Edit master detail relationship salesforce certification

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edit master detail relationship salesforce certification

You can convert a lookup relationship to a master-detail relationship, but only . Look and feel: The junction object's detail and edit pages use the color and any. Salesforce AppBuilder Certification-1, Which capability allows an app B. Assigning a user a Permission Set that allows for Read and Edit access to an object. What happens to the Master-Detail relationship with Contacts?. SalesForce Interview Questions | Advanced Technical Topics | For freshers & Professionals | Free Practice Test | Free Sample Only this users can add/ change apex managed sharing. . Self Relationship is a lookup relationship to the same object. Enroll Now For Free Demo On Salesforce Training!.

Can you edit a Visualforce page in production environment? No, it is not possible to edit apex classes and triggers directly in production environment. It needs to be done first in Developer edition or testing org or in Sandbox org. Then, to deploy it in production, a user with Author Apex permission must deploy the triggers and classes using deployment tools. However, Visualforce pages can be created and edited in both sandbox and in production.

Only if the page has to do something unique different valuesit would have to be developed via Sandbox. What are the different data types that a standard field record name can have? A standard field record name can have data type of either auto number or text field with a limit of 80 chars.

For generating auto numbers, the format needs to be specified while defining the field and after that for every record that is added, the number will get auto generated. Why are Visualforce pages served from a different domain? Visualforce pages are served from a different domain to improve security standards and block cross site scripting.

Take a look at the highlighted portion in the below Visualforce page: Declarative Features — Salesforce Interview Questions 7. What is WhoId and WhatId in activities?

WhoID refers to people. What is the use of writing sharing rules? Can you use sharing rules to restrict data access? Sharing rules are written to give edit access public read and write or public read only access to certain individuals in Salesforce org.

edit master detail relationship salesforce certification

The Contacts Master-Detail values are cleared from invoices. The Contacts Master-Detail also converts to Lookup. The Contacts Master-Detail field is deleted from the object. The Contacts Master-Detail becomes the primary. Where can a custom button be placed? Choose 3 answers A. On the User Object B. On the Custom List View C. On a Person Account D. On a related list E. On a Web-to-Case form Universal Containers has separated business requirements for consumer and Business Opportunities.

The sales team work with both types of Opportunities. The app builder created two record types on the Opportunity Object. Q38 Does user can create insert their own custom logo, while creating their own custom applications?

Yes user can upload their custom logo in documents and then they choose that logo for organization. Q39 List things that can be customized on page layouts?

edit master detail relationship salesforce certification

We can also create sections. Self Relationship is a lookup relationship to the same object. Here we can create relationship in between the Account to Account same object object.

Record level access is determined by the parent, Mandatory on child for reference of parent, cascade delete if you delete the parent, it can cascade delete the child. Q42 What is the difference between trigger and workflow?

Workflow Workflow is automated process that fired an action based on Evaluation criteria and rule criteria. We can access a workflow across the object. We cannot perform DML operation on workflow We cannot query from database Trigger Trigger is a piece of code that executes before or after a record is inserted or updated.

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We can access the trigger across the object and related to that objects We can use 20 DML operations in one trigger. Q43 What is Wrapper class? A Wrapper class is a class whose instances are collection of other objects. It is used to display different objects on a VF Visual Force page in same table. We can perform DML operation on sql query results.

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We can query only on fields whose data type is text,phone and Email. We cannot perform DML operation on search results. Using insert method we can insert the records but if any error occurs in any record system will throw an error insertion fail and none of the records are inserted. If we want to execute partially success of bulk insert operation we will use database. Q46 What is Static Resources? Using Static Resources we can upload images, zip files, jar files, javascript and CSS files that can be referred in a visual force page.

The maximum size of Static Resources for an organization is mB. We can use that file as follows in Visual Force page Q48 What is sharing rule?

edit master detail relationship salesforce certification

If we want to give access to other users we use sharing rules. Q49 How many ways we can share a record? If we add a user to a role, the user is above in the role hierarchy will have read access.

Lookup or Master-Detail Relationship in Salesforce

Defines the base line setting for the organization. Manual Sharing is sharing a single record to single user or group of users. We can see this button detail page of the record and this is visible only when OWD setting is private. Criteria Based Sharing rules: If we want to share records based on condition like share records to a group of users Whose criteria are country is India.

Share object is available for every object For Account object share object is AccountShare. If we want to share the records using apex we have to create a record to the share object.