Relationship of the index and

Relation Between the Education Index and other Components of the Living Conditions Index

relationship of the index and

J Clin Epidemiol. ;44() Estimating and testing an index of responsiveness and the relationship of the index to power. Tuley MR(1), Mulrow CD. The relationship index. Whether it's your partner, parent or pet, close connections make the world go round. The relationship index. In this study, random forest (RF) is used to investigate the relationship between company's financial performance and financial ratios and Google Index. From the .

The adoption of the Internet has generated another type of data for analysis. Google Trends is one of the best and most versatile search engine tools. As a public tool provided by Google Inc.

Estimating and testing an index of responsiveness and the relationship of the index to power.

The search volume data reported are normalized and scaled, and include volumes for all types of queries. Google data source has been employed in many research fields such as in forecasting diseases [1] [2] [3]ranking universities [4]gathering public opinions [5]constructing an Automotive Index [6]general economic indicators such as unemployment rates [7] [8] [9] [10] and general consumer consumptions [11] [12] [13] [14]housing market [15]box-office revenue [16]gun sales [17]popularity of songs and movies [18]hotel room demand [19]as well as tourist demand [20].

With the widespread adoption of the Internet for searching information, a large amount of online behavioral data has been made available to the company. Internet technology provides numerous ways to capture what stakeholders are doing online and on which websites they are doing it.

When stakeholders conduct a search, traces of access can be captured, stored, and analyzed. When a company has something special to happen, network search volume will increase.

relationship of the index and

From Figure 1we can see a b Figure 1. From the high search volume, we can know a lot of people are searching what they want to know about HTC. Data and Methods 2. Financial Ratios In order to make the quantitative data comparable, financial ratios had to be calculated.

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Seven financial ratios, which fulfilled the criteria of good validity and reliability, were selected and calculated for the analyzed company [21]. The key ratios can be divided into four different classes: It is common to choose ratios that measure different aspects of financial behavior.

relationship of the index and

One liquidity ratio measuring the ability of a company to cover its short-term liabilities with its current assets, Current Ratio, was used. The solvency of the companies was measured using the ratios Equity to Capital and Interest Coverage. Finally, Receivables Turnover was chosen to measure the efficiency of the companies.

relationship of the index and

The following statement will drop a composite index on all nodes labeled with Person and which have both an age and country property: Person age, country Result. Use index There is usually no need to specify which indexes to use in a query, Cypher will figure that out by itself. For example the query below will use the Person firstname index, if it exists.

It is also possible for a query with multiple OR predicates to use multiple indexes, if indexes exist on the properties.

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For example, if indexes exist on both: Equality check using WHERE composite index A query containing equality comparisons for all the properties of a composite index will automatically be backed by the same index. The following query will use the composite index defined earlier: It will only be backed by an index on the Person label and age property defined thus: Person age ; i.

Moreover, unlike single-property indexes, composite indexes currently do not support queries containing the following types of predicates on properties in the index: Composite indexes are currently not able to support range comparisons. Multiple range comparisons using WHERE single-property index When the WHERE clause contains multiple inequality range comparisons for the same property, these can be combined in a single index range seek.

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All values stored in the Person firstname index will be searched, and entries ending with 'hn' will be returned. All values stored in the Person firstname index will be searched, and entries containing 'h' will be returned. Existence check using exists single-property index The exists p.

relationship of the index and

Composite indexes are currently not able to support the exists predicate. Spatial distance searches single-property index If a property with point values is indexed, the index is used for spatial distance searches as well as for range queries. Spatial bounding box searches single-property index The ability to do index seeks on bounded ranges works even with the 2D and 3D spatial Point types.