The relationship between shona and ndebele

Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Behind Shona, Ndebele Tensions - U.S. -

the relationship between shona and ndebele

DISCUSS The traditional writings on the Shona-Ndebele relations have demonstrated that the Shona were always victims of the Ndebele, whilst the Ndebele. However, Shona speaking students are the majority. The Ndebele- Shona relations are cordial due to the factors such as academic interactions, church relations. Ndebele raiders and Shona power - Volume 15 Issue 4 - D. N. Beach. Aquina O.P., 'The tribes in Chilimanzi Reserve and their relation to the Rozvi', NADA, IX, .

the relationship between shona and ndebele

Great grandfathers, bitter at the loss of cattle to Mzilikazi and Lobengula may have whispered words of hate into the ears of their progeny who in turn passed on this inherited anger. More recently, fathers who returned home from working in Bulawayo to find deep tyre marks of Puma trucks, violated wives inconsolable in their grief and tearful orphans seated among burning huts, were angry too and passed on the hatred to their children who might have been too young to remember.

Myth or reality: The raid by Ndebeles of Shona cattle and women

And so the hatred lives on like the ageless sun and moon. But when will this end? Will it come to a gory conclusion when we see fresh killings? When blood sprays from swinging machetes?

Zimbabwe: Ndebele Versus Shona - the Language Debate -

When we see another Rwanda? Agents of the state have infiltrated social networking sites and in some chat groups they outnumber civilians.

If these men and women, with their limitless resources, were true patriots, they would not turn a blind eye as the possibility of another Rwanda, another Gukurahundi slowly but surely grows right under our eyes. The government for years pretended that nothing happened in the 80s, human rights groups unearthed several cases of rape, torture and murder but all this was swept beneath the carpets of important offices.

Not only did cattle provide meat and milk but they're also used for lobola and for ceremonies like funerals, with the cow skin being used to wrap the body as people didn't use coffins then.

the relationship between shona and ndebele

The Ndebele were not like many would now like us to believe blood thirsty barbarians who survived by raiding but were competent agriculturalists, hunters and traders. Raiding was not an essential way of bringing in anything into the Ndebele state. When raiding did happen it was mostly used for defence purposes against threatening neighbours.

The Tswana, Ngwato, Kololo and even the recently arrived Afrikaners did raid their neighbours from time to time. The Shona please note that these comprised of many disjointed groups and not one group as well also raided other people from not only weak but stronger groups.

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  • Zimbabwe: Zanu-PF Behind Shona, Ndebele Tensions - U.S.
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Hence Mutapa means "pillager" and Rozvi means "destroyer". So dear reader dispel the thinking that the Shona were these weak victims of Ndebele raids. Shona groups raided each other and even raided the Ndebele. Tohwechipi is one such person who successfully raided and ran off with Ndebele cattle. Others are Mutinhima and Govera.

the relationship between shona and ndebele

In fact a Shona raid by the Gomala and Bere people is what brought about the attack that resulted in the colonisation of the Ndebele state by the British. The Ndebele went on a punitive counter raid after the raid by the Gomala and Bere people.

To complicate the matter further, the Shonas seemed unwilling to learn Ndebele and did not appreciate me speaking in the language.

the relationship between shona and ndebele

Some felt it was pointless to learn Ndebele as it is not an international language. Besides, the clicks were just too hard for anyone to learn. So, what was I to do?

the relationship between shona and ndebele

Speak in Shona or stick to English and Ndebele? I resolved to speak in whatever language was appropriate at any point. This was my first real experience of the Zim language puzzle.

Years after graduating, I still experience it. The general assumption is that I am Zezuru. Some people are surprised when I speak in Ndebele and ask where I learned the language. Maybe my accent has improved from Some will say "taurai neShona, hakusi kuBhuruwayo kuno" speak in Shona; this is not Bulawayo.

Anyone can learn On the flip side some people ask me why I bother speaking in Shona.

Zimbabwe: Ndebele Versus Shona - the Language Debate

Why should it even be an issue? Why can't we all speak two or more local languages? I do not believe any language is more superior to the other. We can blame politics for the language puzzle, but I believe we also have a part to play in perpetuating the status quo.

We can change it.

Vimbaishe Musvaburi - They are happy when Ndebele and Shona are divided

Anyone can learn a language, if one is really keen. If I could speak Shona within six months, why can't someone speak Ndebele after working with Ndebeles for six years?

From my experience though, the challenge is that three Ndebeles will normally speak in Shona to accommodate one Shona person. So there are not many opportunities to learn Ndebele.