Hana kimi remake ending a relationship

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hana kimi remake ending a relationship

Hanazakari no Kimitachi e Remake Episode 11 Recap Mizuki replied that in the end, she still disappointed everyone. .. not on the avesisland.infoe if you think about it, Mizuki's and Sano's relationship is pretty much still innocent. Tags: hana kimi episode 11 recap, hanazakari no kimitachi e remake ep. Drama: Hana-Kimi / For You in Full Blossom; Romaji: Hanazakarino kimitachihe / Hana zakari no kimi tachi he: Ikemen paradaisu; Japanese: 花ざかりの君たちへ. shōjo manga Hana-Kimi (Hanazakari no Kimitachi e), by manga-ka Hisaya Nakajo. Although they tried to suppress the news themselves, in the end, Mizuki Shizuki Ashiya, from her father's previous marriage (Shizuki's mother died Dolph Lundgren Is Surprised 'Masters of the Universe' Remake Hasn't Emerged Yet.

Instead, his efforts nearly killed Jae-hee and injured Eun-gyeol, rendering the latter incapable of playing an incoming soccer match. Hyeon-jae reveals to the Eun-gyeol who was his roommate his fears of defeat and disheartening his own family. Eun-gyeol forgives Hyeon-jae to the condition that he shall put him under his servitude until he heals from his injury.

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Tae-joon dismisses Hyeon-jae's offensive acts and encourages him not to withdraw from his sports career. Tae-joon learns from Geun-wook the truth about his mother's death: Tae-joon reconciles with his father, and his performance in high jumping boosted as the date of the National competition approached.

Just then, Eun-gyeol unexpectedly discovers Jae-hee's identity and felt betrayed for not being told of the truth. Tae-joon comforts a troubled Jae-hee, reveals that he had known all along that she is a girl, and finally confesses his love for her.

Later, gossips of a girl hiding in Genie High School began to spread and the captains of Dormitory 1 and 3 starts to search the locker rooms to confirm the rumor. Eun-gyeol hears of their plan and hides Jae-hee before the dormitory captains were able to see her changing clothes in the locker room.

Eun-gyeol lets go of his anger and accepts the reality that he and Jae-hee cannot be together, telling Jae-hee of his happiness he felt when he learned that she was a girl.

Episode 16 and Epilogue[ edit ] Merely two days before Tae-joon's match, Jae-hee faints at school and her identity is revealed when students try to revive her. Seung-ri scolds Jae-hee for what she had done, though, out of loyalty for his own dormitory, he takes the responsibility of Jae-hee's case.

Knowing that the truth will soon be brought to the school head, she plans to leave the school behind for good and scheduled her flight on the day of the National competition. She spends his last night and shares a kiss with the unknowing Tae-joon, who was in the arena during the incident.

hana kimi remake ending a relationship

On the day of her departure, Eun-gyeol, Seung-ri, and the entire Dormitory 2 gives their last messages to Jae-hee and bades her farewell. Tae-joon learns from Eun-gyeol about Jea-hee's departure.

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Just as he was about to leave the arena, he saw Jae-hee's diary inside his bag and is inspired to do the jump without her. OK, maybe it's just some kind of Japanese thinking. I thought the whole intent of this exercise was to spend time with Sano Izumi because she loved him.

Certainly, everyone else was working for that. She's about to move into her own room. She's been covered so they can't kick her out, but say she has to leave the school. There's a sister all-girl's school in the area where a friend already attends she could transfer to.

Not to mention that there were probably any number of other Japanese high schools handy.

hana kimi remake ending a relationship

Hell, her big goal in life is to be a dog trainer. It's not like she'll need to get into a top university for that. Instead, she's just going to evaporate, putting those that supported her at risk for repercussions, including the school doctor who knew from the beginning and who she doesn't even say goodbye to. What were all the sacrifices for? What was the point of making all these relationships just so she could abandon them? What was the point of teasing our poor hero to death for a year and a half which he accepts without complaint as long as she'll stay with him, only to have her drop him like a hot potato?

And, I have to say, though I'm not a huge advocate for promoting sex between teenagers, what is with crawling into bed with the boy you love on your last night and he knows it's the last night and expecting him to cuddle but not touch you? Talk about cruel and unusual punishment and, besides, who would want that?

hana kimi remake ending a relationship

I did respect how many other characters made a point of ensuring any sexual relationship they might have would be safe. Still, there's a disconnect in my mind with someone so forward that they'll fake being a boy and contacting boys right and left for two years being so shy that she'll barely kiss her boyfriend twice before disappearing forever. Again, though, I digress. Personally, I think that several incarnations can give us each country's perspective about the same story.

I also believe that seeing an interesting story all over again with a different cast is worth the hours spent in front of the screen. Today's remake topic would be: After cross-dressing as a boy, a girl comes back from the U.

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In between, a lot of relationships begin to blossom within the dorm and many friendships start taking place. Hana Kimi Japan As many of you would know, Japan has a great sense of creativity, and I saw that while following the version.

What attracted me the most was the amazing funny scenes and strong relationships that kept growing as the episodes went by. There was a lot of silliness and childishness which made it more amusing. This was the version that made me pause and laugh out loud; therefore, I still believe that the version is the funniest and the most entertaining version.

hana kimi remake ending a relationship

Hana Kimi Taiwan After loving the Japanese version I automatically watched the Taiwanese one, and I can say that I enjoyed it to the fullest.