D frag episode 12 ending relationship

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d frag episode 12 ending relationship

Roka of D-Frag is so cuteee D Frag, Bethlehem, Smoking, Fandoms. More information .. He taught it was relation between girls (some yuri) ❤. shinomiya .. D-Frag Season 1 Episode 1 End Artwork. Heather1 . Kotoura-san episode Read more > Episode List Click here to see all the episodes. This wiki is dedicated to everything related to the anime series D-Frag, that Anime Opening and Ending The poll was created at on March 13, , and so far people voted. 1 Kenji Kazama · 2 Takao · 3 Kenji Kazama/ Relationships. D-Frag! Episode 12 - (Sub) At This Rate, You'll Have Zero Friends for All Eternity! . space races known collectively as the Amanto ended the era of the samurai. notes, focusing more on the relationship dynamics, while D-Fragments takes a.

Takao tries to make nice with her to get closer to Kenji, but her attempts backfire. Takao ends up defeating the robot by herself, but when they reach the classroom, Roka finds her usual "darkness" bag attack blocked by Tama's unique twintail hairstyle. Tama demands the Game Creation Club Provisional disband, and Kenji proposes a contest to save the club.

Roka demands that Kenji "princess carry" her after Tama's hug from earlier drained most of her strength, and the two of them run away with Sakura, but two of Tama's team are in hot pursuit.

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Eventually, Roka regains her strength and distracts Naganuma long enough for Kenji to knock him out of the game. Chitose finds herself losing against Tama's strength and needs help.

Roka tells Kenji he has a secret move: Chitose has a flashback to when she was a kindergartner playing in a sandbox. Every time she tried to build a sandcastle, Tama would come over and smash it, until Roka appeared and helped Chitose bury Tama in sand.

Since that day, Chitose swore to one day build a legendary sand castle, and Tama swore to break everything that Chitose loved for her humiliation.

In the present, Tama's sumo slap attacks and "double kabuki" technique are keeping both Kenji and Chitose from getting to her cell phone. However, Kenji comes up with a plan that lets him slip past her guard and pull off Tama's hair ribbons, letting Roka subsequently place a bag over her head. The Game Creation Club is declared the winner. Later, Tama plays a round of "Quest for Porn Mags in Space" to get closer to Kenji, while swearing to his club members that her original goals haven't changed.

He is treated as a very important person by Roka and is often relied on by her. Kenji is often flabbergasted by Roka's antics and commonly retorts at her unpredictable actions. However, deep down, he strongly respects her as when the Band of 14 Devils breaks the game Roka made, he impulsively attacks them and defeats the leader when he tried to harm Roka.

Ironically, Roka is Kazama's goal as she is the underground boss of the school, a fact that greatly irks him upon discovery. Roka has once stated that they shared a 'bond that cannot be seperated', although no one takes it seriously. She seems to have feelings for Kenji as she refers to him as her "important person" and gets easily jealous when other girls like Takao, Funabori or in the manga Hata Takafudou approach him.

Kenji is unaware of her feelings and only expresses annoyance with her attempts to catch his attention.

d frag episode 12 ending relationship

Despite his impatience with her, he seems to really care about Roka which is show when Odawara, the leader of the Band of 14 Devils tried to hit her, Kenji immediately saved her saying not to lay a hand on his president. When she suddenly collapsed after being held by Tama for so long, he seems really worried about her.

When Roka's house was destroyed by a meteorite he asked in a panicked manner if she is okay and if she is hurt anywhere. He was very shocked when his mother allowed Roka and her sister to stay in their home as it would mean he would have to put up with her not only at school but at home as well.

Everyone helping Kenji from falling. In bonus manga omake, it is shown that in his childhood he already met Roka. He recalls this after the flashback and is shocked that he already knew her and was put off by her nature beforehand. Their first meeting starts off rocky as the first thing she does is punch him, despite him saving her clubroom from a fire. Later, along with the rest of the club, she attempts to force him to join, although she helps save him from falling out of a window.

d frag episode 12 ending relationship

Out of all the club members, Chitose and Kazama probably get along the least. They have a somewhat uneasy friendship as they are often A typical moment between Chitose and Kenji.

