Is army wives really ending a relationship

Here’s the hard truth about being a military wife

is army wives really ending a relationship

There are a lot of nice perks to being a military spouse — great health new people and forging new relationships, you can meet some really awesome home at the end of his tour, but for many, that moment never comes. Army Wives fell off my radar when the main story became as much — if not But reader Aideen alerted us to a lesbian relationship on the As the episode ended, my thought was that Nicole probably would be. I guess that's why, when my year marriage to a service member ended in divorce, I was asked repeatedly, “Would you do it again? Would.

is army wives really ending a relationship

I tried not to mention it as much as possible. I was very invested in my training and saw it as a big responsibility. I hated disappointing her but I did have a lot on my plate.

12 Things You’re Forced To Learn About Love In The Army | Thought Catalog

The long distance break-up Finally… The break-up. The thing that really got me about my own long distance-break up is the feeling of foolishness about how optimistic and confident I had been when I left. Looking back on how far I had fallen and how my seemingly indestructible relationship had pathetically crumbled under the weight of my situation left me feeling empty and embarrassed. This was by far the most difficult part for me.

At the time, I had completely shut off my emotions.

Hurricane brings lesbians to "Army Wives" - AfterEllen

I had seen too many buddies get crushed by their girls back home. I focused on my training and it worked, until the training ended. I feel like I was only able to start moving on after that.

It took me a while, but I did it. I no longer harbor any anger or resentment.

is army wives really ending a relationship

Many of my friends and family members were appalled when I informed them of the break-up. I believe this is the most important thing I learned from my relationship and I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.

12 Things You’re Forced To Learn About Love In The Army

More From Thought Catalog. Can you believe she moved out of her own house and left that guy a warm plate for dinner? Well, according to Catherine, "There's some really cool stuff coming up where you see a different side of him and their relationship.

There's some positive stuff.

is army wives really ending a relationship

He's a big teddy bear, and Frank adores Denise. He's going to change a bit this season.

Hurricane brings lesbians to “Army Wives”

You're going to see a different side of him, that's very exciting. She said there would be "positive stuff" for Frank and Denise.

is army wives really ending a relationship

And what's next for the couple? When and if they work out their marital problems? Is this newly empowered, untethered Denise moving into a more career-oriented phase of her life, away from being a wife and mother?

Well, according to Catherine, "My husband and I—Catherine, not Denise—we're talking about the possibility of having another child, and if I got pregnant, I don't know. Would they write it in?

That would be kind of cool.

is army wives really ending a relationship

Last but not least, for all the Frank haters out there, let the record show that Catherine thinks the character is "misunderstood" we agreeand as for the actor who plays him, Terry Serpico, Catherine wants you all to know, "Terry is the nicest guy on the planet.