6 of pentacles reversed relationship quotes

Six (VI) of Pentacles – Truly Teach Me Tarot

6 of pentacles reversed relationship quotes

Tarot Readings: Six of Pentacles and Two of Swords .. of brief quotations in a review without the express written permission of the publisher. Tarot Meaning Reversed: The 6 of Pentacles reversed can mean that you are not aware of the potential sources of assistance that are available to you. You may. Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Six of Pentacles including upright and reversed card meanings. Access the Biddy Tarot Card Meanings database - an.

At this stage, she is bound to feel lethargic and negative in her outlook for she has reached a very low point in her life.

She may feel like a failure or that she has admitted defeat. She may also feel that she has dragged others into her problems and feels terrible responsibility.

Not everything will work out in her life and she may have lost sight of herself or her goals. It will provide them with a safe harbour and shelter from the storm.

She must grasp now the importance of this achievement. She has made the first move to sort out her life and as difficult as it is, she should take pride in that. She must find comfort in the fact that she is not alone. She has support and kind people willing to help her. By the time she reaches the far shore she should have gained a new perspective on her situation and feel a little more positive and stable.

Slowly but surely she can begin to pick up the pieces of her life. The woman and child in the boat also resemble the two down and out Figures we saw in the Five of Pentacles. They too had found themselves in desperate circumstances and in need of help. We hope that like the two in the Six of Swords they also found someone to guide them out of their situation. These problems may be negative mindsets, attitudes, unresolved arguments, battles, dysfunctional upbringing, un-forgiveness.

6 of pentacles reversed relationship quotes

If we could wind the clock back a bit, just to when they were boarding the boat, they should have made the decision to only take with them, the Swords that were positive, beneficial and useful for starting a new life.

Any Swords that could not stand up to close scrutiny and inspection should have been hurled into the sea for they will only bring trouble down the line. The trio possibly ran before they gave much thought. It will take time to reach their destination and progress will be slow. As the man, woman and child sail forth they very noticeably sit with their backs to us. This may indicate that they have turned their backs on the past and with grim determination are focused on moving on.

On the far shoreline, they will be able to re-balance, re-focus and re-group. In the Six of Swords the imagery also stirs up an atmosphere of underhand, illegal or covert operations.

The group on this boat may be wary about being caught. Any cargo in the boat may be hidden or concealed. They may be travelling with false papers or even pretending to be the parents of the child.

6 of pentacles reversed as feelings

They may be sneaking away without telling anyone. Something may not be quite right. You can now see light at the end of the tunnel. You must find belief in yourself and a new sense of purpose.

The Six of Swords marks a transition period in your life as you move from one state of mind to another. You may feel that you have reached an all time low and feel quite negative about your future. Depression or the blues may leave you chronically fatigued. It is very likely that you feel a failure or that the whole Universe has conspired against you. Indeed you have been through a very tough time and are probably suffering from physical and mental exhaustion at this stage.

A trip away or vacation could do wonders for you but it may not be enough unless you are prepared to address you real problems. Remember that even though some of the conflict and stress in your life may be caused by others, there is a very good chance that you are one of your own worst enemies.

No matter where you go, you will probably find similar issues and situations develop over a period of time. You must reflect on this and question the role you play in the ongoing drama of your life. You may have thought that you had dealt with certain issues, but in fact they are still there and are influencing everything you do, think and feel.

They might be slowing down your progress. In the Six of Swords, it very much depends on who you identify with in the imagery. You may be helping someone or in a position to help someone who is in difficulty, going through a crisis or drama. Look around you, there may be someone close by who is going through an ordeal on their own. If it is you sitting in the boat, then there are others around who wish to help. Holidays, vacations and trips of all sorts can be represented. Generally, this holiday will be long overdue and much-needed.

The need to get away or take a break may not just be for recreational purposes but rather enforced due to stress and fatigue.

The break or vacation may not even be a physical one. As a mental traveller you have the ability to detach or distance yourself from stress or worries so maybe taking up meditation or visualisation will give you the break you need.

Six (VI) of Swords – Truly Teach Me Tarot

The Six of Swords can highlight secrecy and underhand or illegal movement or activities. You may indeed end up in very deep water. This is not going to happen overnight though. Much work will have to be done to repair any damage sustained, but for the moment the heightened state of stress and conflict is behind you.

Because of the negative stress and conflict surrounding most Sword Cards, this Six may indicate the moving away from an abusive relationship to heal. Sometimes, we have to reach an all time low before we will take the required action and it is often when we are at our weakest that we find it in ourselves to do what has to be done.

Distance needs to be put between you and whoever it is that is causing you such harm and distress. This Card reminds you that there is someone willing to help so do not try to do this all on your own. Sometimes, a battle is just not worth it and you must decide what is most important. They may have a point. If you have been bereaved then the Six of Swords shows signs that you are beginning to pick up the pieces of your life again and are finding a way to cope with your loss.

6 of pentacles reversed relationship quotes

It brings the first glimpse of recovery. You may feel steered or guided by unseen hands as your Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel walk by your side and comfort you in your despair. You are not alone when this Card appears.

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Unfortunately, The Six of Swords may highlight that you have a tendency to run from relationships at the first sign of trouble or conflict.

Instead of confronting the situation through communication and compromise you pack your bags and flee. Because you pay no attention to your role in relationship disasters, you are likely to come up against the same or similar problems in future relationships.

You may be entering a relationship with heavy baggage in tow or getting involved with someone who has had a troublesome past. In a Career Reading, You may be slowly returning to work after a period of illness or unemployment.

Travelling overseas to secure employment may be on the Cards or there could be a chance of securing an overseas position. This Card also suggests a career on the water. You may be a sailor, work aboard a passenger ferry or charter private yachts. Waitetarot card illustrations by Pamela Colman Smith Description A person in the guise of a merchant weighs money in a pair of scales and distributes it to the needy and distressed.

It is a testimony to his own success in life, as well as to his goodness of heart. Meanings Six of Pentacles Presents, gifts, gratification another account says attention, vigilance now is the accepted time, present prosperity, etc. Six of Pentacles — Reversed Desire, cupidity, envy, jealousy, illusion. Additional Divinatory Meanings The present must not be relied on.

6 of pentacles reversed relationship quotes

The Tarot By S. General Book of the Tarot By A. Thierens, [] Six of Pentacles Tradition The present, the actual moment, to-day; a witness, contemporary, attention, good care, vigilance. Presents, gifts, gratifications, prosperity. Reversed it is said to denote: Cupidity, jealousy, desire, passion, lust and researches. Theory The Fire of the heart on the house of Capricorn, the Tenth, which is the house of the act, the deed, actuality, position and name, superiors and authorities.

Moreover it denotes the actual time in the horoscope.