Four 04 smalley relationship

4 Days to a Forever Marriage by Gary Smalley

four 04 smalley relationship

4 Days to a Forever Marriage has 20 ratings and 8 reviews. Jim said: Gary Smalley, and his wife of over 40 years Norma, team up in this book to Aug 04, Dr. Gary Smalley, Champion to Marriage and Family Passes on to Heaven one of the country's best-known authors and speakers on family relationships. Flash flood watches issued in four → . Axiom Appendix B from the book The DNA of Relationships by Dr. Gary List your three or four main reactions when someone pushes your core fear.

Using that simple choice as the foundation, the book introduces a new relational concept in each chapter. The relational concepts are: Trials and Treasures The book draws heavily on Gary and Norma's relationship as it has been refined over the course of forty seven years. They share each of their perspectives on a given situation, which I found immensely helpful for a better understanding of how my wife would feel or respond in a similar situation.

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There are numerous scripture references in each chapter. I would strongly encourage readers to keep a Bible handy as they work through the book in order to maximize their reading experience. At the close of each chapter, there is a "For the Husband" and "For the Wife" section where readers are asked to summarize the principles they have learned in the chapter.

Not only will this be valuable for helping each of you to thoroughly learn the concepts introduced in the book, it also presents an opportunity to have an honest discussion with your spouse about how these principles can be applied to your marriage relationship. Once you are finished with the readings for all four days, be sure to make use of the additional reading at the end of the book.

I highly recommend the section addressing the different seasons of marriage: It will also be worthwhile to review a few tidbits they have included from a few of Gary's other books.

Let me bring this review to a close with a bit of self-disclosure. In my reading diet, I tend to be a biblical and theological studies non-fiction reader, so I normally shy away from "marriage" and "relationship" books.

The four most important things to know about your marriage

I was a bit apprehensive as I began working through 4 Days to a Forever Marriage, but I soon realized that this book was different. Throughout the book, readers will encounter pictures of Gary, Norma, and their extended family. Each chapter is filled with personal commentary from both Gary and Norma making it very personable and accessible. It was almost like the Smalleys were sitting on a couch across from me having a discussion. Now that I have gone through the book once for my review, I plan on going through it a second time with my wife as I know there is a lot our marriage will benefit from in this great little book.

One suggestion for using this book is to work through it with your spouse like I am doing. Let me close by expressing my heartfelt thanks to Gary and Norma Smalley for penning this fine little book.

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I pray that it would bear much fruit in Christian marriages for years to come. This book was provided by New Leaf Publishing Group for review.

four 04 smalley relationship

The reviewer was under no obligation to offer a favorable review. Could it be that easy? In these days of uncertainty about the state of marriage and even the future of it, believe it or not, many still long to marry and remain married forever.

If you don't believe me, check out this quick but enlightening article by History. In 4 Days to a forever Marriage: Gary Smalley and his wife Norma propose that it is so. The Smalleys not only have a lasting long-term marriage but also have helped countless other couples do the same.

In this small but invaluable book, they have packed in practicality and honesty by letting us into some of the things they have learned together over the yearsoften the hard way. They do this in a conversational manner primarily so that it feels as if we are sitting in their living room with them gleaning from their years of wisdom as well as mistakes.

In this book, they structure it very simply by walking the reader s through four daysyes, only FOUR daysof learning practical ways of choosing love instead of anger in marriage as well as life in general.

four 04 smalley relationship

We truly do have a choice in how we respond in life. The questions throughout the book offer some good starters for self examination, and for those who truly want to change, the book offers suggestions on how to start making headway. One of my favorite chapters was the last one, Chapter 12, entitled "Answers to the Biggies". In this chapter the authors tackle some of the biggest questions frequently asked about anger and forgiveness in marriage and relationships.

If you have ever wondered "must I forgive someone who feels they have done nothing wrong? Also included at the end of the book are meditations for forgiveness - memorizing and speaking these scriptures will help you cultivate a forgiving spirit in your everyday life.

I must say hats off to Gospel Light for producing a cost effective, all-inclusive kit! This is a deal that absolutely can not be beat anywhere. Look past the title - do not let pride mislead you - this is a must read - we ALL of buttons that can be pushed! This book is highly convicting to those seeking Christ's direction and sharpening in their lives. It exposes the very sin nature of acting on unrighteous anger - and all of us do it - is is our fleshly first instinct and must be brought under control of the Holy Spirit.

I have quickly become a fan of these two authors and now own many of their most recent works thanks to being able to review them for the publisher. This one is no less impressive than the first - I have already handed it out to others I know. In addition to this incredibly insightful book this kit comes with the equally great study guides.

four 04 smalley relationship

These challenge couples to take a close look at their individual issues with anger. I know some people think they don't have any anger issues - after all you don't blow up and throw a screaming tantrum or throw stuff across the room - that's an anger problem isn't it? But what about pouting, or running away from the issue.

We all have buttons that get pushed, secret insecurities, hidden hurts. This study guide and DVD explores these issues and challenges couples to face these things and overcome them - leading to a more fulfilling marriage! Thank you Gospel Light for this review copy!