2 years relationship letter for immigration

Top 11 List: Proving a Valid Marriage for Immigration

2 years relationship letter for immigration

I've been practising law for over 13 years, and I've seen a lot of errors that Often people will sign the bottom of this form, and miss the fact that 2 other to the relationship and how it is exclusive, committed and marriage-like. to Canada under a sponsorship application, a letter (or affidavit) from a family. If the relationship is not maintained for two years, the sponsored person may lose . We will assess your sponsorship letter and give you peace of mind that you are . for a Visitor Visa or Super Visa to stay in Canada for up to 2 years at a time . As part of the immigration application we are required to provide 2. A description of how you became aware of our relationship, when you Dayanara has been a very close friend of mine for the past 17 years, and I have.

How much is the rent? Who makes sure the bills are paid? Marriage if applicable When and where did the marriage proposal take place? Was your marriage arranged? When did you get married?

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Where did you get married? Who was at the wedding? How many people were at the ceremony?

2 years relationship letter for immigration

What day was the ceremony held on? Who performed the ceremony? Do you have pictures of the ceremony? Who was at the ceremony from your side?

Who was at the ceremony from your spouse's side? Were any friends present?

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Were your parents at the wedding? If not, why not? Where your spouse's parents at the wedding? Were your spouse's parents aware of the wedding?

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Was a reception held? When and where was it held? Who was present at the reception? Did you receive any wedding gifts? Did you on a honeymoon?

Where did you go and for how long? Can you show me pictures and receipts from the honeymoon, wedding and reception? Have you or your spouse been married before? Why was that relationship ended? Who initiated the divorce? What were the reasons for the divorce? What was the date the marriage was dissolved? Why did you marry your spouse?

Since your marriage have you seen your spouse? Tell me why this marriage or relationship is genuine. Why were you so rushed to be married? How do you explain that? Family members Do you have any children form a previous relationship?

If so what is their relationship like with your spouse? What are their names and date of birth? Who has Custody of these children?

How often do you see your children? Does your current spouse have any children from a previous relationship? If yes What are their names and date of birth? How often does your spouse see their children? Do you have any children from your current marriage? What are the names and birth dates? Where are the children now? Who looks after the children? How many brothers and sisters does your spouse have?

What relatives does your spouse have in Canada? What relatives do you have in Canada? What are their names and where do they live? What relatives does your spouse have outside of Canada?

What relatives do you have outside of Canada? Has your spouse met any of your relatives or friends? So for example, with a relationship that has been continuing for more than a year, we might provide a couple different chat exchanges for each month. What type of conversation should you use? I think the absolute worst ones are grandiose pronouncements of love and undying affection. These almost always look fake and insincere from a distance.

The more helpful ones, our slice of life type conversations. The couple asking each other about issues of daily concern like the hot water heater that exploded … Mundane things. Obviously, it is absolutely great if there is also talk about the relationship. But it is unhelpful simply to have cut-and-paste Shakespeare poetry and emoticons of hearts and cupids.

Like photographs, these transcripts should provide the immigration officer with a window into what the daily life of your relationship looks like.

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It is important that you present these transcripts in a way that shows they are authentic. So you do not want to simply cut and paste into a text document, which could be very easily manipulated. Instead, either use a print function if the application supports it, or else use a screenshot tool. I use it every day. Last will and testament. This item is often ignored, but can be a very strong piece of evidence.

Importantly, a will can be very helpful to a couple without a lengthy history together. A will can show a strong commitment between the spouses. Anyway, for most people this is a good piece of legal housekeeping to check off the list. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Photographs can be the most convincing way take the immigration officer into the day-to-day reality of your legitimate relationship. So do not blow this opportunity! The problem is most often is couples providing too many photographs, rather than focusing on quality over quantity.

2 years relationship letter for immigration

Nor do we need six photographs of you on that one beautiful beach with the beautiful sunset. Again, one will suffice. What I want for my clients diversity. Show me pictures with your family. Send me the picture you posted on Facebook when your husband almost burned down your kitchen. Understandably, many clients want to emphasize the grand moments of the relationship. But what is actually most helpful, is to use this as an opportunity to bring the immigration officer into the day-to-day life.

Anyone can stand in front of the Eiffel Tower take a snapshot, or Photoshop it for that matter. But it is hard to fake the funny, goofy, sad, boring, and just ordinary photographs probably have phone in your pocket. So how many is enough? Virtually never submit greater than Fewer than 20 would usually raise a question as to why the couple does not have more. The easiest way to organize these is digitally. We customarily print all photographs in color, to make them have maximum impact.

