30 days in a relationship status wattpad tagalog

30 days in a relationship status wattpad tagalog

{{Infobox film | name = The Hows of Us | image = The Hows of avesisland.info | caption = Theatrical release poster | director = Cathy Garcia-Molina. | producer = Carlo L. Katigbak · Olivia M. Lamasan. | writer = | screenplay = Carmi G. Raymundo; Crystal S. San Miguel; Gillian Ebreo; Cathy Garcia-Molina. | story = | based on = The film is the highest-grossing Filipino film of all time, grossing. 30 Days In A Relationship Status, ang relasyon na may expiry date. Would you let that relationship expire or would you extend to a lifetime? CURRENTLY. But Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera have a very real love story that is Pinoy Abroad and from there grew a relationship that would change the both of them. . day that she got to spend with the two most important men in her life. on December 30, at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral in.

She added in an interview with PEP. At tsaka nung una ko siyang nakita nung audition ng Marimar, sobrang haba ng bigote niya. Hindi kita yung lips niya so mata lang nakikita mo.

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Kaya feeling ko parang suplado. He could not explain why. He surmised that it was his touch that wasn't the right fit. But with Marian, her skin just seemed to fit perfectly in his hand, and from there grew a relationship that would change the both of them.

Siguro, wala lang sa tipo namin ang magpa-cute sa set. From working out together to travelling abroad together, the actors started to behave as if there was something more between them. Then came Marian's 25th birthday in August where they openly held hands all evening and looked very much like a couple. Open kaming nakakalabas na dalawa, nagdi-dinner, nakakapanood ng sine Sinusuportahan ko siya sa pagte-training niya ng Darna.

Kung may time siya, sumasama siya sa workout ko sa gym at itinuturo ko kung ano ang makakatutulong sa kanya. They came to the relationship slowly, shared Dingdong. He was in New York with friends and Marian was in Los Angeles when they realized they had feelings for one another. It turned out that the initial impressions they made on each other was the first step of their journey as a couple, as it helped them realize how, as opposites, they complemented each other.

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Dingdong and Marian had started out by getting to know the worst of each other first, after which they made the worst work for them. At kung ano ang kulang sa akin, napupunan niya. Hindi kami parehas," Marian said. Macau with the family After three years, Dingdong was sure that Marian was the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He was working for a tree service one day and fell out of the tree he was clipping, broke his right leg in three places, and was laid up for about six months. In the time of taking care of him and helping him with what he needed, I, of course, paid no mind to my own health and ended up with a severe case of shingles on my right side that I could not get rid of for a good four months.

I never really healed from that, I have nerve damage all down my right side due to the severity of the episode. I knew that I had hit my bottom of my self-esteem.

That is how low I had sunk. Thanks to God and my kids, they both gave me the strength to get out of that relationship and kick him out of our house and our lives. Right around the time that this was going on in the household, my daughter was trying to complete her senior year in high school. He started going sideways and flunked out of school.

I got him turned back around when we were able to leave his district in the middle of his second sophomore year and get him in a different school. He finished high school with a 3. He was in good shape, so my attention was then focused on her and getting her through it. We kicked him out about two months before she graduated. She was able to make it through, and I spent the summer getting them ready to enter Akron University to start the fall semester.

They started their fall semester and then I was offered a job that was out of my house. I took the position and had to go to their offices in Akron for a week of training. I was susceptible to catching anything these people had, and I knew that a major illness at that time would be my undoing.

I made it through the training week and started my position out of the house, a week into my job, I ended up with shingles again, this time on my left side.

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I was out of work for two weeks and then put on a modified schedule of four hours maximum per day. It was torturous sitting in my office chair with patches of shingles all down my back and across my entire left side. At the time also that I started this job, I was on a med regiment that was no longer working. At that time inthere were no more meds out there for me, I had gone through the whole list and was resistant to all of them.

The doctors and my kids and my family all thought this was the end for me. I have to admit now that I thought I was also. I was ready for it and if it happened, I was ready to go out. I then get a call from my doctors telling me that there is a new drug out there and he wants to put me on it. I finally started the regimen of Stribild and Reyataz in December of At the beginning, I was extremely ill from the side effects of the pills and trying to cope with them while at the same time of dealing with the remainder of my shingles bout.

