Ben leslie relationship

Ben and Leslie: The Relationship Bubble - Be the Change You Want to See in the World (Gandhi)

ben leslie relationship

Many of the ones I've chosen come from Seasons Three and Four, when Ben and Leslie's relationship was often a focal point, and many. After much ado (sorry about that) heres Part Three of the Ben/Leslie picspam, The Relationship Bubble. When everything is full of red wine, cuddling and crazy . Well, in one of the most heartbreaking Ben and Leslie situations, the two abandon their relationship in order to avoid the secret dating scandal.

Ben suspects that Leslie is trying to have Ann convince Chris to distribute more funds to the department and confirms his suspicions when he crashes their date at the same time Leslie crashes it, but Ben decides to let it play out. While at a gay club, Ben mentions the failure of the Ice Town project, showing that he used to be just as ambitious as Leslie, but Leslie gives him credit for trying.

ben leslie relationship

Ben listens to Leslie's presentation regarding the Pawnee Harvest Festival idea that will allow them to do their jobs properly and bring funds into the department.

When Ben asks what will happen if it doesn't bring in funds, Leslie says they can shut down the department, and Ben allows them to go forth with the festival.

He also becomes better friends with Tom, supporting him when he is rejected by a cologne magnate, although Tom does his fair share of ribbing Ben. After freezing up at the majority of questions asked, he then goes on a furious tirade at a later interview, prompting businesses to pull their sponsorships at the festival and putting the parks department in jeopardy.

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At the last interview at Pawnee Today, Ben finally stands his ground, stating that everyone does stupid things when they were teenagers and that he has since saved at least five cities from bankruptcy as an auditor. Leslie assures him that he is as responsible for the festival's success as she is, and has the local Native American chief Ken Hotate perform a fake ceremony to remove his "curse. It is implied that he made the decision to be closer to Leslie and that he and Leslie are attracted to each other, [13] but a new policy of Chris's forbids city employees to date each other and has halted any potential relationship.

But, after being assigned to a road trip that would cause them to be alone, Ben tells Leslie that he likes her. At the end of the episode, Leslie approaches Ben to hand him receipts and he kisses her.

ben leslie relationship

Andy and April offer him a spare room in their house, since their previous roommate moved out and left the house to them. Although the two have been living by themselves for only a week, the house is a complete mess with no everyday items like plates or utensils available.

Ben decides to teach a reluctant Andy and April how to properly live like adults. They are enjoying what Leslie calls "the bubble", or the beginning of a relationship when everything is simple and fun.

It is suddenly threatened, however, when Ben has a meeting with Leslie's mother Marlene, who wants Ben to approve the purchase of four new school buses despite a difficult budget season.

Afraid of ruining the bubble, Leslie initially tells Ben she is not related to Marlene. Right before Ben's meeting, however, Leslie admits Marlene is her mother, making him nervous and causing him to capitulate to all of her demands during the meeting, which makes Marlene consider Ben weak.

Leslie trains Ben for his next meeting with her mother. He impresses Marlene so much with his tough negotiation skills that she becomes flirtatious with him. An uncomfortable Ben tells Leslie they should tell her about their relationship, but Leslie does not want to lose the bubble. Fed up, Ben storms into Marlene's office and tells her that he is dating her daughter and asks her to keep it secret.

Marlene laughs off the situation and tells Leslie that she approves of Ben. In the season finale " Li'l Sebastian ", Leslie and Ben continue their romance, but they have difficulty keeping it a secret.

Ron finds out and warns them that Chris will fire them if he learns about it. As the city prepares for the memorial service for Li'l Sebastian, Pawnee's beloved celebrity miniature horse, Leslie and Ben are caught making out by a maintenance worker, so they send him home in exchange for his silence. Unfortunately, the worker had the propane for Li'l Sebastian's memorial flame, which results in later confusion behind the scenes, that Leslie and Ben struggle to fix throughout the night.

Later, although the memorial turned out to be a success, things get even more complicated when Leslie is approached by scouts looking for potential candidates for elected office. They believe she would be a good candidate for upcoming city council seats, or possibly the mayoral position. With the expected increased media attention on her personal life, the scouts ask whether Leslie has any secret scandals in her life.

