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african relationship advice

African News Answers Africa Best Marriage Advice And Tips To Make Your Relationship Last Forever To achieve this, every prospective couple needs the best advice they can get if they are going to survive the long haul in marriage. Promoting healthy black/african american relationships, marriages, families and communities thru support, education, research and development. Dating African men can prove to be an experience of a life time if you However, you must look for some tips that will guide you on how to go about it. . Hey I'm n a relationship with a African man he checked me out 4 / 2.

10 Tips for Men: How to Date a Strong Black Woman

Lies break trust and trust is the foundation of a strong marriage. Best Advice For Marriage Be patient with each other.

african relationship advice

Your spouse is always more important than your schedule. Model the kind of marriage that will make your sons want to grow up to be good husbands and your daughters want to grow up to be good wives. Never talk badly about your spouse to other people or vent about them online. Protect your spouse at all times and in all places. Always wear your wedding ring. It will remind you that you are always connected to your spouse and it will remind the rest of the world that you are off limits!

Connect into a community of faith. A good church can make a world of difference in your marriage and family. Every marriage is stronger with God in the middle of it. When you have to choose between saying nothing or saying something mean to your spouse, say nothing every time! Try to reconsider divorce as an option. Never put your in-laws Father, Mother, Siblings or relatives before your spouse The primary duty of a man is to love his wife, protect and provide for his wife and family, while the woman should respect, honour, and support her husband.

For example, does he want a housewife or one who works; does she want him to support in carrying out house chores or is she comfortable doing it all alone.

Love Tips for Dating The African Man

Husbands should try hard to reinvent themselves with romantic words said to his wife, while the wife should always look good for her husband even after the arrival of kids. For a marriage to work, partners must be ready to tolerate a whole lot and be patient with each other, putting in mind the different upbringing of the other partner.

african relationship advice

If you must correct some flaw, do so lovingly as many time as you can and usually, with time, there would be change. In the marriage, remember that when the wine of human love runs out, never forget to tap into the highest love made possible through the grace of God.

african relationship advice

Let me explain; Don't do it to impress her but do it to be a better man for her! As hard as it is for a woman to find a good man, it is equally as hard for a good man to find a good woman.

african relationship advice

So don't let your past issues or personal issues sabotage a good thing. God has given us the ability to grow and overcome any emotional, or physical challenge we face in this dating game!!! Never portray yourself larger than what you really are: The day of showing our representative must die! Show her from the door who you really are, and be honest about your intentions no matter what they my be. A Strong Black Woman S. Have a purpose behind dating her! Let her know you have standards also Make sure everything you say and do in the presence or in the absence of a S.

Consistency is our great strength when dealing with a S. You know they say news travels fast, so if you do something in public that gets back to her, it needs to be constant with the man she already knows you to be.

The moment we have to explain some shit sorry for cursingher guard goes up! OK, it's man up time, fellas. You know we like to throw a sob story or two to prick her heart a little because she comes across so tough!!! I've been guilty of this several times, OK and maybe its just me? Talking about past relationship issues is always a must when dating, but whining about past relationship issues is never a good look. How do you know if you're whining If she has that WTF face Let her know you had that issue but you have done the work on yourself and today you no longer have that issues.

If you want to prick her emotions do from a position of strength. Many times we men are so scared from past relationships that when we enter new ones we process and filter everything she does and says through a negative filter.

If it looks like it, sounds like it, it must be! Letting go of the old is essential to build the new.

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If you ever have a question to what a S. They have no problem clarifying any of their statements. Don't make the mistakes I've made and assume what she's saying to you through that negative lens from your past. Show her you have the ability to communicate and resolve issues without fighting or battling. Assuming only makes us look like an ass. If you know this is the woman you want and you are willing to step up and be Let her know you can see the future with her.

Don't talk about marriage unless you mean it.