Chitose likes to physically abuse Kazama, often trying to step on him, calling him a foot fetishist. While on the other hand, Kazama tends to put up with her mocking, always retorting against her sadistic behavior.

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He was also very surprised by the fact that she is the current school president and regularly criticizes her abuse of power. However, despite their frequent disagreements, Chitose still goes to help save Kazama from the Band of 14 Devils along with the rest of the club, despite commenting that a man should be able to take care of himself. Kazama also helped her in defeating former school council president Tama Sakai leading to a mild respect from her. Also it was because of Chitose, that Kazama's reputation changed as the other students acknowledged him as her underling.

In bonus manga omake, it is shown that in his childhood he met Chitose and Chitose's Older Sister. He recalls this after the flashback and is shocked that he already knew her and was surprised by her possessing a shy personality to herself. She also went to save Kazama from the Band of 14 Devils along with the rest of the members.

d frag episode 12 ending relationship

In the manga, Sakura tells Kazama that she dislikes him for his big declarations of conquering the school and chatises him for his lack of action. This prompts him to quit the club to fufill his goals. However, her claim of disliking him turns out to be false, as she mentions during her battle with the 14 devils, she only uses water to avoid touching people she dislikes. Since she has no problems physically touching Kazama, this implies that she does indeed like him.

Like the rest of the members of the the club, Kazama is often stupefied by her behavior and considers her the most mysterious. He also gets annoyed when the latter calls herself his little sister often making retorts that are ignored. Because Shiou was studying at his father's company at the beginning of the series, Kenji was initially unaware of him when he first joined. They would eventually meet when Shiou returned and was chasing after Roka.

Out of all the club members, these two interact the least. Because of Shiou's love for Roka, he is envious of Kenji's close relationship with her, particularly the fact that Kenji was pouched more times than him. As a result, Shiou one-sidedly views Kenji as his love rival and challenges him for Roka, specifically for her pouch. Kenji for the most part considers Shiou to be just as weird as the rest of the club members. Specifically, he is put off by Shiou's bright and masochistic personality, although he is willing to accept his challenge regardless of the reason.

Despite their differences, Shiou appears to one-sidedly view Kenji as a friend, as outside of the club Shiou occasionally hangs out with the Kazama Party, much to Kenji's dismay. Because of her lazy nature, Kazama often questions why she is even a teacher and is always telling her to do her job properly. Minami and Kazama do not interact a lot as she does not always come to the club.

During the times she does come, she often chooses to sleep. In the manga, after Kenji chooses to leave the club to pursue taking over the school, Minami is the one who helps cover for him from the school. She offers him advice to stop, but he simply brushes her off.

After he returns to the club, their relationship goes back to normal.


Takao Takao showing interest in Kenji. Takao's first meeting with Kazama was during his suspension where she and her club members wore masks to try and convince him to leave the Game Creation Club Temp.

d frag episode 12 ending relationship

Initially, Takao thought of Kazama as a delinquent and a pervert, falsely informed by Minami who described him as a foot fetishist. In return, Kazama was put off by Takao in their first meeting and refused to leave the club but when she tried to persist he became frustrated which caused him to think of her as crazy and annoying. However, after he helps her reconcile with Roka, her impressions of him gradually improve, although she still calls him a pervert time to time.

d frag episode 12 ending relationship

Takao later develops a crush on Kazama but denies it heavily when asked. This crush is well known by Chitose who is amused by itRoka who competes with TakaoTsutsumi Inada and Funabori In the manga, she develops her crush on him after he helps her avoid her punishment from the Game Creation Club Temp after losing the school festival bet.

Also Kazama defended Takao from Fujisaki as well as purchasing a game Takao wanted, despite waiting in a long line all day and Takao jealously running off because of his talk with Roka. Afterwards, Takao starts hanging around the Temp club in order to be more closer to Kazama while neglecting her own club activities and often tries to get him to join her club only to be denied.