Arhi ff love hate relationship song

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arhi ff love hate relationship song

Posts about ArHi written by mishti A car halted opposite theirs and Arnav heard the same song being played in the next car Just as he shifted Maybe she had a love marriage. .. This OS has been inspired from the same lil ad of Tata Docomo.. I “I know but I hate travelling in metros or buses. Read Season 2 - Part 32 - Arshi Drunk Love from the story MAJBOORIYAAN by Part 40 - ASR song Marry each other for family & fall in love with each other but before they take their marriage to. Arnav: but I love you kushi don't hate me. 2 - Part 18 & 19 - Arshi Romance.. from the story MAJBOORIYAAN by Anaya_vmathur (Anaya Mathur) with reads. ipkknd, lovehaterelationship, love.

If she had misplaced that, it would mean trouble. Ok… Show it to me on your laptop. Or are you just lying to save your skin. Arnav was clearly angry now It was a terrible moment for Khushi. She had worked hard on the designs from the past many days.

But had forgotten to save it on their server. How could she have saved it on her Desktop when she knew that the items get deleted by default in 24 hours and there is no way to retrieve the same…? And you very well know what Im trying to say.?

Arshi FF: Humdard Chapter 2 – barunieeelover

She knew she was right but she had to convince him some way. And at this moment this is what I understand… There are no designs at all is what I get from all this.

Crypto: The LOVE-HATE Relationship. My Truth 💔

As Arnav turned to look at his table, he saw bright yellow note sitting on the right hand side of his table and he was ashamed of himself for mixing his personal and professional life. He very well knew that all this was happening because Khushi had a special someone in her life and his feelings were not reciprocated. Whatever it was, he had no right to shout on Khushi and accuse her like that… She was trying to make him understand but he was not in a state to listen to anything.

You know Arnav very well right. Your dad has sent you here for me to make you the best. Im sure we are going to rock it. You have a bright future in designing… I have seldom seen newcomers with talent as yours.

Arshi FF: Humdard Chapter 2

You are an asset to this organization. Make you do what? Are you happy with your puffed up face? Poor Mohan was shocked when Arnav told him where they are going. Asking him again in case he had heard wrong Mohan started the car… Half an hour drive amidst traffic and Arnav had reached to his in laws place… The whole house was decorated with lights and flowers… He could hear hustle bustle inside the house. Taking quick steps to the stairs that lead to the terrace and opening the half open door, he saw her sitting there with her back to him on their wooden home swing …He noticed that she was looking at the stars…He had just started to take baby steps towards her when she turned back and saw him.

Or am I imagining you…? Say No, please… 4 days and Ive missed you so much. I didnt know bhaiyya was just behind you…I promise. Devi maiyya ki kasam that I wont call you that in front of anyone.

I was just teasing you. Di tells me that I need to search it in 30 seconds. Some rasam I guess.

arhi ff love hate relationship song

Maybe she was just missing being around him. It was her first job and he had helped her a lot in what she was today. Khushi realized Arnav was just looking at her all the while she talked.

Aman comes to Arnav and asks him to start the show. Hence Arnav and Aman walk to the stage and Aman starts the formal introduction to the press and other businuess subordinates regarding this fashion show. Arnav walks on the stage and stands next to Aman and takes over from him. Arnav answers most of the press people's questions. But surpringly he doesnt have any answer to one of the spokespersons Question Q: Are you planning to get married after this lauch of your designs?

Arnav is lost in deep thoughts not knowing what to answerjust then his Sweet little sister walks upto to him and answers the question. Khushi reaches the place where the fashion is held.

She just sneaks into the backstage to see the actual event. Her eyes fall on the person Arnav on the stage. She is taken aback by the authoritatve voice of the person on the stage addressing the press.

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She still doesnt see their faces, after a while feeling disappointed she turns araound and tries to go back to the handicraft exhibition. She is on her way but accidently she opens a room to check what is in the room. She sees all the clothes present in room waiting for the models to be worn and walk on the show. Khushi silently enters the room sending silent prayers to her devimaiyya that she should not be caught. She finds one dress very nice and turns around to see if anybody is noticing her and picks up the dress and wears it.

In the meantime most of the models come and start picking their dresses as instructed by Aman and go to change. One by one the models walk the ramp exhibiting the new collection design of AR corp. Arnav on the other hand is eagerly waiting to watch the exclusive design which he had designed which was supposed to be worn by his top model " LAVANYA".

Lavanya on the other hand is totally engrossed with her phone that she forgets to gets dressed up.

Love-Hate Story By Arshi Sobti.

Khushi wears the dress and is just admiring herself in the huge mirrior. Aman comes to the room and sees a woman in the room in the dress which was dresigned by ASR and thinks its Lavanya. He just enters the room and without seeing tells " Lavanya its your turn to walk on the ramp" and leaves out closing the door. Khushi comes out of her thoughts after hearing Aman's voice and gets tensed. In the meantime one of the model walks upto khushi and asks her to walk with her to the ramp.

You are still here LA. Aman has asked to be ready and walk the ramp since you are the next after nisha.

arhi ff love hate relationship song

See i am not the La. My name is Khushi. I have come here by mistake and since i liked this dress i just tried it.