Hallmark snow bride ending relationship

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hallmark snow bride ending relationship

Watch video from the Hallmark Channel Original Movie "Snow Bride," starring Patricia .. Find video, photos and cast information for the Hallmark Movies .. becomes a close part of their lives, as their relationship grows. Katrina Law in Snow Bride () Patricia Richardson and Bobby Campo in Snow .. be proposing marriage at the families Big Bear compound during Christmas, in the ending of Snow Bride, but also in the ending of Hearts of Christmas (). Another Hallmark movie with genuine chemistry between the leads is A. Posts about Snow Bride written by xmasxtics. In the end, we went with Kristin's Christmas Past. Why? The premise was pretty interesting and.

Did you guess that? She comes too inside the cabin and discovers that her rescuer is none other than Ben Tannehill, the eldest son she hopes to get dirt on. Greta recognizes this golden opportunity. Through an unlikely series of events, she can now get the inside scoop on the Tannehills from right inside their very own compound.

Except this place is less of a compound than it is a fairly modest cabin. Little does he know he just brought one of them in! She makes up some nonsensical story that Ben seems to believe. I think that is supposed to be bonding. Ben ends up having to take her to the big house, where his mother is staying. But before he can even explain who Greta is or who he thinks she isin walks his younger brother. And it turns out his younger brother brought a guest — Claire Sinclair.

Who is Claire Sinclair, you ask?

hallmark snow bride ending relationship

Now the younger brother is dating her? And this big news just got sprung on Ben just now? He announces that Greta is in fact, his girlfriend who he has brought to the family cabin for Christmas. Greta plays along too. This is yet another extremely unlikely coincidence that has presented an opportunity for her to get close to this family so she can write some juicy story for her gossip rag. Plus, it is always awesome in life when you can pull a double-deception.

hallmark snow bride ending relationship

A lie on top of a lie. It is actually the best, most fool-proof way to find love. Right, simply enter into a pretend relationship with someone for some reason, to keep up some front, and I guarantee you that this pretend relationship will eventually blossom into a real one.

As far as I can tell, there are only two obstacles you will have to hurdle with this approach. During this time, one or both of you will also not want to admit you have feelings for each other.

But eventually, someone or something will find a way to bring you back together and everything will work out.

Snow Bride

The other major obstacle happens early on, when the fake relationship has just been set up. But get through that and you can get through anything. It was watchable, to be sure but it lacked a lot of those things I talked about in the Very Merry Mix-Up review. I mean, sure, they were in Big Bear and it was snowy and there were decorations everywhere and the idea of Christmas was kind of mentioned and they played Christmas songs remind me to tell you about this make-out scene between Ben and Greta made totally uncomfortable by an overly heartfelt and moan-y rendition of Silent Night but to my knowledge, the day of Christmas never actually occurred in this film.

He decides to leave the mad rush of the city behind and spend the holidays in a charming!

hallmark snow bride ending relationship

Author Debbie Macomber has created a cottage industry for fictional small-town romance. Her novels are all bestsellers and have a rabid fan base. Indeed, the New York Times reported about a Macomber-themed cruise where the author gave knitting lessons to the attendees, among other things.

And a bonus nugget of trivia: This movie also stars Faith Ford Christmas Maybe' This movie has a bunch of things going for it: He'll go on to be Santa, the role he was born to play, in at least two other movies. But when her father falls ill, Mary returns to the life she left behind at the North Pole to take over for her dad and implement her innovative ideas for running Christmas.

It's a real lesson in logistics and efficiency.

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This film also does a great job of showing the inner working of Santa's Workshop elf office politics included. In the sequel, "Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe," the stakes are a little higher.

hallmark snow bride ending relationship

An elf tries to steal Mary's boyfriend — not to mention her job overseeing Christmas. Sadly, there are two bizarre casting changes in this installment.

The Snow Bride by Debbie Macomber

Mary's boyfriend is mysteriously played by a different actor than in the original and — perhaps more quizzically — Wendt is no longer Santa Claus. That fatherly role is now played by Paul Sorvino who is more accustomed to playing mobsters in movies like "Goodfellas" and "The Gambler. Wendt returns as Santa in another movie Yes, yes, it's a match made in Yuletide heaven. So I read it and I thought it was very cute and fun — and then somebody mentioned that maybe George was going to do it.

And I thought, 'Ohhhh, I've got to do it! When he introduces his fiancee to his parents, the truth is revealed: He's the son of North Pole celebrities Mr.

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The film is directed by actress Leslie Hope known for playing Kiefer Sutherland's wife on the hit show "24". Claus' Grab two elements from movies mentioned above — an acting Sorvino and a romantically challenged member of the Claus clan — and voila! You have "Finding Mrs.

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Claus" starring the great Steve Guttenberg or that film's underrated sequel, "Meet the Santas.