But there is no reason to panic if you have access to only black and white. It is by far preferable to print them on standard printer paper, rather than providing glossy photographs of a nonstandard size.

Remember, you want to make it as easy as possible for the officer to review your application. Want to earn bonus points with your photographs? The optional extra is to label each photograph whether by hand after it has been printed out or on your computer. There is so much required in the immigration process that I hate to create additional work where it is not needed. But if you need one more task, go ahead and label those photographs. The immigration service does not need nude photos or those taken in intimate circumstances.

Support letters from friends and family. As with photographs, this is an important component of virtually every packet that my firm files. A critical thing that the immigration officer will be looking at, is whether a couples circle of friends and family are aware of the relationship and view it as legitimate.

Importantly, the test is not whether your parents — or any other family members — approve of the relationship. Rather, we want friends or family, provide a window into the relationship and how they view it. How many do you need? As with photographs, the emphasis is on quality over quantity.

As a rule of thumb, I submit between three and five in most cases. But I can think of plenty of cases where we submitted a dozen or so. By quality, I mean that they should be written by people who have real knowledge of your relationship. If your parents are living, and involved in your life, it will almost always be appropriate for them to write.

Likewise, any other relatives with whom you are close should be asked for a letter. For friends, it is important to focus on the ones with whom you are closest and have the most knowledge of you as a couple. To put it simply. Get letters from those with whom you spend the most time. What should the letter say? The point is for the author to communicate to the immigration officer that you have an authentic relationship. Rather, think about it this way. If I was sitting down with the author over coffee and asked about you and your significant other what would that person tell me?

What stories will they tell? How would they describe the compatibility of your personalities? Rather than talk in generalities, it is often very helpful for the author to describe a particular situation where they have seen you interact. Ask your parents to talk about when they first met your significant other or about last Christmas.

Have your friends talk about when you guys went to Napa Valley for wine tasting. It is wonderful if the author can include a couple photographs that she took of one or both of you. What is the form for one of these letters? In fact, there are no strict requirements for preparing one of these. In the appendix, I have provided a template that we use of the law firm.

Some individuals will submit these documents simply as a letter. Almost all immigration lawyers, myself included, prefer that they comply with the requirements of a formal declaration. I declaration simply means that the author is attesting under penalty of perjury that the contents of the document are true.

Essentially, it is a more formal submission. In most situations this is overkill, and is not standard practice at my law firm. Moreover, the most important thing is to get a good letter from the author, and you can undermine that if you make the process more difficult by requiring that the person go to a Notary Public.

So our approach is to use the declaration template that I provide here. In terms of length, these documents do not need to be long. Most of the best letters that I have seen have been a page or less. There is almost never a reason to go more than two pages in length. If at all possible the document should be typed and not handwritten.

The final document should be printed and signed. You may submit either the original signed paper, or else submit a scanned copy.

2 years relationship letter for immigration

Are you applying for Residence with a family member pursuant to Section 8 ECHR in connection with insufficient income? You do not pay for the application when you attach the following documents to your application: The foreign national and the sponsor also have to show that they cannot turn to family members or other elegible third parties.

Your partner sponsor submits the application. Your employer can also start the application online. Checklist documents Your employer has a list of documents that you need.

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Top 11 Ways to Prove a Valid Marriage for Immigration

Based on the Benelux Treaty you do not pay for the application. After the application Collect your residence permit The IND aims to have your residence permit ready within 2 weeks following your arrival in the Netherlands. The IND will send you a letter indicating when you can collect the residence permit.

Check to see if the information on the residence permit is correct while you are still at the IND desk. Take this therefore with you when you travel to the Netherlands. TB test You have indicated your intent to undergo a tuberculosis test TB test when you applied.

2 years relationship letter for immigration

You do this within 3 months after having received your residence permit. Please take the 'TB test referral form ' with you to the appointment. In some cases you are exempt from taking a TB test. Take out health insurance Anyone living in the Netherlands must take out health insurance. You do this within 4 months following your arrival in the Netherlands.

Civic integration in the Netherlands If you are subject to the integration requirement, you will receive a letter from the Education Executive Agency DUO stating that you must integrate in the Netherlands.

Validity residence permit The validity of your residence permit depends on your partner.