The relationship between sales and housekeeping

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the relationship between sales and housekeeping

The Housekeeping Department is one of the busiest sections in the hotel as far as to Clean and Available for Sale and communicate this to the Front Office Department. II- INTER-RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HOUSEKEEPING AND FRONT. Housekeeping prepares the room and front-office sales that room after The relation between housekeeping department and the store is. Sales and Marketing Relationship between Housekeeping and Sales Marketing? 1. Repeat business is key for the sales department 2. Ensuring guest's.

Revenue Management through Housekeeping

Rooms are an extremely perishable product and the upkeep is of much significance. This is the primary tool for gauging the performance of the service sector. It is that perfectly made comfortable bed, well appointed bath and indigenously maintained interiors which will make the guest experience memorable. This will lead to positive feedback and good reviews, minimising complaints and understays, ensuring repeat clientele and ultimately increased revenues.

Besides contributing to the Net Profit after Tax, effective Housekeeping operations will lead to establishing a standard for the discerning guest.

This impeccable service by housekeeping will further promote the hotel and reduce the cost on advertising, and promotion thus increasing profits.

Roles within the Hotel Industry

Tapping Human Resource Potential: The prompt service and a minimum Minutes Per Room MPR should be maintained, because of which the Front Office will be able to deal efficiently with overbooking specially during the high occupancy periods.

If the transition of rooms from dirty to vacant is swift, the check-ins will be faster, leading to smoother operations. Thus room sales will be maximised. A fleet of happy employees who are delivering their best, who are motivated and feel satisfied will stay longer with any organisation, which will reduce the cost of hiring new employees.

If the attrition rate is low, the cost of hiring and further maintaining HR department will also further reduce. Increasing Point of Sale Income: Housekeeping department can introduce new and innovative ideas to increase the sale of Guest Laundry by adding that little extra value to the service.

the relationship between sales and housekeeping

In this technology driven era, hotels worldwide are using it for optimum results. The executive housekeeper procures and consults this list early to the next morning and schedules the occupied rooms for cleaning. As guest checks out, the front office notifies housekeeping.

Housekeeping ensues that the rooms are available for sale. It a guest checks out before the stated departure date, the front office must inform housekeeping that he room is no longer a stay over but now is a check out to ensure efficient rooming of guest, both housekeeping and front office must inform each other of changes in a room status.

Knowing whether a room in occupied, vacant, on change, Out of order, under repair. Co ordination with Maintenance department. This maintenance department is responsible for provision of engineering facilities that contribute to the comfort of the guest and increase the efficiency of staff.

What is the relationship between housekeeping and purchasing department

The housekeeping department depends on maintenance to keep thing in order. While carrying out their scheduled work, housekeeping employees may find some deficiencies in the hotel facilities such as foully electrical plays, dripping faucet, taking pipes or mal functioning air conditioning units.

These deficiencies and fall should be immediately reported to the maintenance. A need for urgent repairs is reputes to the maintenance over telephone as curly as possible. Co ordination with Security department.

Housekeeping Co-Ordination with Other Department

The co ordination here is mainly concerned with the pretention of five and theft and the staff keeping of keys and lost property.

Housekeeping personnel should also report anything of a suspicious nature immediately to the security staff. A hotel guest room should be the most private place and the hotel staff must ensure their guests privacy and security.

the relationship between sales and housekeeping

The security department is responsible for conducting training sessions or handling emergency for the staff for e. The co ordination of housekeeping with the restaurant and banquet halls is mainly concerned with the provision of linen and uniform. Besides extra or special linen, housekeeping may also have to arrange for flower decorations for banquets.