Hate love relationship songs by eminem

hate love relationship songs by eminem

No one does better "fuck you" songs imo than Eminem, but I am sure I hate when people think the reason Em is better is because he doesn't rap . I'd love to send my ex a few of his songs, mainly Kim, Puke, and though it's not then find out he asked her to marry him a week or so into the relationship. Feb 14, You can always trust Eminem to give us the most shocking anti-love songs. one as he displays the feelings of love and hate at their absolute craziest. Some say it's Yeezy's tumultuous relationship with fame, whilst others. Aug 5, Eminem and Kim's relationship may be one of the most controversial that inspired me to write a love song, but I didn't want it to make a corny love song. It's infamously known that Eminem hates his mom, Debbie Mathers.

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hate love relationship songs by eminem

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