guardian UKhe had 11 releases as solo lead hero in the year and eight of them were hits. David Dhawan regards Swarg as his favourite directorial venture.

33 Bollywood Movies About Friendship You Must Watch Again With Your Gang

He played a variety of characters as the lead hero: The main difference between him and his predecessors, successors, contemporaries was that Khanna's films ran successfully in whole of India and not just Hindi speaking areas and he did films of every genre simultaneously and has more critically acclaimed films to his credit than all other Hindi Actors of every generation.

Burman [] and Kishore Kumar. The trio were friends and have worked together in thirty-two films. In Pancham found himself being sidelined after failures of a few films, but Rajesh Khanna was among the few who continued to stand by him.

Burman had quoted in an interview — "I have always reserved the best music tunes for Kaka and I dont feel guilty about it, as he deserves it.

Although Amitabh Bachchan was a fine actor, it will be Kaka who would be remembered forever and stay immortal". From the Do Raaste to the Amrit, we gave hits together both as films and as music scores When we went on our first overseas concert tour inhe came and danced to three songs. He was very particular about his music and would take a tape home if he could not assess a song.

He would then give his feedback after a day or two. But if he liked a song at the sitting, he would loudly shout "Wah! Incidentally, he had a stake in Mehboob Ki Mehndi too. His music is dominated by Pancham R. Burman and us and we accepted Shakti Samanta's Anurodh only because Rajesh Khanna had some misunderstanding with Pancham then, and did not want to work with him.

misunderstanding in relationship hindi movie

Then Laxmikant made Kishore meet Rajesh Khanna and Khanna winked at Laxmikant and told Kishore that in that case the song should be scrapped. On hearing this, Kishore immediately agreed to sing it by himself for Khanna. Hangalwho remained part of his "working team" from the start until the late eighties. The lyricist whom he preferred for his movies was Anand Bakshi.

The films Samanta directed without Khanna in the eighties were duds.

misunderstanding in relationship hindi movie

Om PrakashPrem Chopra and D. Rama Naidu [] and Jeetendra. Celebrities of the post era, like Madhur Bhandarkar, say that they take at least three or four turns in Carter Road at that time, just to see Khanna. The younger generation stars like Imran Khan still regard Rajesh Khanna as someone who would take the top slot as the most romantic hero of all time. They're remembered by the films that they did.

For me, in the early s, he was the only hero — romantic to the core, not larger than life, so Indian and real — he was my hero; the reason I came into films and he still is. He was the biggest and the most real star Bollywood has produced. I'd say stardom is that feeling of being possessed by your idol; you are so overwhelmed with euphoria you lose touch with reality. They organised it in a stadium. I was with him as we were discussing some scripts.

I don't know if I will experience that again, the sound of 50, people gasping when they saw him. He was like Caesar. Afterhe appeared in only 10 films and declined most film offers. He did 4 television serials in the period — He appeared in a rare interview in the show Aap Ki Adalat inwhere he quoted to the interviewer Rajat Sharma, "I would just ask if I am arrogant, how come all these producers made so many films with me.

My fans who turned this actor into a superstar would have never accepted me if I was arrogant. If I was arrogant people would not have made me a Lok Sabha member because if someone is arrogant, that arrogance is visible. On 10 April Khanna inaugurated the live concert of S.

He said in an interview on being queried about his decision to do TV serials: The film is about marriage, betrayal, and divorce and is said to be the semi-autobiographical film of Mahesh Bhatt.

misunderstanding in relationship hindi movie

The story of the film is based on the extra-marital relationship of Inder Kulbhushan Kharbanda and Kavita Smita Patil. Inder is married to Pooja Shabana Azmi and leaves her for Kavita but eventually Kavita also discards him. The movie portrays the life of a typical Indian middle-class family and presents it on the screen in the finest way. There is a scene in the film when the protagonist Mithilesh played by Rajpal Yadav meets his would-be wife for the very first time, you can feel the tingling sensation within — i.

The beauty of the film is that the sensitive moments are showcased in the most stunning manner. The film is a sequel to the film Tanu Weds Manu.

misunderstanding in relationship hindi movie

Kangana is also seen in a double role playing the additional role of an athlete from Haryana studying in Delhi University. The story of the film depicts that it has been 4 years of marriage between Tanu and Manu and all is not going well between the couple which eventually forces them to separate.