Interspecific relationship definition of

Interspecific Competition: Definition, Examples, and Much More

interspecific relationship definition of

One example of mutualism is the oxpecker (a kind of bird) and the rhinoceros or zebra. Oxpeckers land on rhinos or zebras and eat ticks and. Interspecific competition occurs between species, while intraspecific competition occurs between individuals within the The prefix intra- means within, while inter - means between. Competitive Relationships in Ecosystems. Posts about interspecific relations written by Mireia Querol Rovira. Symbiosis: relationships between living beings . Some examples of species we have discussed in the blog are elephants, some primates, many birds.

Introduction When we took a tour through population ecologywe mostly looked at populations of individual species in isolation. In reality, though, populations of one species are rarely—if ever!

Interspecific competition

In most cases, many species share a habitat, and the interactions between them play a major role in regulating population growth and abundance. Together, the populations of all the different species that live together in an area make up what's called an ecological community.

For instance, if we wanted to describe the ecological community of a coral reef, we would include the populations of every single type of organism we could find, from coral species to fish species to the single-celled, photosynthetic algae living in the corals.

For a healthy reef, that comes out to a whole lot of different species! Image of a coral reef, showing many diverse species of fishes and corals living together and interacting with each other Image credit: Fish aquarium sea fish tank by visavietnam, public domain Community ecologists seek to understand what drives the patterns of species coexistence, diversity, and distribution that we see in nature.

A core part of how they address these questions is by examining how different species in a community interact with each other.

interspecific relationship definition of

Interactions between two or more species are called interspecific interactions—inter- means "between. Here is a quick preview: Name Effect Competition Organisms of two species use the same limited resource and have a negative impact on each other.

interspecific relationship definition of

Let's take a closer look at each. Competition In interspecific competition, members of two different species use the same limited resource and therefore compete for it. Species compete when they have overlapping niches, that is, overlapping ecological roles and requirements for survival and reproduction. Competition can be minimized if two species with overlapping niches evolve by natural selection to utilize less similar resources, resulting in resource partitioning.

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Predation In predation, a member of one species—the predator—eats part or all of the living, or recently living, body of another organism—the prey.

Predation may involve two animal species, but it can also involve an animal or insect consuming part of a plant, a special case of predation known as herbivory.

interspecific relationship definition of

Photograph of a leopard killing a bushbuck Predation in action. Also, many species in predator-prey relationships have evolved adaptations—beneficial features arising by natural selection—related to their interaction.

interspecific relationship definition of

On the prey end, these include mechanical, chemical, and behavioral defenses. Some species also have warning coloration that alerts potential predators to their defenses; other harmless species may mimic this warning coloration.

Interspecific competition occurs between species, while intraspecific competition occurs between individuals within the same species. Intra and Inter Prefixe Meanings The prefix intra- means within, while inter- means between. If you break the two terms down, "intraspecific" just means within a species, while "interspecific" means between them. Consequently, interspecific competition is all about competition between two or more species, while intraspecific competition involves different individuals of the same species.

interspecific relationship definition of

Remembering the prefixes is an easier way to remember what the two words mean, especially since both prefixes are very common in scientific terminology. Sciencing Video Vault Competition for Resources Competition happens when not enough of a given resource is available to go around.

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That resource could be one of many things. Trees in a forest, for example, need access to light; by growing tall they ensure their own access but deny it to others.

Bacteria in a petri dish all need sugars and nutrients to grow, but both are present in limited amounts. Cheetahs compete for prey with other predators in some parts of their range.