Gerrard lampard relationship questions

Steven Gerrard & Chelsea: Football's most complicated relationship? |

gerrard lampard relationship questions

Dele Alli: Better than Lampard, Gerrard and Beckham combined? We try to answer those questions and take a look at some of the other. Frank Lampard · Steven Gerrard · Premier League · Association Football. What is the Related Questions. What is the connection between Harry Redknapp. Frank Lampard stops and checks himself the first time he is asked "I don't think Joey Barton should talk about me and Steven Gerrard," Lampard says. questions are coming about Mourinho and his relationship with the.

I don't blame him — in reality, the lessons Gerrard's club could and should have learned were redundant from the Beckham years.

Chelsea hero: Why Liverpool's Steven Gerrard and I failed for England

It's hard to see how transition into next year doesn't become a reinvention that's been postponed by Gerrard's presence. The team David Beckham left, with Juninho as his designated runner, and the Englishman actually describing himself as "kind of like Tom Brady," should have been the last hurrah for the idea that a lopsided team built around one aging player's strengths is any sort of sustainable blueprint.

With Robbie Keane's movement and Donovan's intelligence running the channels, not to mention Mike Magee's ability to exploit the gaps left by defenders preoccupied with the other two, Beckham the quarterback was still a potent enough weapon inbut watching the Galaxy try once again to balance the individual quality of their midfield and attack within a functioning team this year, felt oddly valedictory. This has been a year of transition for LA, with the preseason roster turnover, yet it played out instead like a great team trying to keep proven assets together for one last campaign, and never fully made the transition from "great on paper" to the field.

Steven Gerrard, Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard talk pre-match rituals and superstitions

The bar was set considerably higher. He joined an expansion team in the country's biggest media market, and its most competitive sports market. The team needed a technical and box office and cultural success from its foundational Designated Players, and it needed them to be on board with the particularities of New York sports from the start in In practice, that means no equivocating, and an ability to accept New York sporting hubris at face value.

That means accepting that it's the greatest city in the world because it says so in fairness, Manchester says that, too, with less evidence and more chutzpahand by that token, it doesn't matter what you've done elsewhere, or how absurd a comparison of Chelsea and a startup MLS team might be.

Rational comparisons do not matter here.

gerrard lampard relationship questions

You're in New York now. The farce of his extended stay at Manchester City was not the player's fault, but it was a damaging undermining of the good work City Football Group had done in trying to go about things the right way. Their community work in Manchester, and New York for that matter, has been excellent — nuanced and sensitive to locality.

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Steven Gerrard has edge over Frank Lampard as MLS showdown looms | Football | The Guardian

Dele Alli centre has scored more league goals 16 this season than any other under player in Europe's top five leagues Is Dele Alli among England's greats? How good was that Manchester City team goal? Is Philippe Coutinho now Brazil's greatest export?

gerrard lampard relationship questions

We try to answer those questions and take a look at some of the other interesting stats from the weekend. Could Alli be 'The Greatest'?

gerrard lampard relationship questions

He floats across the pitch like a butterfly and stings like a bee, as Watford discovered during Saturday's defeat at White Hart Lane. He also helped supply them a second piece of silverware with a horribly misplaced back-pass that Didier Drogba intercepted in the penultimate game of the title race. His return of one goal in 39 games against Chelsea is extraordinary, especially as Gerrard averages one every 3.

Yet while frustration has been familiar, with two cup final defeats and a semi-final setback as recently as January, there were twin triumphs.

gerrard lampard relationship questions

And Gerrard was hugely influential in the second. He held his nerve in the penalty shootout. Chelsea have since denied him a Premier League title. Perhaps, however, Mourinho would have claimed the Champions League as Chelsea manager if it were not for Gerrard.

Football has its own sliding-doors moments. But for a burned shirt, a panic attack, frantic conversations with his Liverpool-supporting father, his agent, even David Moores, perhaps he would be preparing to say goodbye to Chelsea after a decade of stalwart service. His name will ring around Stamford Bridge on Sunday, simply because it seems to at virtually every ground, whether or not he plays, as the moment he presented the ball to Ba is remembered in mocking chants.

It could have been chorused in celebration instead, and not just by the minority of visitors in the away end.

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