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Sep 27, Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal (BG2 Expansion, PC) Endings FAQ Mazzy Minsc Nalia Sarevok Valygar Viconia Viconia Romantic Final Words. .. They couldn't be called peaceful, by any means, but her relationship with. Minsc is a neutral good human ranger and a potential companion. Relationships Minsc is available to recruit from Baldur's Gate Chapter 2. .. towards anyone too fast without rational thinking, which often ends up getting him into trouble. No group is complete without Minsc and Boo, because Minsc is the . in Baldurs gate 1 I nearly always use Alora and in bg2 I nearly . Keldorn has the happiest ending -- I gave him leave to spend time with I almost always have Valygar along long enough to become her squire and I love her relationship.

I'm sure once you've had a second look, you'll know what a big mistake you've made.

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Now run along, we'll be waiting right here. Larze will find picture and see for sure. You will wait here until Larze gets back. You were going to ask about my name, weren't you? Everyone wants to know about it, and you're probably no different! Actually, I was just interested in directions. You mean you don't Oh you think it's funny do you?!

You mess up the local economy with your treasure, you upset the balance of nature, you flash your magic around, and because of it maybe somebody's son thinks it's fun and goes out and gets himself killed!

It's a bad example and somebody ought to kick your ass for it! Don't get mad at me if "somebody's son" couldn't handle being out from under mom's skirt! Should've taught him to fight instead of dirt-farming! You have saved cluck me. Methinks you are no ordinary talking chicken! I fear I have taken one too many blows to the head! Next I'll be hearing hamsters speak! Unholy magics are afoot! This chicken is possessed! This bird is FOUL!!! What makes you think you are going to rule everything?

That's a pretty big job for such a Have ye no ears to hear?! It is as Tiax said! Cyric himself will lift Tiax "on-high," hurtling me to my rightful place when the time comes! You shall all be as ants before my grace, though slightly larger ants than the norm if you help me. So your whole belief system centers around some celestial midget-toss? I'm not a member of the 'Up With Dwarves League,' you know! I don't want to seem c-confrontational, but could you be a little less Ye live longer if ye don't annoy me.

Mayhaps even a week or more. You wouldn't kill a man with a wife and ten children, would you? No way, you've got a fate worse than death already. Aye, now there's the rapscallion! Set on the little wisp, now, and make every bolt count! Winthrop, you old fool!

If I had an arrow for every one of these practical jokes you've played on me, I'd I don't know, I'd have a lot of arrows! Well met, my friend.

Yes, ye'd run me right out of the fletching business in a flash, ye would! It's good to see your impish face again! Now fill me in on what it is ye've been doing lately. I've been adventuring, Winthrop. There's a world out there and it needs a righteous old kick in the arse every now and again, doesn't it?

Spoken with the wisdom of a true fool! By the gods, I love this bastard child! Shadow of Amn manual[ edit ] p 4. Yes, ye shall find many useful tidbits within this morass of infomation that Volo has seen fit to call a book. I shall clarify as needed. So be it, scribble where ye must. Don't forget to decide which spell to memorize before resting! In certain circumstances, the best defense is a good offence - Elminster A sharp pen is sometimes better than a sword, I've found - Volo p 18 under "Items Proterty Page" about write magic e.

Many a mage has wasted their life seeking scrolls with spells to add to their collection. I've spent the past six months journeying around the lands of Amn, suffering trials and tribulation the like of which you can only imagine! Lumpy mattresses, rude serving wenches and thin, tasteless ale - such is the price I willingly pay to bring forth this fountain of knowledge. Forever in thy service, - Volothamp Geddarm A notorious embellisher and braggart, Volo's guide is remarkably accurate - for him.

Perhaps this reflects the influence of an unnamed, wiser eye looking over Volo's shoulders. Who helps you, Irenicus? You're going to die alone and you know it!

Uncle Quayle, you're okay! I knew Kalah would trip over himself, eventually. I'm just pleased he despiced me enough to play with me rather than dispose of me like some of the others!

What would I ever do without you? I think you need to find out, my dear. I've taught you everything I can. I wasn't always, my dear. You changed that, Aerie. But I can't keep you here for myself forever.

Oh Quayle, I would miss you! Then you shall have to come and visit me from time to time with my blessing, girl. Take--Take care of the circus while I'm away. Oh, don't worry about me. If you find happiness, maybe the pain of losing your wings will be lessened Be well, my Aerie. My wings have been clipped What was it like to fly, Aerie? It's the ultimate freedom, to soar above the clouds and become part of the wind, itself. I remember I used to be so happy.

I thought they were all gone. Most of us were, according to what I remember my mother telling me. Killed my the dragons before the First Flowering. My own people live high in the mountains to the far south, in a palce called Faenya-Dail, separated from contact with others. My memory is dim, but whenever the thought of it crosses my mind, my eyes still blur with tears.

