Hurry up brother luhan and kris meet

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hurry up brother luhan and kris meet

According to Chinese media, former EXO members, Kris and Luhan will be guest starring on Hurry Up, Brother, the Chinese adaption of SBS's. InStyle reported that Kris was the 4th most tweeted-about celebrity at the Met Gala . having his schedules being set up without his opinions on the matter and his management elsewhere; but that neither Kris nor Luhan would be promoting as Ace VS Ace, ZRTG: Zhejiang Television, with the Hurry Up, Brother cast and. the loss of three Chinese members – Luhan, Kris and Tao – amid legal battles. Meet Chanyeol of K-pop boy band Exo – the multi-instrumental star his friendly sister is usually there to share anecdotes about her baby brother. Kai has yet to release any solo tracks but he has built up quite a résumé.

hurry up brother luhan and kris meet

He could even give Xiumin a run for his money as the strongest member of EXO. Moreover, let's face it, no one wanted to end up with Luhan's foot stuck up their ass. He licked his ice cream cone in one hand as he waited for a response. The remaining ten members all turned serious. We love him and want to spend time with him too.

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Sehun frowned, standing up to support Tao by hugging him tightly. Xiumin asked, his expression was one of curiousity and confusion. Luhan's not obsessed with me. He licked his ice cream since it started to melt.

Luhan and Xiumin finished their ice cream as Chanyeol continued talking. We'll give you a reward. Yes, you heard him right. Chanyeol came closer, not wanting the other members to hear what he was planning.

The first was from Luhan who couldn't hold back his delight at the promise of such a reward. The second was Xiumin, only because he was standing close to them and had heard his whisper.

He pulled Xiumin into his arms, and rested his chin on top of his head.

Kris and Luhan reunite once again on Chinese variety show!

Luhan crossed his fingers behind his back, so only the other members could see it. The ten member's exchanged worried glances between them. We can only speculate whether this is true or not!

hurry up brother luhan and kris meet

Apparently, the singer does not have a Korean girlfriend and is not going to be married soon, either. He stated that in sign events, whenever he met a fan that comes close to his ideal type he would draw a lot of hearts around his sign.

hurry up brother luhan and kris meet

He seems to care a great deal to physical appearance and he has stated numerous times that he wants to date somebody who is pleasant to look at. Luhan has a great passion for football, but would rather not date somebody who is as knowledgeable as him. He is worried by the fact that cheering for different teams would make them fight. The singer also revealed that he feels intimidated by girls who are too pushy, and he tends to run away if he meets one.

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Marriage Views Nov 1, at It looks like the former EXO member is not interested in tying the knot at the moment, but his parents certainly are. He stated in the variety show Tencent that they are pressuring him to speed things up.

They are probably worried that being in the show business he will never bless them with grandchildren. The singer also stated that if he has kids — emphasizing the conditional — he would like to have two of them, a girl and a boy. Having played football for a long time, he can teach the boy football while being a singing coach for his daughter.

hurry up brother luhan and kris meet

Luhan certainly wants to enjoy his single life a little bit more.