Ad 32 ec tds relationship

EC/TDS measurement

ad 32 ec tds relationship

TDS Conversion Factor adjustable from to Temperature Compensation automati, with adjustable from to % / °C Environment 0 to 50°C (32 to. bFor hyperkeratosis adjusted for age, EC, TDS, hardness, alkalinity, Cl−, HC03−, the study found a clear dose–response relationship between the prevalence of 39 female participants (age 11–74 and mean 32 ± 17 years) residing in three. Other parameters such as PH, EC, TDS, ALK, chloride, nitrate and sulfate . C. The present study demonstrates there was significant difference.

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ad 32 ec tds relationship

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  • ADWA EC & TDS Portable Digital Tester (AD31)
  • Digital EC/TDS/Temp Meter Adwa, AD 32