Bourzat pechalat relationship quotes

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bourzat pechalat relationship quotes

you, Guillaume, said – and I quote you – „We would like a medal at .. Gabriella: They spend a lot of time working on their relationship. Quote Originally Posted by Cezar View Post. P.S. Nadine, I din't have a . Same for Pechalat & Bourzat and the Kerrs and Faiella & Scali and Capellini .. spins etc., but he has very little expression and relation to the music. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's Relationship Under 'Pressure' Cars Plummeting In ValueSmart Car Coverage - Auto Insurance Quotes.

Oh, my God, this is very mature of us! We just came and… [shrugging her shoulders] Guillaume: And the experience of winning all these competitions… has this changed you? Because there must be expectations, there must be pressure… Gabriella: Even if you tell yourself: So, yes, there is a lot of pressure, and I think that was our downfall this season, mostly on the short dance.

Yeah, we like to skate very fast, sometimes not so much into the details, but more… Guillaume: Because the practices are always good, most of the time.

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I can just be myself and have a show out there, and not be so freaked out about losing points, you know? I love Latin dances, I love watching Latin dances, on the floor. Plus, there are no much possible different choices for themes and musics. Iiiih, not so many! The thing about the free dance is that you get to really ice dance, and not dance on the ice. You know what I mean? And the short dance is more about dancing on the ice. And for me the short dance kind of feels like Dancing with the stars.

There are some dances though, like the Waltz, for example: A lot of dances are about the bounces on the floor, a lot of dances use the floor so much! In Swing, for example, the floor is like the main thing you use, to bounce and everything… How can you translate that on the ice, when you glide? This is such a different [dynamic]. I think we went as far as we could. But it still stays skating with a Swing theme.

So it will be a bit of a challenge, this Latin theme for next season… Guillaume: And in the course of the last three seasons, you did just that: So would you lead me a bit into the choice of music for your free dance this season?

Have you ever felt tempted to give up on it? Have you ever given up on a piece of music because you thought the judges, the public would consider it too original…?

We never gave up on something that we wanted because of the judges. At a certain point at least… Guillaume [nods]: At a certain point.

I know it was a struggle at the beginning of the year, because it was a really hard program to approach…. This was a music coming from you? Or from your team of coaches? It was from us [both smiling right now]. This is really what you wanna do? So you were kind of aware of what might happen… They pointed that out to you… Gabriella: Yeah, they pointed the risks and… Gabriella: The risks are actually the reason why we chose this music. And I do remember the faces of people when they first heard the music… Uuuuh!

Uuuuh, what is this?!

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And then I got intrigued, and I was like: And then I was like: So I just put it aside. So I made her listen to it, and she was like: I really like it too! You know when you have those… butterflies in the stomach, that excitement? And this was what we were looking for. This is so weird, but it could be so fantastic, you know?

And then we brought that to the coaches. And they were like… Gabriella: But first all the skaters in the rink were just like… Guillaume: And we had to rearrange the music, it was made by Karl Hugo, a composer from Montreal.

Yeah, it was kind of a compromise. It was a huge compromise. It would have been much more intense than that, I think. And it is a program that needs to grow on everyone. It was first skated in France, right? Yes, we first skated in the French Masters. And have you changed it a bit after…? It was like a puzzle, we just changed the puzzle. And now, remembering the reaction of the audience last night in Helsinki? Because it definitely grew on the public since you first showed it… Gabriella: At first… I remember that after almost each competition, maybe not Europeans, but I heard comments like: Oh, I really like your program but… mostly the second part.

I heard that so many times.

bourzat pechalat relationship quotes

Everybody liked the second part. People were just saying: I like your program.

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Not in parts, but the program as a whole. That was something that was really hard to achieve. Like we felt that the program was different pieces — and it was really hard to put all of them together, and make it work as a whole.

I might have read that somewhere: Uuuuu, aaaa, iiiii, aaaa, my ear bleeds! Yeah, because Olympics are somehow different than the rest of competitions… Guillaume: Yeah, it has to… Gabriella: It has to work early in the season. Yeah, it has to work right away. And we know we can do that with a lot of pieces, the choice is so large, but I think we really want to challenge ourselves still.

Yeah, we need to have those kind of… bubbles, you know, in the stomach… Like: Oh, I need to discover that!

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In Lyon we were under the impression that we had entered the dynamics of repetition. It was doing and redoing but not necessarily learning something new or going further. Maybe it was just the routine because we've been there for so long. At the same time we are learning from each other.

With the lifts for example, we've discussed a lot with Alex Gazsi to find solutions. We are also able to look at the other couples and find things to learn from them. So even if not everybody is competing at the same level, we still take something from them and the other way round. For example, there are Natalia Mikhailova and Arkadi Sergeev who have been working for years on the basic skills with Sasha, and have a way of gliding and a way of moving that we don't have yet.

These are things we have to work on and that we learn from them every day. Last year their theme was "Craziness", set to electronic music which told the story of succumbing to madness. The couple has been choosing their own music and ideas for programs for the past few years, and this season's circus-theme free dance is no exception.

But maybe it was too dark, too stratospheric, and so we were asking ourselves what can we do to change from this. We were looking for something more visual, more colorful, more fun, and we talked about it and suddenly thought of the circus as a theme.

bourzat pechalat relationship quotes

We had so much fun," she laughed. However, the dancers were in for a big disappointment at Skate Canada, not only because they skated poorly and were ranked third, but also because they received rather low levels for their lifts.

Nathalie PECHALAT & Fabian BOURZAT - Fou rire

They obviously take pride in their lifts that are usually well received and get high scores. Now they had to change their new lifts. There is always a lack of balance. The more years that pass, the more rules there are, and it becomes more and more difficult for us to find a balance. The choreography, the music, the costumes — this is our favorite part of ice dancing.

For us, it's really about creativity from A to Z. For the free dance, they were looking for a "costume change" in the middle of the program to reflect the change of mood from the sad clown to the cheerful clown, and so Bourzat's brown jacket suddenly had yellow sleeves! Both skated in her group before with different partners, and both didn't like the idea of skating together too much in the beginning.

We weren't friends at all," the dancer recalled with a smile. So we skated together, but we didn't talk much.