Domestic discipline relationship rules pictures

A Domestic Discipline Society (ADDS): HoH: Head of Household Rules

domestic discipline relationship rules pictures

Blavatar. Christian Domestic Discipline Featured Image In a BDSM relationship, a submissive's attentiveness to his dominant will help foster her feelings of. Domestic discipline isn't reserved for the Amish, Mormons and other . you follow my 3 recommended rules for the best relationship of your life. I'm rather new to domestic discipline (we started around , and introduced While I love being naughty and will post occasionally naughty pics (I domestic discipline in our marriage, we created a set of strict rules which.

How To Establish A Modern Male Led Relationship

However, we have plenty of ideas for women who wants to dominate their men in this post. Consent and Domestic Discipline But one similarlyit is that these relationships are entered into consensually.

  • The Ultimate Guide To Domestic Discipline & Improving Your Relationship

Each partner agrees to play their role and abide by the accompanying rules as well as participate in activities such as spanking that come along with domestic discipline. Just like BDSM and any sexual activityconsent is key. Without consent, these situations could be considered abusive, but consent is the line in the sand that shows the clear divide between abuse and domestic discipline.

Domestic Discipline Adds Structure Proponents of domestic discipline point out how it provides structure.

domestic discipline relationship rules pictures

There are clear rules and equally clear punishments for straying from those rules. Nothing is ambiguous, and this can make communicating easier. So, too, can the knowledge of repercussions for disobeying the rules help you remain on your best behavior.

domestic discipline relationship rules pictures

Check it out here to learn how. How do you keep a system of checks and balance when it comes to a relationship structure that some people view as ordained by God?

My Guide To Domestic Discipline, Part 1 | Domestic submission

A couple may agree upon repercussion for the husband if he fails to protect and provide for his family. Another element is the maintenance spanking, which is not done as a punishment. It can reconfirm the power exchange. A maintenance spanking typically occurs at a predetermined time daily, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. Psst, does domestic discipline sound a little too structured?

Learn how to implement boundaries in your relationshipinstead. However, to get there, it took us a long route, and when researching the internet I sometimes found some rather sleazy sites.

My Husband Set Rules For Me

A lot of explaining has to be done so that people understand Domestic Discipline is not evil. So here comes mine. Please keep in mind that not all domestic discpline relationships are the same — for example, we only use spanking as punishment, but I know that others use corner time, bed time, and other nonviolent methods of punishment. Still, I think that my experiences can serve as a guide to implementing domestic discipline.

How To Establish A Modern Male Led Relationship - The Head of Household

I want someone who cares for me, loves me, holds me dear, but also disciplines me and who is generally an anchor in my life.

Mark, and pretty much all the other men I meet before him, wanted an equal relationship. And he never wanted to steer or guide my life, far from it.

domestic discipline relationship rules pictures

This power vacuum and lack of leadership lead me to all kinds of feelings as described above: I became snarky, bratty, and so on. I regularly started arguments for the sake of getting angry. And then, one day, I heard of this book Fifty Shades of Grey. I needed my husband to discipline me, to control me, to steer me.

domestic discipline relationship rules pictures

That was the void I always had- no one steered me, yet I yearned it. I want to follow. My husband, instead, is my leader. He enforces his authority over me in whatever way he sees fit.

This is a strictly consensual relationship and I want to remember that I introduced domestic discipline in our marriage! My husband is supposed to be the rational one in our household. He runs the household for its greater good and is supposed to be wise. I myself am just someone who needs their leader. I trust my husband entirely.

Instead, he does it because he loves me and our daughter. Daddy is the boss of the house! Still, I had some difficulties getting him on board. It took some time!