Tell me more about your people, Aerie. There was no place you could not spread you wings We cherished the wind and the rains There were distinct societies among us, as I remember. And my own class pursued art and knowledge, building the great buildings and filling them with glorious wonders. This light makes your hair look really pretty, Jaheira. Don't be a fool, it does nothing of the sort. Put your silly romantic notions aside, Aerie. This isn't some childish fantasy, nor some grand adventure.

Any one of us could die out here at any moment. But we can go to the priests and--and they raise us from the dead again, as good as new, can't we? Sometimes they don't come back!

Sometimes some people, no matter how much you love them and no matter what you try to do, get You'll figure it out soon enough. I have been looking at the scars The stumps that were Must you act so pathetically within the earshot of others? Are you truly so witless? I was talking to him, not to you! You've made your feelings on everything apparent enough! Oh, did I hurt your feelings? Have I scarred our precious butterfly even worse, now? I just respect your opinion.

I don't think they make you ugly, Aerie. I suppose I am too proud, that I miss my white wings so. When I was first enslaved, I was kept in a small cage and put on display. I had no room to stand, buch less stretch my wings. I tried to warn my captor, I pleaded to him Until, finally, he was forced to I've felt like a great part of me has been missing ever since. You placed too much of yourself in your wings, Aerie.

You have to look at the rest of yourself and find beauty in that, too. But I shall try to think as you say You seem to be limping, Jan.

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Have you been hurt recently? I was smuggling crackers into Waterdeep several years back. The Council had outlawed them due to near constant cracker-related debauchery, you see The Council had sealed off all ports and mobilized the army to stop all cracker entry.

The city was shut down, martial law was declared and people huddled in their homes for fear and want of crackers. I could not stand idly by while such persecution was visited on the somewhat innocent peoples of Waterdeep.

So I smuggled crackers. Salted, unsalted, and herb-riddled alike, it mattered not. All came in and all were consumed in secret orgies of cracker-related tomfoolery.

Then came the unpleasant business with the hanging. Innocent elvish lass, have to watch the tongue uh Yes, that will do. The moral of the story is, you reap what you sow. I still own a warehouse full of saltines. I send a box each year to all my friends. Seem to have fewer friends each year as a result, but that's to be expected. What does that have to do with your wooden leg? I have no wooden leg. Why yes, I suppose I am, at that. I have a question for you, Imoen Does this mean you will turn into the Slayer as well?

I certainly hope not. I've been thinking more and more lately about that, myself, though. It must be an awful feeling. Sometimes, when it's quiet I can hear the taint in my heart whispering to me. It says awful things and I almost want to scream to shut them out. Oh, come on, Aerie! I'll tell ya what, if I have any desires to murder you in the middle of the night, you'll be the first to know, okay?

That's not very funny, Imoen. Well, it's been so much easier when I discovered all the Slayer really wants is a sandwich Everyone seems determined to make fun of me. I'll stand back here, thank you. Oh, to Hades with the manners, he is a complete bastard, and calling him that insults bastards everywhere!

Conversations started by Nalia[ edit ] Nalia: Although I'm sure you could spare a lot more A golden sword wouldn't be so bad Pretty much only good for one swing, actually. Sounds pretty useless to me. I never said I was going to-- Jan: Oh, don't go and tell me you don't want one. I've heard you mumbling in your sleep, you chatty little man.

I'd like to see you try and fight with one. Cernd [ edit ] Conversations started by Cernd[ edit ] Cernd: As the simple wasp must coerce the flower to release its nectar, so will I rip your throat from its moorings and drain your lifeblood if I do not see Deril and my child!

Cernd, that was quite the outburst. I didn't think you had it in you. It's not so much in me as in a puddle around me.

Scared myself, I did. Well, that was unpleasant. I guess I should expect more of the same to come. As the trees are buffeted and snapped in the face of the gale, I shall be as the bamboo and flex. What is you, a big sissy? Do you clean pack sometimes or just pretend?

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Bhaal once drop hammer on big godly toe. Jump around and swear for days, he did. Kicked poor me all the way to Baator. Very bad week, that. Cespenar only serve the Great One. You'se nice maybe, but you'se still a nobody. Cool bastard sword, oh yes. Why bastard, you think? I keep looking, but I runnings out of recipes soon.

Needs to find Martha, soon. She around Hell somewhere, I thinks. Is good bedtime readings, maybe? Is Tome of Golems. What you do with so many rocks? Ahhhhhh, the flail of many heads Greetings. I am Edwin Odesseiron. You simians may refer to me merely as "Sir," if you prefer a less Well, it would seem the leader of our little group has impregnated the impressionable circus child.

And here I thought she was merely getting chubby without the ring master's whip to keep her in shape. Have you nothing else to do but bother me?! Go bother someone else! The Nine Hells, is it? I felt your infernal power tugging at me, but I was coming here anyway.

