Megan lai relationship trust


megan lai relationship trust

(Taipei July 12 )Megan Lai promoted for a brand tea drink in Taipei today. Megan had shot film “Fagara” with Sammi Cheng and Kenny Bee in Hong Kong not long ago. The drink was so popular that she had to replenish goods from Taiwan during the shooting. They cannot just make an announcement on their relationship without clearing . There were however times when he wanted to test her trust in him. . This is a fan fiction featuring Megan Lai and River Chen of hit. Through “Bromance”, he was coupled with Megan Lai (賴雅妍), which brought to life the “DuPi” (杜琵) couple and many fans dreams of having.

I liked that fact! Surprise, you wake up one day and realise that the person you love is the same sex as you. It can happen to anyone, and that is what I liked about the writing of this story. I liked the writing around the characters and was surprised that the male lead is painted out to be a mafia boss of sorts but is a guy who enjoys living a simple and hassle-free life. That was an interesting twist!

megan lai relationship trust

The lead lady who is playing a male is written as a skilled fighter and strong personality while appearing to be effeminate. Those coats and dress pants! What were they thinking? I think the wardrobe should have stuck with proper suits. Pi Yanuo looked best when the pants and jackets fitted the figure better. And because of the androgynous physique and body of the actress, there was no need to wear oversized and badly cut clothing. I like the accompanying soundtrack to this tdrama.

The music was a combination of upbeat tunes, love songs, and instrumental pieces. Du Zifeng parents, on the other hand, is something a bit more complicated — he was, in fact, adopted when he was a kid.

The beauty part of this little detail is the fact that he was never treated any different than Zihan. He was always a part of the family.

Baron Chen Rumored to be in Four Year Relationship

Few years back, however, his father went on a boat never to return. This is why Zifeng had to become a head of the Triad. After becoming sworn and blood, because Zifeng went one step further on brothers, Yanuo and Zifeng start to spend more time together, and there comes the first shift in their personalities.

They even kissed to make a point, and Xiaojing said she kissed a girl and she liked it how can anyone NOT love this drama, seriously? Zifeng changes too, he becomes more relaxed and smiling, taking a devilish pleasure in teasing Yanuo on numerous occasions. But he starts to put another person, who is not family, before himself. And we have other storylines apart from our main pair of confused kids. Qingyang is the quiet and reserved one, silently observing, deducing and judging everyone.

They may seem like a boring couple, because they do not go nuclear like our OTP, but their relationship is completely different. It came from the annoyance Qingyang and clinging Nana. Nana reminds me a bit a kitten one of my friends had. He was an orphan and whenever I took him, he just looked for any nook of my clothes and he started to suck as if this part of the sleeve was his mother. It was very heartbreaking and Nana is kind of like this kitty — looking for warmth and affection.

She battled the cancer all alone, without parents and friends. And the almost orgasm from foot massage is one of the many gold scenes involving those two. How could they even finish shooting this scene, is beyond me.

They are opposites — Zihan is fierce, determined, and violent at times, while Guangchao seems to be fluffy and meek.

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But they do complement each other, he acts as a safety belt for her sometimes and his devotion does not leave our spunky Zihan unmoved. Qingyang, the very observant Qingyang, saw what was happening, but what he has done? The winner gets the loser to do something. I will make sure to avenge my thirty-three bonies.

He traced the ridge down her back, thinking how nice it would be to spill some salt on that valley while drinking a glass of tequila. Her competitive spirit had obviously awakened.

Why Megan Lai has no romantic rumours

He was prepared to lose anyway. He would rather enjoy the thrill of the game with her than a victory spoilt by her gloomy face. He had been pretending to hate his physical therapy routine to get her sympathy and affection.

Truth is, he had been enjoying her sweet, gentle coaxing, her blows and kisses on whichever part of his body that he complains to be in pain, the nice rub in the back and upper arms, her ruffling of his hair and planting a kiss on it. Every time that she would do these things to him, he fell more deeply inlove with her. He was aware of what the fans were joking that they have willingly jumped into the ChuYan pit and will be staying there for good but they might not have realized it that he himself was the one who dug that pit and enlarging and digging it deeper.

Before them, there was already him. Whoever backs off the challenge deserves to die. Without saying a word, they drew close for a smooch. She giggled at the puckering sound of their lips. He gave her a bonus Eskimo kiss. His fingers left a red imprint. He laughingly pinned her down. You might give me rabies. She made a funny face. She settled down, smiling with satisfaction and replaying the last words that he said.

He will love her forever. He blew over her back and lightly brushed it with his hands as though it was a board that he was clearing of dust.

megan lai relationship trust

Three misses out of five means lose. If you get three correct answers, you win. What is that supposed to mean? Ohhh… is it heart to heart? The next riddle was a long one. The last seven digits of your I.

megan lai relationship trust

He asked, while drawing spirals on her back. She squirmed, tickled by what he was doing.

Why Megan Lai has no romantic rumours

Meanwhile, he begins counting from fifteen to one. What can it be? Is it the number of your followers in weibo? Or maybe … Gosh!

megan lai relationship trust

Why is my mind blank? Now, tell me what those digits stand for. He did as she requested.

megan lai relationship trust

She read the figures in Mandarin. He drew close to the back of her head and throatily delivered the meaning of the digits. In English, I love you forever and ever. She flipped and fought him. They wrestled with each other. He, trying to steal a kiss from her and she, doing all her best to evade his lunges. Both of them were laughing like two kindergartens in a playpen of balls.

The bed was a total disarray. Pillows flew and were strewn on the floor. Both of them were tangled in the white sheets. He had caught her in a tight embrace and was spraying kisses all over her face with loud smacks.

Her shrieks filled the room. I know too well that you were smart enough to know the meaning after I gave you the clue to read it in Mandarin.