She denies any such scandals exist, thus omitting her secret relationship with Ben, and the scouts promise to contact her about preparing an electoral run.

Ben understands, giving Leslie a "Knope " button he had made. The little show that could, thriving in the minor details, small quips between characters and glances into the camera. But to say that Parks is a small show would be to criminally sell it short because, when it needed to, it handled the biggest moments with the best of them.

Lucky for Parks fans, creator Michael Schur is no slouch when it comes to penning big moments. For me, it stands as one of a few moments in my television viewing history that can be rated as perfect.

ben leslie relationship

The two waste little time feeling sorry for themselves, though, hitching a flight to France. This is common ground for television to tread when it comes to on-screen couples, but this storyline thrived thanks to the wonderful chemistry between Poehler and Scott. As per usual, though the storyline may have been ordinary, the way it played out with Leslie and Ben was anything but. How many couples would end up in a fountain just to prove a point?

They have also always been a great example of a modern relationship, free from sexist ideals. In the episode " Jerry's Painting ", he admits to Andy that he has feelings for Leslie and that she might have feelings for him also. He moves out of the motel he's been staying in and moves into April and Andy's house since Wyatt "Burly" Burlinson moved out and left them the house. In " Road Trip ", he and Leslie kiss.

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Season 3 leaves off with uncertainty as to which the relationship will continue because Leslie is contemplating running for office. Season 4 Edit Season 4 starts with Leslie being confused over whether to continue her secret romance with Ben or to follow her dreams and run for office.

However, this split does not rid the two of their feelings for each other. Leslie and Ben then decide it is best to tell Chris about their relationship, which results to Leslie being put on trial to see whether she used her relationship with Ben to get special treatment. Chris also brings up a maintenance worker, George Williamsthat saw Ben and Leslie kiss at Li'l Sebastian 's funeral, and whom they bribed to keep quiet.

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Leslie then decides to confess to the bribe but insists she received no special treatment due to her relationship with Ben. Leslie is then surprised when she receives only a two-week suspension with pay. She is then informed that Ben has resigned from his job in order to save hers. Leslie then has Ethel read a transcript of her saying she loves Ben to him. Later, Ben attempts to find a job but then decides, with advice from Jean-Ralphio to take it easy and to try to find something that truly makes him happy.

Ben then starts going crazy from having nothing to do and tries to find new hobbies. These include creating the idea for the Low-Cal Calzone Zone and making a stop-motion movie. When Ben is finally at his breaking point, Leslie decides to ask him to be her campaign manager, to which Ben accepts. Right before the election results are announced, Ben is offered the chance by Jennifer Barkley, Bobby's former campaign manager, to run a congressional campaign in Washington D. Originally, Leslie convinces him not to go, but the two eventually decide it is what is best for Ben and that they will continue their relationship long-distance when he leaves Pawnee.

When Leslie wins the election, she tells him that one day she wants to read the concession speech he wrote for her. He then reveals that he never wrote one for her, knowing she would win.

Season 5 Edit Ben successfully runs a congressional campaign during the first five episodes of the season while often stating that he misses Leslie. He is offered another campaign manager job that would take him to Florida, but he turns it down because he loves Leslie too much to keep staying away from her. When Ben returns to Pawnee, he proposes to Leslie and they move into a house together. Later, Ben turns down multiple job offers in Pawnee and provides Tom Haverford's company, Rent-a-Swag, with accounting advice.

Ben's male friends threw him a bachelor party, which consisted of beer and the board game "Settlers of Catan". Ben won and understood that his friends found the game boring.

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He agreed to go with them on a series of "bachelor parties" that they never had. Ben and Leslie had a spontaneous wedding ceremony at City Hall, attended only by their close friends. Ben subsequently ends up working for Sweetums, at a division dedicated to improving their public image by funding charities. He also takes on Andy as an assistant.

ben leslie relationship

Season 6 Edit Ben loses his job at Sweetums after Leslie makes a public statement criticizing the company. During his time off, he invents a complicated game called "The Cones of Dunshire". When Chris and Ann announce their intention to leave Pawnee in order to raise their baby, Chris decides to hand over his job as City Manager to Ben.

Ben had taken a job at the accounting firm that he had turned down several times previously, but he accepts the City Manager job.