2 swords reversed relationship tips

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2 swords reversed relationship tips

What the Two of Swords means in a tarot reading . Two of swords in the advice position of a spread Two of swords in an advisory position suggests that you. The right keyword for the upright Two of Swords tarot card is ignorance. In a relationship situation, it implies that the facts are right in front of the two lovers, but . Two of Swords minor arcana tarot card meaning & reversed card meaning in the context of love, relationships, money, career, health & spirituality all free!.

If so then she is indeed a wise woman and her very stillness and the time she has given to resolving this troublesome issue is to be commended. On the other hand, she may have a hidden agenda with the blindfold. She could be using it to deliberately keep herself in the dark about all the awfulness that is going on around her.

She may look very still and as calm as the ocean behind her but do not be deceived by this external experience for inside she is struggling to maintain stability.

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A decision needs to be made here but fear prevents her from making progress. The situation is never going to resolve itself without her input.

Internally a battle is raging between her heart and head. She needs to act but instead remains rooted to her cold stone seat. She must rip off the blindfold and face the facts or the awful truth for what it is.

She may have to face herself too depending on the circumstances. Friends and position may be lost when she makes a stand and declares her position.

The time for sitting on the fence is over.

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She must remove her blindfold and face her fears. Did you notice that this card too is a Stage Card? What can we glean from this?

2 swords reversed relationship tips

Symbolically the body of water behind her represents her emotions and her subconscious. The water is calm and tranquil. Is this drama, all in her head? Has she got herself into a heap about nothing? If so, then that would be typical of the Swords.

The emotionally turbulent situation may in fact have calmed down yet she continues to stress about it. This is bound to be causing you a lot of stress as the decision is usually not straight forward. You may find yourself torn apart with the whole situation. You may be required to take sides in an argument but find that your loyalties are divided. What you have to decide on is at cross purposes making it very difficult to arrive at any decision. You will have to pull that blindfold off one way or another and face your fears.

A decision must be made. You have been too passive in the situation so far. You need to form your own opinions and make up your own mind. It is time to get off the fence and speak up.

One way or another, a lot of mental and emotional stress accompanies this card. If you are finding it difficult to make a decision it might be time to go within to access your intuition and listen to what your inner voice is trying to tell you. You will need peace and quiet for this so it might be best to distance yourself from all external influences.

The Two of Swords turning up in a spread can suggest that you are in denial about something. You may think that ignorance is bliss and that if you ignore something for long enough it will go away.

2 swords reversed relationship tips

Instead the deceit or self-denial can get worse. It then becomes shameful, pathetic and destructive. If there is something you are aware of that is obviously wrong or unjust then you are duty bound to do something about it.

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Hiding from the truth or hiding the truth is not the answer. The surrounding cards in a spread should provide some evidence or hints as to the nature of the denial. Both sides are locked into the battle. There is little room for forgiveness and no sign of a thaw. This argument could go on for years and taint generations to come unless someone is brave enough to sort it out. People need to lay down their weapons and open their heart to forgiveness.

In a relationship spread the Two of Swords suggests that a painful decision has to be made causing upset and distress. You must withdraw to a certain extent to make sense of it. The Two of Swords would suggest that you have been hurt, maybe not by your present relationship, but possibly by one in the past, leaving deep wounds.

The crossed Swords protect the heart from further hurt. Time is needed to learn to trust again. The Two of Swords can suggest a warring couple. This is bound to be an ongoing argument that builds with each venting. This type of argument never gets resolved but blows up every now and then causing a terrible storm of angry words and insults. Both sides then retreat into an icy and distant silence. The Swords need to be laid down so that proper discussion and communication of feelings can be aired.

In a career reading the Two of Swords can suggest that you are being asked to take sides in an issue and this is causing you great distress. A strike may have reached deadlock stage with neither side wishing to back down or compromise on their demands. You may be blind to corruption or deceit going on around you in the workplace or is it that you just choose to turn a blind eye to it? Your work environment may be tense and cold with ongoing arguments and unfriendliness.

You may keep to yourself as a result. Interestingly, Two of Swords can often pop up in readings of lovers who went through a breakup. A year ago, I did a reading for a girl whose boyfriend broke up with her on the phone all of a sudden. They were a happy couple.

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Coming back to the reading, when I asked the tarot cards as to what he was feeling towards her the Two of Swords showed up. The card basically implied to us that the guy was so taken by all the negativity and self-love that he was telling himself that he did not want her anymore.

But somehow the pain of the breakup was piercing him. Now a point to be noted is that swords are governed by the air element which is instable in nature. So the kind of thoughts that Two of Swords create are taken as variable. In reversed position, Two of Swords talks of bringing the pain to the surface. In a relationship situation, you just have had enough.

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So you can no longer go forward without doing the ultimate talk with your partner about what is bothering you in the relationship. Unfortunately, this might lead to some yelling and screaming! That is why, many tarot card readers see Two of Swords as symbol of argument. In love readings, Two of Swords reversed, implies that your love interest has come in touch with his true feelings for you.

For a post breakup situation, it shows fading of all negative elements from the mind. In other words, hurtful feelings are gone. So it is possible for the lover to revive the past relationship or simply start moving on towards another direction.