There might be profit, yet, by remaining at your side You cannot hope to defeat us in this final reckoning! Your end is near at hand, wail if you must!! Leaving the party in the Pocket Plane Well certainly! There is soo much to keep a great magus such as myself busy here!

Although killing the wizard could lead to the acquisition of several powerful magic items Could my opinion of this group drop any lower? An open invitation to fling spells at paladins, former or not! You've obviously exceeded your lowborn heritage and surged to the vanguard of goonery! Oh, do shut up, girl!! When the Protagonist is asking for advise from the party about the decision to achieve godhood or reject it.

Why are you looking at me? Take the power, already. Isn't that what you came here for? I didn't follow this insufferable monkey around to see all its divinity lost!

What would I get out of that?! I 'eard they found someone usin' foul magic down here. Arrested 'im, they did. Speak once more against those with enough intelligence to grind you into salt and I'll instill a bit more respect in you, fool. Conversations started by Edwin[ edit ] Edwin: Tell me, Jaheira, how does it feel to have significant ties to a ruthless secret society whose stranglehold over its member's conduct borders on endentured slavery. Edwin, an oak staff can cave a skull from only inches away.

And no one would mourn your passing. Overflowing with agendas and cloaked in conspiracy. The Harper corridors clot with the blood of those who dared raise opposition of their oppressive regime. But I will speak no more, out of respect for your Ah yes, your little stick. I've been spying you from afar, Viconia, and your frankness, bearing and grace have beguiled me quite profoundly.

I'm certain there is a condition to your appraisal, Edwin. A Thayvian only has one person in their world: The reputation of my kindred is from untrustworty sources. Like the dark elves, a victim of cruel machinations and falsehoods. Unlike yourself, however, I am an outcast from my people. Your brethren's loss is our gain Flattery will serve you no purpose, male.

I believe, Viconia, that I have gained a greater respect for your And I, Edwin, have grown no more appreciative of the sound of your voice since the day I first encountered its nasal whine. Walk away, Edwin, I am in no mood for you. Out with it, gnome!

I see that you are fabricating another of your fanciful lies as you look at me! Oh, don't get all huffy. It's just that, at this angle you look a lot like my Uncle Ager of the Tomes. Ah, and I suppose he had a comical disfigurement, or his mind fell a few coppers short of a silver, or that his tremendous odor kept the stars afloat, or some other thinly disguised failing told ONLY to demean me in the eyes of others! Eh, no, he was a mage.

Tell me, Edwin, are you having trouble at home? I shouldn't wish to alarm anyone, but I just wanted to point out that Jan has failed to produce a story. Can the apocalypse be far?

Readier than a red-cheeked maiden, my friend! I do not care o'ermuch for being prodded all the time Wouldn't you rather a tune? A sonnet, some grand melody?

Fine, have it your way, my raven! Most importantly, she learned she was no longer one of them, and stopped pining for wings she wouldn't use anyway. Aerie eventually became a high priestess in Understone, a gnomish village her mentor Quayle had sometimes spoken of.

He had been her true family, and it was among his people that she finally found peace. Their later years would hold one last great trek, however, as Aerie still suffered a sadness from her time enslaved and the loss of her wings. Together she and sought the Avariel of Faenya-Dail, the winged elves she was stolen from so long ago. They discovered not only her people, but loving parents that had spent years searching for their lost child. With no more mystery or confusion to cloud their lives, it was there, among the clouds, that Aerie and would finally be married.

Their union, it is said, was blessed by visions of Aerdrie Faenya and Baervan Wildwanderer both. He had closely witnessed the dark power inherent in the Bhaal child, and no matter 's intent, it caused a crisis of faith.

His confidence in Helm shaken, Anomen traveled without aim until arriving in the frontiers of Maztica. This was during the revolt of Yamash, an evil cleric that raised a demonic conquering horde. Anomen was drawn into the conflict, helping to organize the besieged Maztican soldiers, but he found he could not effectively train them without speaking of duty and the role a guardian must play; he was teaching the doctrine of Helm, and understanding it more as he did.

In the end, his words rang true, and Yamash fell to the Disciples of Anomen, a new Order for a new land. So prolific were their careers that the proposed date of their wedding kept getting moved back, either due to impending crisis or some lucrative adventure that one or the other would insist on investigating.

Finally a date approached that both and her beloved were determined to keep, and the much heralded event drew heroes and dignitaries from across Faerun. The couple had touched the lives of many, and those people arrived in droves to watch Elminster himself unite the two in one of the grandest ceremonies the city of Baldur's Gate had ever seen.

