A perfect relationship would be

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a perfect relationship would be

Here's just a little primer of 7 signs of a healthy relationship. Also, if you differ on whether your children should be spanked or not - you need. I have never claimed the 'perfect' man, woman, or relationship could ever exist. While of course you should be compatible with your teammate, that doesn't. Why There's No Such Thing As A Perfect Relationship . The old me — before I learned the truth about love — would have taken this time to.

I knew you would say that.

a perfect relationship would be

If you are in a relationship, you probably have lots of expectations for your partner. You probably expect them to think like you do, and make the same type of decisions you would make.

How to build a perfect relationship?

Chances are you hold it against them when they think otherwise. We spend a lot of time searching for the perfect partner and then expecting our partner to be perfect.

a perfect relationship would be

But how much time do we spend trying to be the perfect partner for our partner? Just following this one bit of wisdom has saved me a lot of heartache and trouble; not just in my marriage, but in every aspect of my life. We have a tendency to think that everything is about us. We have this thing called personal importance. The truth is, everything is not about us. I know, hard to believe, but true. How many times have you felt hurt because you thought your partner should have known something?

See the pointless cycle this creates?

a perfect relationship would be

Instead of making assumptions we can ask for what we want. It seems so simple, right? As blindingly obvious as this is, it took me quite a while to get this. We have a tendency to want to be understanding of the other person. We think it will make them feel inadequate if we ask for what we want.

But you can go on waiting if you want.

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Following these four things has helped me transform my relationship with my wife. Happiness in a relationship comes from two teammates who are able to be open and honest with each other. That honesty comes from being comfortable to open up and know that you will not be judged.

Especially secrets or lies that are forced by the inability to be genuine with your teammate. The right person for you will support and encourage you on your journey to becoming the person you want to be, but they will also love you as the person you already are — no judgment allowed.

You have discussions, not fights. You are frequently intimate. There is unwavering mutual respect. This one needs no explanation — mutual respect between partners in a relationship is paramount to its success.

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  • If You Want The Perfect Relationship, You Have To Accept The Fact He’s Flawed
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Without respect, there is nothing else. Nothing to see here, kids — move along. If you truly care for someone and their happiness, you will be willing to watch, do, see, and experience things they enjoy, as they would do for you in return.

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Without compromise, we can easily find our relationships resembling a see-saw with a huge boulder on one side, the distribution never shifts. In this case, the boulder represents the wants and needs of one partner.

There should be an equal amount of balance in order to keep you both happy and satisfied. In reality — these experiences should actually be seen as a good thing, because they ultimately created the person you fell in love with. You have similar goals or dreams for your future. Compromise and mutual supportbut it is reasonable to desire similarities when building a life with someone.