Horary chart relationship

Relationship Horary

horary chart relationship

This is also a relationship question, a 7th house question. What is of great importance in this chart is that the Sun is received by Saturn in its. Horary astrology question. This question This is a very interesting horary chart. In this case, the question is about the end of a relationship. The chart (below) was cast for the time the question was asked of me. In relationship questions only, the Sun (male) and Venus (female) are.

Also your boyfriend is represented by Saturn in the seventh house, which for you is the house of a husband or boyfriend. Saturn is known as the greater malefic and here is particularly bad because he is peregrine.

horary chart relationship

Your planet Mars is moving to oppose Saturn, representing your boyfriend, meaning that you and your boyfriend will be opposed to each other. Saturn is cold and dry and has the effect here of cooling off the relationship, potentially ending it. Saturn, unfortunate in the 7th house also has the effect of causing quarrels and brawls. You ask if someone else is involved. There are indications of this in the chart. As I mentioned earlier your planet and his planet are slowly separating.

Within three days after this question was asked his planet Venus, actually stops and starts moving backwards, intensifying the separation from your planet. In addition, Venus starts moving towards a trine, which is an aspect of perfect agreement or affection, towards Jupiter.

Jupiter rules the 5th house which is the house of fun, games and sex. Judged by Deborah Houlding The querent was an attractive lady in her late 50s. She had felt herself being drawn into a relationship with a married man, but with two marriages behind her, she did not want to get involved in a complicated affair which had no future.

Relationship Horary

The Sagittarian ascendant corresponds with the querent's natal ascendant, which helps validate the chart and describes her well, for she is a very fiery, humorous, outgoing person. Asc-ruler Jupiter, her significator, is essentially dignified in its own exaltation and termreflecting the fact that she is a woman of independent means.

She runs her own business in ladies' fashions Libran Midheaven. Mercury, as ruler of the Gemini 7th house, describes the man in question - it is an appropriate significator for a travelling salesman which he essentially was as an agent for a fashion supplier. No one knew about the affair and he wanted to know if it would continue and whether his lover was likely to leave her husband for him.

horary chart relationship

Will this be a permanent relationship? Judged by Olivia Barclay The question was asked by a middle aged friend of mine who had been widowed suddenly within the past few years.

Will he marry me?

Relationship Horary: practice_horary

Judged by Deborah Houlding The querent, a year-old divorced mother of two small children, had started a love affair with a 38 year old man who had recently separated from his wife. He himself had 3 young children and the marriage breakdown had hit him quite hard. He was living in a bed-sit temporarily but often stayed over at the querent's house and her own children had become quite fond of him.

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She was hoping that the relationship would lead to a full term commitment, and they had spoken about the lover moving in with her on a permanent basis, with a long term view to marrying once his finances had become more settled after the divorce. She wasn't really sure if she could take his comments on marriage seriously, or whether, once he had moved in, he would try to persuade her that they were happy living together without marriage vows.

She felt quite strongly that she would want to get married, as the responsibility of having children made her feel that the stability and extra commitment that went with marriage would safeguard theirs, as well as her own, emotional vulnerability.

Will they get back together? Judged by Cynthea Tasker The question concerned my cousin and his wife who had lived in Canada for 23 years and recently separated.

The wife had returned to live in England and my cousin had followed her, hoping for a reconciliation. When I heard the news, I asked the question - "will they get back together?