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Anomen and retired from public life shortly thereafter, although, if tales be true, their adventures never truly ended. His duty to nature constantly called him away, however, and the boy grew bitter. Years later Cernd attained the title of Grand Druid, but stopped the ascension when he learned that his long-estranged child now wielded twisted magics, and commanded an army threatening the Sword Coast.

Cernd abdicated, citing that he could not hold such responsibility when he had been so grossly deficient in his personal obligations. Neither Cernd nor Ahsdale would survive when they finally met in battle. They were strangers to each other, and the only common ground they found was where they fell, a spot that gave rise to a wondrous oak that turns the gravest of reds at season's change. In time he achieved enough influence to subjugate even the Red Wizards themselves, becoming the greatest leader they had known in recent memory.

Very recent memory, it turns out, as he was deposed scant days later. Such is the brief nature of conquerors in Thay, practically lining up for their turn in power. His only notable appearance following this embarrassment was in battle with Elminster of Shadowdale himself, a short affair that saw the end of Edwin's existence in the Realms. Edwina, however, tends bar in a Waterdeep tavern. She is a bitter, bitter woman.

He visited such varied locales as Waterdeep, Neverwinter, and Thay, eventually fleeing each one after innocently immersing himself in local troubles. Later he would befriend a female Cambion and return with her to the Abyss, only to unintentionally end up leading a revolt on several layers of the hells.

For a time, Haer'Dalis was the most-hunted man among the planes, but the ire of his enemies could not match his wanderlust, and he eventually found his way back to the city of Sigil unharmed in any permanent fashion. There he rejoined Raelis's acting troupe and was pleased to finally settle down - until the next misunderstanding, of course. She had long stood in the shadow ofbut she was her own person, and would find her fate where she pleased.

She returned to Candlekeep for a time, her formidable skill in magic granting a greater appreciation for its tomes. It was smaller than she remembered, however, and she did not stay long.

Later she was seen in such vaunted company as Khelben "Blackstaff" and Elminster, by all accounts encouraging them to not be such stick-in-the-muds.

Her influence grew over time, and she may have founded a thieves' guild that now operates all the way to Neverwinter. When asked of this she always answered with a smile of purest innocence. It was her duty to protect the greater balance of things, but in the years to come she found an increased portion of that fight occurring within her own mind.

Witness to great change while in 's company, she had become acutely aware of how fleeting life was, and how the loss of those she held dear ate away at her thoughts. In time she would be known as a tireless champion of balance, one that sometimes acted in concert with the Harpers and sometimes did not.

Always, however, she remained distant and guarded, never staying long in any one place. Jaheira would cross the Realms thrice over, but she never did return to Tethyr or the Sword Coast. They couldn't be called peaceful, by any means, but her relationship with weathered it all.

Theirs was an unshakable union, and while duty or adventure might separate them for even years a time, they always returned to one another. Her friends would marvel at how secure in this Jaheira seemed to be, especially considering her initial reluctance, but she would chuckle when thinking back on those first cautious days.

After all, she and had literally been to the hells and back, and when the gods themselves couldn't separate the two, what were simple months and miles going to do? She lived long and well.

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Not always withbut never truly apart from him. According to his published memoirs, "A Jansen in Every Port", after a short prison term for monkey smuggling, he returned to his first love This led to the now infamous Gibbon Riot of '72, a tumultuous and altogether unclean event that seemed to center on the estate of the Shadow Thief Vaelag.

Jan would deny that he had planned the downfall of the rogue, but he was unable to explain what practical application he had intended for a horde of knife-wielding simians. Nevertheless, the death of the admittedly disliked and generally suspect Vaelag could not be attributed to the young gnome.

Strangely enough, Jan had alibis for each and every second of the day in question, and what a day it must have been!

Relatives from across the Realms came forward to say that he had stopped in for tea and turnips. At his later wedding to Lissa, Jan was asked how he managed to be in so many places at once, and yet still so far from the scene of the crime.

He retired to Athkatla, hoping to live in as much peace as an old warrior can expect, but the call to serve came one last time. It was years later, and Amn was besieged by giants. In his 60th winter, Keldorn and five knights held a strategic pass until the main Amnish force could arrive. He won the day, but his wounds were severe and the old paladin fell on the battlefield.

As his knights watched, the hand of Torm descended upon the scene, and when it departed, Keldorn was gone. From that day, visions of the True God were accompanied by the stalwart ghostly form of Keldorn at his right hand. He took control of an entire dwarven clan, killing their leader in secret and guiding their revenge to a target of his choosing. He could have lived in luxury, but his thirst for carnage was immeasurable, and he stunned the Realms by pushing deep into the Underdark.

The blind fury of the clan took even the dark elves by surprise, but holding territory in the home of the drow is a hopeless proposition. Korgan was last seen burying his axe in the gullet of a high priest of Lolth, laughing as he struck. Dwarven legend immortalized the image, and his bloodlust is now called a crusade.