Long distance relationship 101

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long distance relationship 101

Long-distance relationships can be tricky. They are like that one teacher at school who is tough, but also fair. Since day one, hard work and note-taking are. Long distance relationships are something that most people dread and decide to not to even attempt. This is why I wanted to divide my Long-Distance Relationship into two parts: DOs and DON'Ts. Before we start, however, I want to point out.

It is possible to bring beauty into the relationship, despite the long distance. And even though it may seem impossible, the long distance may even deepen the bond you already have as it helps you to learn a lot about yourself and your partner.

The commitment can seem scary but it pays off and makes all the effort absolutely worth it. During your Erasmus semester, you might feel far away from your loved ones, not only geographically.

Hopefully, with these tips, they will seem to be much closer than you thought they would be during your time abroad. Learn to communicate One of the most common mistakes is assuming that the relationship can work exactly the same as it used to when there was no distance. You have to talk. Mostly, because it might make you feel even worse. You should learn how to express yourself, including your thoughts and emotions.

long distance relationship 101

It may seem very hard but with time passing, you will get used to it. And you might not get a normal hug back but, the other person will try to comfort you with their words.

Which brings me to my next point Learn to listen Conversation is the key to any long distance relationship and listening is the key to any good conversation. If you want the other person to care and be interested in what you have to say, give them the respect of doing the same thing you expect them to do.

Give yourself time Getting used to the long distance can be a lengthy process. Give yourself and the other person time to adjust to the new way of having a relationship.

If the idea of long distance love is on the horizon, sit down and take a few notes. As with any other situation, there is a non-committal phase of getting to know one another aka dating, like people in the same city and then once you both agree that you like where things are going and seeing other people is off the table, make your relationship official.

Have a gauge of what you and your partner are willing to sacrifice before even considering a long distance relationship because it will require more of your time, money and patience than you can imagine. Any relationship runs the risk of infidelity. This is where the aforementioned check of your relationship is key.

According to Britani, this is where respect comes in: One misconception is that you have an increased worry about infidelity. There must be mutual respect and trust for each other before going into it.

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In short, the more upfront you both are about everything from the beginning, the less you should worry about infidelity. Whether its on the phone, video chat or via text, constant communication is everything.

This can be especially true at the beginning when you are still figuring each other out.

long distance relationship 101

Britani and Jonathan kept it open to make things work: Make it easy for each other. We would let each other know what we had planned during the day, check in when we got in the house so that the other knows that we are safe, etc.

With communication comes understanding and with understanding comes a realistic managing of expectations, especially when competing time zones are involved. Britani has some excellent things to watch out for that may be red flags: Transparency is essential in this situation for the safety and peace of mind of both people involved. My ex and I brought each other into our lives like we were together in person and as a result, we still have an amazing friendship to this day.

Things happen, phones die, people fall asleep, minor civil wars break out but once you get into the habit of staying close but far with your words, you know when to worry and when to chill. Expect, and Respect Your Differences As in any relationship there are going to be differences. Restless feet and hunger for adventures come with a cost. Sometimes, in the midst of all this rambling, we fall in love - and always with the wrong person, right?

It's always the person who lives the furthest or is about to leave for Abu Dhabi in a month. But you're in love, and a few panicky and tearful nights later you've made the decision to try long-distance.

Moments later you find yourself aggressively googling the cheapest flight tickets to the other side of the world. You have now officially entered the purgatory of your relationship. I'm going to be honest here: My long-distance relationships have failed, but at times they have also had happy endings - I know both stories. I know how it feels to stare at someone's back disappear behind the security check point, knowing you will never see them again. But more than those painful goodbyes I have seen them appear from behind the sliding doors of the arrivals gate, smiling from ear to ear, knowing your patience paid off and you will never ever have to be apart again.

Or so you wish This is why I wanted to divide my Long-Distance Relationship into two parts: Before we start, however, I want to point out a few extremely fundamentally absolutely necessary important points: I have heard countless of people tell me "I couldn't talk to my boyfriend every day even if we were in long-distance".

Long-Distance Relationship needs extra effort - Be ready to commit to that. It's not easy, it was never about to be, so give it the extra push it needs and take time to maintain your relationship. Every time I got asked "How are you guys doing it? It can get tiring and frustrating, but if you want to succeed, stay strong.

Surviving 101: Long Distance Relationships

Long-Distance Relationship is still a relationship - Give it the dignity it deserves. I have been treated as single both by my friends and people interested in me because "he's away so you're practically single, right? Being in a long-distance relationship might mean you can't fall asleep on each other's arms every night, but it should not resonate back to other people as me wanting to fall asleep on anyone else's arms in the meantime.

Now that these three things are clear and memorised, we're good to go! Everybody works differently, and every couple is unique. Please don't throw rocks at me if something I said didn't work for you.

The rules of this game are different. As someone who's been to a few completely ordinary relationships myself I'm aware it's possible to stay together without putting much effort into daily texting sessions - and if something urgent comes up and your date night is cancelled, no big deal.

Especially with a decent time-zone issue you should always schedule your skype sessions in advance.