Archies weird mysteries ending relationship

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archies weird mysteries ending relationship

The cartoon was “Archie's Weird Mysteries”, the first new animated cartoon You end up having a series that spans 40 episodes that feature Archie the jock who has a love-hate relationship with Archie, and Jughead Jones. It was another day in Riverdale, nearing the end of July, and it was a bright, .. I talk highly of you a lot but when I mentioned the relationship he. Archie's Weird Mysteries - The Complete Series: Movies & TV. The only thing that is similar in each episode is the end when Archie writes out.

The film took the bizarre step of following the characters as adults, making sure to give them all various forms of dysfunction.

Set fifteen years after graduation, the story envisions Archie as a lawyer returning to Riverdale for his high school reunion. Betty is now in a verbally abusive relationship, Veronica is a four-time divorcee, and Jughead has a fear of women. Archie's romantic feelings for both Betty and Veronica re-emerge, threatening to put an end to his engagement to a third woman. The innocence that tempered the real-world stuff is gone. Predator If you thought The Punisher was the weirdest Archie crossover, think again.

There were several other especially kooky ones, including one from in which Riverdale's teens meet Predator. The one that famously made Arnold Schwarzenegger say, "If it bleeds, we can kill it. In the crazy four-part tale Archie vs. Predator, the Predator arrives on Earth, looking for new trophies to collect.

Archie's Weird Mysteries

He ends up in Riverdale, where he begins to hunt down the local teenagers. Several teens actually die often gruesomely as a result, marking this as an unusually dark entry in the franchise. Upon realizing what's happening, our red-headed hero bands his crew together to fight back. Here's the sick twist: Where-oh-where is Arnie when you need him?

Goldwater gave the okay, leading to nineteen comics in which Archie and friends spread the word of God. At one point, Veronica even tells Archie that "Betty is going steady with Jesus. We can safely presume that he is Christ come to Earth in disguise. After advising the gang to love their enemies, he makes Liberace appear in a field of flowers. Your guess is as good as ours on the meaning of this one. Perhaps needless to say, the Spire comics were not aimed at mainstream Archie fans.

Even Superman met his maker in a famous early-'90s run. It's a way of shaking things up, in addition to drawing attention to a series. The trick to making it work is to have a solid story that justifies the death, so that it doesn't come off like a cheap stunt. InArchie bit the dust in an acclaimed tale that garnered a lot of recognition. Kevin Keller, the first openly gay character ever to appear in the series, is now a U.

One of his key platforms is gun control. This, of course, is a hot-button issue that raises strong emotions on both sides.

A disgruntled constituent attempts to assassinate Kevin. Archie, spotting the assailant and wanting to protect his friend, jumps in front of the bullet. His dying words, delivered to Betty and Veronica, are "I've always loved you.

Sharknado Here's yet another kooky mash-up. There have since been three sequels, as audiences apparently can't get enough of the intentionally outrageous concept and over-the-top action sequences.

Or maybe they can. We asked a few more questions like if he had ran into two teens last night. He couldn't fully remember and our interview was over. We thanked him and left. Once in the car and drove off I busted out into laughter. We can go on our date! Archie sighed but agreed. Now at the mall we just walked inside. Archie was sulking while the four of us wondered around a bit to get to the arcade area. That monster is still out there and my hottest lead turns out to be a dead end.

That guy was two nuts in one shell. A health nut and just a plain nutty nut. I'm gonna laugh to death.

In reality I never really leave without my bag. I don't like purses and it's my lucky bag. I just shrugged and walked with Jughead to the arcade. When we went into the arcade we immediately started playing some games. I earned a few tickets and was getting closer to the prize I wanted.

archies weird mysteries ending relationship

It was a big one so it cost a lot more. After that Jughead and I played a two player racing game. You can't pass me! Yo can't pa-you passed me. How did you pass me?! I lightly laughed as I gained another speed boost.

I'm playing a game here! Right when I was about to win. This better be good! She turned us around and looked at us.

archies weird mysteries ending relationship

Suddenly a woman in a green skirt suit and brown hair in an up do ran past the arcade entrance in a hurry. We've gotta find Archie!

We went to where Archie was sitting but he wasn't there. Jughead figured he was already following the monster so we decided to try and help anyway we could.

We saw Archie's back go through the door leading to the emergency stairs as we soon followed. I bolted as fast as I could down the steps as I saw my cousin laying on the ground, unconscious. Archie then came to. You must've got knocked out while chasing the monster. I pulled away from him and saw his shirt was ripped. I began checking him for injuries. Um, Aria, what are you doing? I'm seeing if you got hurt anywhere else.

It doesn't look like it. I helped him up when I noticed he had a bottle of Zoom on him. We decided to take him to the car. On the way out, as Jughead took over letting Archie lean on him, I took one of the free samples of Zoom. Could it have something to do with the monster? Since it was still early and the paper was running late today that means the paper would be out later in the afternoon to evening. That also means the monster story would be out then.

Once we got to the car Archie insisted he was fine. I had thought about the monster, what the health nut said, and this Zoom stuff. He said he had no memory, like Archie just experienced, and he, too, had a bottle of Zoom like Archie did. Could there be a connection? Then why aren't more people affected. I had so many thoughts run through my head at that moment. We headed back to the house, after dropping Jughead at Pop's, as the three of us went inside. I had to see Dilton about this.

Allegro heard me say that and grabbed his leash immediately. I smiled and rubbed his head. I put my skates on and we were off quickly. I told Allegro to go to the school and we both headed there. He remembered where it was. On the way I decided to drink some Zoom so if it did affect me then Dilton would see me transform and figure it out. We made it there as I took my skates off and ran into the building.

