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to be expanded on such as the relationship developments between the characters. I liked it, but would have liked an ending that showed a new world evolving, or the Garakowa is well animated, but will require you to watch with tissues. If you are contemplating leaving a long-term relationship, there are ways to do this that could limit the damage. This post explores how you can determine if it is . Speaking of developing relationships in this movie, the exposition I do have to say that the impact of the ending's emotionally charged.

While the animation still uses common anime shortcuts like having characters sometimes talk from off-screen while the camera focuses on still shots, the animation quality is relatively smooth and active overall and characters consistently stay on-model.

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A sparsely-used musical score has far less impact and is far less memorable. The only place the music's presence is felt much is in the ominous sounds it uses to build tension in the movie's darker and more dramatic final third.

The narrative and themes are also less remarkable than the technical accomplishments. Much of the concept essentially boils down to computer programs anthropomorphized as cute girls doing all sorts of cute things together; the only novel twist to it is that exploring the virtual settings in the back-up data ostensibly to search for viruses necessitates that the girls take on roles within those settings, which basically just gives the movie an excuse to show them in all kinds of different clothing and hair styles.

This is fine if that and the visuals are all you want out of the movie, and taken solely in that regard the movie would be a resounding success. An amiable mix of fairly standard personality types among the three lead girls helps this along.

On the downside, though, the more light-hearted content makes the exploration of some more serious themes seem half-hearted at best.

Nowhere is this more apparent than when the girls encounter settings defined by war and natural disasters after traipsing through more vacation-like scenarios. They are all shocked, but after a minute or two they move on like nothing had happened. A couple of other scenes also awkwardly try to foster emotional involvement, and equally problematic is the oversimplified way that Dorothy gets won over to simply enjoying their semblance of life.

Very little there gets adequately earned, which waters down the emotional impact that the movie aims for in its late stages. It also gets in the way of fully developing some other themes that movie tries to bring up, such as the dangers of trying to force a perfect world or relying too much on technology to solve mankind's problems. Many other anime and non-anime titles have accomplished those themes far more simply and powerfully. In the end, Garakowa shows some ambition and creativity the late twist about the nature of the viruses is one of the few narrative bright spots but is far from satisfying at fulfilling its potential.

It is best-appreciated for its more base entertainment values, such as its backgrounds, the way some technological elements are conceptualized, and of course the behaviors and interactions of the cute girls; leave the deeper philosophical ruminations for more capably-written works.

Garakowa: Restore the World (2016) with some spoilers

Meet Miss Calm and Collected. Dual is introduced as a robotic program and as the movie progresses, it shows us how she is more human compared to her partner, Dorothy, than she let on since the beginning of the film. Remo has two personalities in the film as an amnesiac and as a cold logical machine. With her changing personas, the colour of her eyes changes to fit them.

Pictured above is her standard amnesiac persona who is bubbly, cheerful and innocent. Minor characters in the film served two purposes: For instance, Sumire served both purposes. The piano is an integral element in Garakowa. It is the connection between Dual, Remo and Sumire. The melody that Sumire composed herself is nice. I found that most, if not all, of the emotional scenes were accompanied by a faint lullaby piano piece or emotional piano piece supporting and enhancing the drama.

I would say that Garakowa is a beautiful film to look at with an interesting concept. Although the two protagonists, Dorothy and Dual, evolved as programs and seem to have a happy ending, the reality of the end of the world looms overhead like an open book.

The ending of the film is pretty dark considering that the rest of the film was a bit more lighthearted.