I was let go in April of because of my poor health. It was one of the most humiliating experiences of my life, getting fired from working out of my own bedroom. Right after I started working this position, I filed my current application for disability, my sixth one overall. At the time of my application, my CD4 count was a five. It took almost two years before I got a hearing on this application.

For the first time in all my other go arounds with the courts, the vocational expert that testified for the state said that I am not able to work. I was also able to find an attorney who would take my claim. Even after all the other failures and problems I have had with my previous claims, I really felt like I am finally going to get my benefits.

Imagine my surprise when I got denied again. We filed an appeal, where that sat in the courts for another year. I then retained another attorney and appealed to the federal level. That one sat for another year, where the decision was vacated and sent back down to the courts for another hearing. I have also acquired problems with my kidneys, because of the years I was on Stribild and progression of the disease, I now have renal failure and atrophy and have major incontinence issues.

The end result is failure and dialysis, they say now that I have full function on my right side but only 60 percent function on my left. It is a slow progression, but still troublesome. I also suffer from anxiety and depression. They have tried a number of times to get me on anti-depressants, but I am extremely reluctant to take them, I have seen what they do and the damage that occurs. They may be helpful for some, but I know they are not for me.

I firmly believe that pills would not help me, what would help me is to know that I am secure and in a stable household, and I can contribute to the household and we are not in any danger of losing the roof over my head all the time.

I am very lucky in that they are willing to live with me and support me, but they need to have a life also. It has been so stressful for them, they made it only three semesters in college and had to quit. My daughter was so stressed out by being the sole person responsible for the bills, she had a breakdown and lost her job.

She then moved out for about two years trying to make it on her own with the man she was with for four years. She recently moved back home a couple of months ago when her relationship broke up and has to start from scratch again.

She is trying to help out with the bills here, but has her own expenses as well. She also wants to go back to college and is trying really hard. My son has been the steady earner and has willingly taken on the role, I still feel horribly guilty about him having to take on the whole house on his own. I should be able to do something and help out. I know that later on down the road of this disease, I am only going to get worse, not better.

I know that people think that you can live a long time with the meds out there now, and people have different views on it, but I have seen this disease up close and personal. I am scared all the time. He can deny it and he is going to do just that. So, once again I am in the federal courts on my second federal appeal on a five-year-old claim that is a legitimate claim.

And again, they tell me I have another year to wait for a decision. A few years ago during a food stamp phone interview, the caseworker casually mentions a program they offer called the disability financial assistance program. I signed the contract with the state of Ohio and I had at least that to pay for my personal things, like my tampons and hygiene products. I use different products for the ailments that crop up that I deal with, such as skin problems, dental problems and ulcers in my mouth, thrush on my tongue, etc.

I made up a list of the things that this money paid for in preparation of my state hearing that I just had in August of this year.

I received a letter in July stating that at the end of the month, the DFA program is no longer in existence because of budget reasons. I asked for a hearing and tried to get them to not do this. I, of course, lost my appeal to them and I no longer receive the stipend. Of course, though, when I do get my settlement, I still have to pay back what has been given already, which really sticks in my throat. I am absolutely appalled at this latest turn of events. I am also horrified on a daily basis with the current president and current administration and their blatant disregard to this population.

I have a judge that is clearly biased for whatever reasons he has, he is a visiting judge at that, and a heap of evidence to prove that I am not able to be out in the workforce. Once upon a time, I owned and operated two home-based businesses when my kids were small and not in regular school yet.

I had a typing service and a cleaning service. I know I could still do something like that on a small scale and I know what I want to do. I would be able to accomplish these things if I was able to get this claim approved. At this time, the social security administration owes me back pay on this claim, which in November of this year will be five full years.

30 days in a relationship status wattpad tagalog

Even after doing all of that, I would still be able to do what I wish to. My biggest fear is that after all of this pain and all of this time, they are going to deny me this claim and I will have to start from scratch again. If that happens, I lose all my back pay. I am terrified that when I finally get them to approve my benefits, I will be so far gone that my quality of life is gone also.

I feel like I am walking around in constant circles and there is no end in sight for me. I am fighting a battle not only against the disease, I am fighting a battle with time, the courts, myself and my abilities or my lack of them. I am no longer myself and what I used to be. In the 15 years that I have been battling this disease, only in the last two have I have really ever even used the word hope, or thought about any type of future.

