College relationship memes

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college relationship memes

NoGrillzOnTheInternet. Repost. Create a Site -; Vote; -. Recaption. Share. Tweet. WhatsApp. Pin It. Email · school · university · finals · Memes · funny · college. A college relationship: Trying to make friends first semester of freshman year: When you get your record number of likes on Instagram. College is a wonderful time. It's new, fun, and you're independent. Yet there are those characteristic moments and feelings that every college.

Debating about whether or not you really need to go to first period, because you really need those Chicken Minis and if you don't get them, you might die. This is what it feels like. Your last high school sports game.

college relationship memes

Front rows of the student section all season long. Chanting and yelling and face painting. Some nights it's warm.

college relationship memes

You get to wear your letterman, feel it's leather holding you together when, finally, your team loses and you realize: Never agai This is what it feels like Athletes on the field, court, track for the last time. Running or hitting, hearing the crowd yell, shouting at your teammates, shouting at you. Abs from laughing in the locker room, slipping your jersey on over your head, lacing up your shoes.

college relationship memes

You've never felt more pumped up in vour life. Now the court is empty. The field is dark.

The game is over. Never again This is what it feels like, Your last winter break. Celebrating the holidays with your family, your friends. Those This is what it feels like. Everything you've ever known.

college relationship memes

Hot pockets in the freezer. Chips in the pantry.

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Glasses in the cabinet next to the microwave- the one you almost caught on fire when you were The way your dad sits in his favorite chair.

The way your mom looks when she gets home from work. Quarreling with your siblings.

College Memes Every Student Can Relate To!

Getting food on a whim with your best friend. Going on adventures to the railroad tracks. Those people you only talk to in class. People give you some looks, but who cares That's why you can't help but laugh when you see freshmen girls all dressed up for their 8 a. They'll learn soon enough.

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They know how much of a hassle it is to wake up, get ready for class and either walk a mile to the classroom building or spend an hour trying to find parking near it. So why don't they email us to let us know when they're not going to class?! Professors are always talking about the importance of modern technology, and yet they leave notes on their door or don't alert us at all when they have to take a day off.

It's always great to discover that you get to skip a class, but that feeling would be just as satisfying—more, actually—from the comfort of our dorm room. All they had to do was take two minutes to send us an email, and we could have stayed in bed! That's why this meme of a kid actually using a portable grill to make himself some bacon and eggs is just way too real. We never had the tools needed to do this in college, but if we had, this would have been us virtually every morning in lecture.

Screw that—your parents may have paid for your education and your professors may have helped guide you through all of your courses, but they weren't really what got you through college.

college relationship memes

They're the real MVPs, and they deserve all the praise and thanks we can give them. After all, they constantly told us when we were growing up that patience is a virtue, and isn't procrastination just having the patience to wait until the last possible second to start worrying about our responsibilities?!

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