India indonesia bilateral trade relationship

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india indonesia bilateral trade relationship

The government of Indonesia is keen to strengthen bilateral trade relations with India in an effort to give impetus to bilateral trade, a top. India, Indonesia agree to triple bilateral trade to $50 billion during Modi Modi said India and Indonesia have agreed to upgrade their ties to. India-Indonesia Bilateral Relations. India and Indonesia have shared two millennia of close cultural and commercial contacts. The Hindu.

India–Indonesia relations

This could be an appropriate time to revive these links. The epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata form the basis of cultural links that both the countries share.

India, Indonesia bilateral trade to reach USD 50 Bn by 2025: PM Modi

During this visit, Prime Minister Modi is expected to attend a kite-flying festival that would feature tales from Ramayana and Mahabharata. Soft power in the form of ancient history might just be a catalyst to strengthen the ties between India and Indonesia.

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The Tourism Ministry in India has a tourist scheme called The Ramayana Circuitcomprising 15 destinations where Lord Rama is believed to have traveled. Since Indonesia has similar cultural foundations the Ramayana Circuit could be extended to Indonesia.

india indonesia bilateral trade relationship

Or anything on similar lines could be started. Connectivity is the basis for increasing outreach. In such case soft power diplomacy could lay the foundation for forwarding strategic interests. India-Indonesia relations hold much potential and importance for both countries.

Bilateral Trade Relations between India and Indonesia

The Cold War period forced the two nations to remain at a distance despite strong cultural links. But the emerging strategic scenario in the region calls for revival of historical links to meet the present challenges. In a joint statement issued after the talks, the two countries said they have agreed to work intensively for the early conclusion of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership and reiterated that it needs to be comprehensive, fair and balanced with benefit to all member states.

india indonesia bilateral trade relationship

The two leaders also instructed officials to optimise the cooperation between ASEAN and India for establishing a sustainable and mutually beneficial trade relations. They also acknowledged the need to further explore the untapped economic potentials and to remove impediments to trade and investment.

india indonesia bilateral trade relationship

Both sides agreed that there are considerable potentials for expanding trade and services in various areas. President Widodo welcomed the increase in Indian investments in Indonesia and appreciated their contribution to the Indonesian economy.

They also shared their views on the importance of intensifying infrastructure development in both countries and the mutual benefit of enhancing infrastructure development cooperation. They welcomed the signing of the MoU on health cooperation that would pave the way for closer collaboration in tackling common health challenges.

Bilateral Trade Relations between India and Indonesia 2016

They noted that there were considerable cooperation opportunities in health and pharmaceutical sector. The two leaders further directed for the convening of a meeting in second half of comprising of health officials, drug regulators and industry representatives to develop a road map on health cooperation.

india indonesia bilateral trade relationship

Both leaders agreed to address all issues related to obstacles to trade and investment in palm oil products and industries, the joint statement said. Both sides welcomed the MoU on cooperation in the railways sector which would promote technical cooperation, development of rail related programmes, exchange of knowledge, technology and institutional cooperation between India and Indonesia.