I have also started counseling about four months ago. Even still, I am trying to be open minded with it, which is a difficult thing to do. Hope can be a dangerous thing, but it can also be the only thing left to cling to. If I can find at least one thing daily to remind myself on why I get up every day, it is a good day. I also have many bad ones, and I have no calendar on when they are going to crop up.

I just have to ride them out when they happen. It makes me very unreliable in the professional world and not too swell in the ordinary one either. The guilt used to eat me alive. I have had to look deep within myself the last few years and figure a lot of stuff out, and most importantly, I had to forgive myself for letting this happen to me. I had to really forgive Bobby and I had to own up to my end of what happened. In the end, it was my fault as well as his. For the first time, I am at peace with it and it does help, but not everything is that easy.

I see and hear all the things out there in the world now about this disease and how people react and talk about it.

30 days in a relationship status wattpad tagalog

I get that for the first years, it was all negative and all there was is death upon death and no solution. I applaud the advances that have been achieved in the last 30 years, and I am an advocate of taking research further and finding the end of the road for all of us. I hope that I will still be here to see it.

One of the worst things to think is, there is nothing concrete left to show you were here and you mattered and you were worthy of saving.

I hope and I dream…. What I would want more than anything in this world is some peace of mind and some security. How to accomplish that is within my grasp, but I fear it will not happen the way I would like for it to. I plan on taking my settlement, if I ever get it, and apply it to a down payment on a home that would finally be ours and not be at the mercy of rentals and landlords.

I would like to get into a nice family-based neighborhood and open my own greenhouse. I want to grow my own herbs and veggies and fruits and be a self-sufficient food source besides meats and dairy products. I want to make my own products, cleaning and well as personal hygiene and open up a little neighborhood stand to sell or donate to my neighbors.

If I would get any type of payment it would be used to purchase what I would need to continue to grow and make products.

30 days in a relationship status wattpad tagalog

I want to teach piano to elementary age children to get them the opportunity to have a love of music. I do have a piano, but it is sadly out of shape and out of tune and needs to be rehabbed. I would love to have space in my house to get into crafting and creating things. I would be able to sell them at my stand if I wanted to and again, whatever I would get in money, I would use to get more supplies.

I also have a great love of books and reading, I have seen a few neighborhood libraries that people have at their homes. I would love to set one up so the children of the neighborhood can get a book, I would need to purchase the materials to build it and also to stock it. I can also get my typing service back up again and include notary services. The course and exam of course cost money, but if I was able to complete the course, I would be certified to provide that service.

I also want to get a lecture together to go to the college in my city and speak to the students about how it is like to live with this disease. I live about three blocks away from Kent State University and I would be able to speak there once I got all of it together. All of these things I want to do have the possibility to produce an income, the only difference is, it would not be an income that the family would have to rely on to survive. If I go through a bad patch, the house would still be able to go on without my production or attention.

This is the only thing that keeps me going, gives me that one reason to try to get up every day, hold on for that one moment longer so I can achieve it and still be able to enjoy it. This is why I force myself to take my meds every day, to hang on to still be here for my kids. They may be adults now, but they still have a place in their lives where I fit in.

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I have to make this right, not only for them, but for myself. The sad thing is that I can achieve all these things if I would get my settlement that I am owed.

No one with this disease should be put in the position that I have been put in. No one should have to wait five years on a claim that is legitimate. It is difficult enough to get through the day with this disease, when you live with the fear every day and the uncertainty, the loss of dignity every day when you have to rely on others to support you makes it even worse. When that does happen, it is up to us as a society to listen. How do we begin to fix the problem? Again, no one should be where I have been and continue to be.

I am looking for advice, assistance, and whatever help that I can get to get my story out there. I am sure that I am not the only one that is going through this, and I am not only speaking for myself, I am speaking for those who have no voice. This treatment is not acceptable, I am a good person, not a criminal or a freeloader looking for an easy way out. I am an American citizen, and I am being treated like a second-class citizen in my own country.

When I am so debilitated that I have no quality of life anymore? When did quantity mean more than quality of life? When was it ok that the course of my life and my future and the control and management of my own disease has fallen in the hands of others to decide? I want my life back, and I need some help to achieve that.