Just as I thought. He's in the lab. I felt a huge burst of energy. Dilton was testing as I was getting the jitters. I didn't transform but now I was hyper beyond all reason. Can you sit still for 5 minutes? I know I was getting annoying but that's what happens when I drink energy drinks.

I presume coffee would do the same thing, since it did once when I was smaller, and yet soda and a certain amount of sugar didn't. I saw an article about two monsters. The one at the mall and at the health club at the same time. So health nut was one. Does that mean Archie could be another? I dashed back to the lab. I showed Dilton the paper and explained how both of them had the Zoom.

He told me about the small mutated side affect that affects certain genes and how, even though Archie and I are cousins, it didn't affect me. I was now calmed down from the rush. I then thought about it.

I have to warn him. I then let him go and put Allegro on his leash. We left and managed to run into Jughead and Betty. I told them about the Zoom and They told me about what happened. We decided to get Archie's car, drop Jughead off at his house, and with Uncle Fred's permission I spent the night at Betty's.

I didn't have to work in the morning so that was convenient. I brought Allegro home and grabbed my stuff before sleeping at Betty's. We found the security guard and I explained that he was sleepwalking due to an energy drink that made him crash.


They agreed not to press charges nor arrest him because no damage was done. The guard guided us to the Orangutan area. He stirred but didn't wake up.

You're in the Orangutan cage at the zoo! How did I get in here? After we safely got him out I thanked the guard again for not having Archie arrested or anything like that. We got to his car, picked up Jughead, and headed over to see Dilton. I told him it would all be explained when we got there. When we arrived Dilton smiled up at me.

I spent last night testing her bottle of Zoom. She figured out, before we saw you transform, that both you and Mr. Stevenson had a bottle of Zoom on you when this happened and thought of a very small connection. This Zoom stuff is dynamite. It's designed to excite the adrenaline glands to produce extra energy in the consumer. Something Aria demonstrated last night. You know you're banned from energy drinks and coffee! She figured that since you two shared the same DNA of sorts that if she morphed she would have proof and a witness.

There's a freak isotope split on the matrix that can actually activate a primal mutation code in the subjects DNA. It's a rare effect that only happens to 1 in 10, because of it's uniqueness. Also found out males are more prone to it than females are so only 1 in 60, would be females that are affected.

Never the less it's only temporary, as proven, so we now need to figure out a plan to get this stuff off the market before more people transform. Either that or see if the company can improve it so it doesn't happen at all. There's a number for the customer service area.

Archie moved away from us to talk but soon came back. They thought it was some kind of crank call! We then decided to go see health nut to tell him why he's been morphing. I was starting to leave but then stopped. I had a small flashback. Then maybe people would visit me more often. I mean I know you do and that's nice but I mean others. It's back to the lab.

All Dilton wanted was to be noticed instead of just being used. I'll catch up with you later. I went over to him. After all everyone usually sees him when they need something. I don't want to do that. I looked over at Dilton to see he wasn't paying to us and only his beakers and other things. I snuck over and wrapped my arms around his shoulders from behind before kissing his cheek.

Just the two of us?

Archie's Weird Mysteries - Ship of Ghouls

Archie and the others have it covered. Besides, I don't want to leave you alone nor feel like I'm like everyone else. I only find you when I need you and then just leave. After all you did help out a lot. I know I had a mystery to help solve but it could wait. Archie can handle it. Besides, this is a big company so they might've paid the health nut off and, maybe, fix the formula they used. We arrived at the Chock'lit Shoppe and Pops seated us. There's not much we can do actually. Besides, Archie's a big boy, he can figure this out.

Also I'd like to spend a little time with you today. We enjoyed a few burgers and fries than, once finished eating, we walked around for a while. I walked him home and saw his dad was outside washing the car. I don't think it's a good ide-ah! I blushed before closing my eyes and kissed him back. After a minute we parted. I giggled as he rubbed the back of his head.

He waved back before going up to his house. It took a while but when I got home I noticed Archie was home but another car was here. It wasn't familiar to me. I cautiously enter the house as I heard a crash and scream.

archies weird mysteries ending relationship

Next thing I knew I saw a monster in front of me. I froze in fear as it glared at me.

archies weird mysteries ending relationship

I noticed he had orange hair and was in Archie's clothes. I then saw a man running down. He looked at me and I glared at him. Do you realize what you did? We took back and destroyed the old ones. We modified it so nothing like that would happen. I tried to stop him but couldn't. I ran to Betty's house and knocked quickly. I'll start the car.

I got the keys and started Archie's car right up. Betty than hopped in the car and off we were. I wasn't good at driving but we had to hurry. We got Jughead and than went off to the factory. I parked the car and we got out.

We found Archie by the dumpsters. The guy said he fixed the problem. If he really did fix the problem than that's a good thing. All previous batches no longer exist. Do you really want to tell them? If you do the bad press will assure Zoom Co.

If you drink that in front of them then you prove the monsters exist but people who desperately need jobs won't get them. It might also mean Riverdale could plunge into bankruptcy or worse. Archie soon had the cameras and lights in front of him and myself. Excuse me young man, what do you think of Zoom Co. Archie smiled "It's not what I expected at all. As for the drink, well, it changes things. It looks like this factory is off to a great start.

Archie and I looked at each other before we chuckled.

Archie's Weird Mysteries - Wikipedia

I grabbed his sleeve just as he started walking away. Stevenson, We want double that. And a side check to replace anything broken in the house of course.

He was gawking before he straightened up. A price worth paying. I might need money but I'm not desperate. Better it be put to something well needed. The community health center really needed help anyways. After writing the checks he gave me one and then went on to the reporters.

We went home and I put the check in an envelope to send to the community health center. After I did that we started the article. I am so proud of Archie. He finally had a chance to be famous for cracking a weird mystery and didn't.